The MetaTrader 5 platform update will be released on Friday, February the 26th, 2021. The new version features the following changes: Terminal: Added ability to access Depth of Market data via the Python API . Three new functions allow quick obtaining of data for statistical calculations and machine
The MetaTrader 5 platform update will be released on Friday, January the 15th, 2021. The new version features the following changes: Terminal: Revised Popup Prices window which allows viewing financial symbol prices on any screen size. The window now supports multi-column presentation, enabling the
The website features the new Quotes section containing the relevant data on futures, financial and stock markets. It allows the monitoring of data from leading world exchanges and liquidity providers in real time. By utilizing such data, traders can stay up to date with any changes and take the
MetaTrader Virtual Hosting is designed for round-the-clock operation of trading robots and signal subscriptions even when your computer is turned off. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) can be rented directly from the MetaTrader platform. Our hosting service is a more efficient solution than ordinary
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I'm trying to code my EA in mql5 and after a certain condition is met I would like the EA to loop through all the open orders and modify the SL, to just a few pips above/below the order open price but after double checking over and over it keeps on reporting Error 4754. I check and ensure that
How do I request access to my old account if this error appears when attempting to login? My mobile terminal does not provide any message(s) or code to login, and I am logged into my profile there however. Please assist
Hello, i have an indicator with 12 lines. Sometimes, when switching timeframe, indicator lines disappear. There is no crash, because other functions of indicator still work fine, also no error in the log. Where should i look ? (MT5). Thank you
Trading History: Is the profit value based on $100
It seems that there is better place to ask my question, so I repeat it here: I want to create absolutely my own trading robot. So I don't need Expert Advisors e.t.c. I need to create so named Form based application, but I don't find any sample how to create simple easy form. Does anybody know how to
Hello, it seems CEdit has a limited length, it seems 64 chars. The class seems not to have members to extend this. Is this intended or a bug ? Thank you
I'm getting the 10030 error even after doing all checks to make sure I don't fill a wrong type. Here is my code: // check if this fill type is allowed for this symbol bool IsFillingTypeAllowed( string symbol, int fill_type) { int filling = ( int ) SymbolInfoInteger (symbol, SYMBOL_FILLING_MODE
Hi Friends  I tried a lot search from google but did't find Andrews Pitchfork indicator, can you one help me? how can I get free Andrew Pitchfork Indicator if some one have then please share 
I do not see my signal in public domain to sell, I assume I need to set u me seller profile, attached error message
Hi All, This is a newbie question. I am really struggling with reading in a csv file. The file produces a handle but, when I try to read the string with FileReadyString it returns an array out of bounds error. Here is the code: void CRegression::getConfig() { //Need to load in all the symbols we
My EA is supposed to open a long trade when the RSI value is greater than 70, the k is 1 and there's one position open in the current currency pair. That part works, I tested it, but when we go to the part of doing the reverse, it's doesn't happen anything, in other words, when the RSI value is
i can't login with my google account because mt4 pc terminal not have google login options how can i login with G account in mt4 pc terminal? ( i try many name options but cant login) , if i try new account option, system said me "this account in use)
if (OrderType()==OP_BUYLIMIT ||OrderType()==OP_SELLLIMIT || OrderType()==OP_BUYSTOP||OrderType()==OP_SELLSTOP) { if (!OrderDelete(OrderTicket(),Blue)) ErrorDescription( GetLastError ()); } The code above executes orderdelete when there is a pending order type, although what i'm only trying
As per subject, how do i publish signal if server is not found? Can admin add them
  only sending limit orders  (16   1 2)
I just want to send limit orders. but I could not. I need help. these are my codes: // Filling type if (IsFillingTypeAllowed ( Symbol (), SYMBOL_ORDER_LIMIT )) Trade.SetTypeFilling ( SYMBOL_ORDER_LIMIT ); else if (IsFillingTypeAllowed ( Symbol (), SYMBOL_FILLING_IOC ))
  Videos on Virtual Hosting Released  (57   1 2 3 4 5 6)
Three new videos on Virtual Hosting in MetaTrader 4 and 5 are available on our YouTube channel. Now, you need only six minutes to find out how the service works, what benefits it provides and how you can manage it. Virtual hosting in MetaTrader 4 and 5 will be of help to traders who want to use...
Hi! Help me! I deposit 50USD my master card buy Expert, but I Cancel: Payment for product. Now 50USD Balance in Payments Profile. How withdraw ? Thank very much
  How to Start with Metatrader 5  (1316   1 2 3 4 5 ... 131 132)
I decided to create this thread to help to myself and to the others to start with Metatrader 5. I am experienced in MT4 and in forex in general (i hope : ) but we traders really need to collect all the information about it in one place. I will make some posts about 'how I am starting with MT5'....
I'm trying to get last deal profit like this; HistorySelect(0,TimeCurrent()); double pft=0; int i=HistoryOrdersTotal(); ulong ticket=HistoryDealGetTicket(i); pft = HistoryDealGetDouble(ticket,DEAL_PROFIT); printf(i,pft); return(pft); This works on backtesting but not working in real account . On
  Help with Signal  (1)
Hi, My signal opened a Buy XAUUSD @ 1771.05 and closed @ 1772.80 for profit. However, on my account it opened a Buy XAUUSD @1773.17 and closed @ 1772.79 for a loss. No SL or TP was set on the order. I have a VPS on the account, my slippage is set high in the options. Looking at the Signal's slippage
If i need sell my signal , i hv to online my Mt5 with vps for 24hours right
Dear Community, dear ladies and gentlemen from MQL5, I'm here since a few months an want to share my findings about this platform so far. Improvements in Quality Assurance of EA Devs After a lot of research, reading and testing of the provided EAs here via MQL5 I come to the conclusion, there's a
is there any chance to limit when will indicator be active? for example i want indicator for eur/usd work only from 09:00-17:00 and not to send me signals out of that time