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This thread will discuss undocumented methods of working with the mql5 language , examples of solving certain problems. It would be desirable, that this branch on the maintenance was closer to FAQ, than to discussion. I suggest that all experienced programmers share their solutions and programming
The MetaTrader 5 platform update will be released on Friday, March 22, 2024. The new version enhances keyboard event handling capabilities in MQL5 programs. Developers can now capture key release and dead key events, improving interaction between applications and users. The MetaEditor has introduced
We have released the most comprehensive guide to MQL5 programming, authored by experienced algorithmic trader Stanislav Korotky with MetaQuotes' support. The book is intended for programmers of all levels. Beginners will learn the fundamentals as the book introduces key development tools and basic
Almost everyone who is engaged in social or algorithmic trading sooner or later recognizes the need to rent hosting for their robots or subscriptions. Maintaining stable and uninterrupted hardware operation at home while ensuring minimal delays to the broker's servers can be quite a challenging
We are happy to announce the release of a new book entitled Neural Networks for algorithmic trading in MQL5 . From this book, you will learn how to use artificial intelligence in trading robots for the MetaTrader 5 platform. The author, Dmitry Gizlyk , is a hands-on neural network professional; he
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MQL5 is a programming language that is specifically designed for creating high-performance trading applications in financial markets. It offers faster speed and superior performance compared to other specialized programming languages used in algorithmic trading, and its syntax is similar to that of
MetaQuotes' research focused on traders utilizing virtual servers for automated trading. The analysis covered the users of MetaTrader VPS , the virtual hosting service for automatic round-the-clock trading with minimal network delays. The results have been compiled into infographics to present a
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MQL5 now supports matrix and vector operations which are used in various computational tasks, including machine learning. We have created this thread to select and share some materials that may be useful to you. Machine learning technology is based on neural networks. Neural networks are
I thought, why not make a good reference thread . In it I would like to cover the most important questions about the work of markets, liquidity providers, MT5 platform, which are asked not only by beginners. Приглашаю всех желающих, у кого есть какая-либо интересная и редкая инфа излагать её в
This function should return the highest price between the last two closed trades, i.e. from the open of the second last trade to the close of the very last trade. I don't know where I am going wrong. Help me out. //Returns highest price between the last two closed trades double Highest_Price(){
Hello, In MT5's strategy tester, backtest tab, profits and losses by hours chart, are those bars in that chart indicate trades that are finished at that hour or started at that hour? if anyone knows the link where i can read up on this it would be greatly appreciated. thank you
Can anyone help me please, I don't understand as my product are not visible to buyers but I have no do anything wrong. All my products are written this statement. Author debarred from selling products
hi guys i ve got problem today . my pending order isnot active today. i couldnt set any pending order!!!! any body have an idea how to active this feature
Hello experts! As a daytrader in scalping, i am looking for a solution where i can execute on MT5 mobile app (IOS), but auto pre-set the TP and SL. This is not possible as a "default setting" on mobile app, i can open a position and set a TP and SL but when markets moves fast i waste my time trying
Hi, Is it possible to scale out the "depth of market" chart so that I see only round values, e.g. 5020,5021,5022, etc. for US500? I searched the forum but didn't find anything on this subject. The question concerns mt5. Some other platforms offer such options. Regards
I have an ea and added a custom indicator. I added it to the resource and built it successfully, but when it was published on the market and Automatic validation, I got the error cannot load custom indicator 4802. Even though it ran successfully on the strategy tester. Please help me. Thanks
Good afternoon, everyone, I know that there are machine learning and statistics enthusiasts on the forum. I propose to discuss in this topic (without holivars), share and enrich our own knowledge bank in this interesting field. For beginners and not only there is a good theoretical resource in
i have an ea mq4 file i want to convert it for mt5. anyone can guide me an easy way for conversion thank you
Hello, I have a problem with MT4 and I can no longer log in. I have already reinstalled, restarted VPS, deleted community folder, etc. without success. Please help ! It works with METATRADER 5 but I only have MT4
Hi There, Can anyone please advise why i have this message when i start my MT5 software? Tester: "cloud servers switched off". I cannot use the strategy tester because of this issue. Thanks
All lessons of Codersguru: https://www.mql5.com/en/forum/175653 Mql - Metatrader Development Course | www.metatrader.info https://www.mql5.com/en/forum/172885 All Codersguru lessons + questions/replies and so on are on this section Metatrader 4 mql 4 - Development course - Forex-TSD Book: https...
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I want to know how many people from Indonesia is joining this forum. If you're from Indonesia, please comment this topic..Thank you..
had the ide open for hours and when i returned to the code it had this alien inscriptions in it
Hi All, I have built an EA and wish to test. But I am having problems backtesting with the strategy tester on MT4. Initially, I have done a test on the ST with same code, BTCUSD on 1H timeframe. It generated a result. I repeated with 4H, 30M, and 15M and the ST worked fine. However when I tried with
MetaQuotes has launched new MQL5.community information channels on Facebook, X.com (Twitter), and Telegram. These channels provide daily publications of relevant technical materials from the MQL5.com Articles and CodeBase sections. They are designed to promptly update developers on algorithmic
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In this thread I propose to discuss a noisy, perhaps prematurely overblown, but undoubtedly significant event in the field of IT technologies. An event that even hardened sceptics cannot ignore. Scientists, programmers, artists, entrepreneurs, workers. Everyone is watching, thinking or talking about
High profit, Minimal drawdown
Hi in mt4 i saw that max number of bars in history can change in Tools -> Options -> Charts with max bars in chart, but how can i change in mt5?, there is only max bars in chart, i could not find any answer for this in the forum as well, using all rates_total in each indicator in mql5 consumes too