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The MetaTrader 5 platform update will be released on Friday, October 22, 2021. The new version features the following changes: Terminal: Fixed opening of an empty page when purchasing MQL5 services. Now operation results are immediately displayed to the user. Terminal: Fixed excessive compression of
We have recently released a DMG package for easy MetaTrader 5 installation on macOS computers. With this package, the platform can be installed similarly to any other application: simply drag the platform icon to Applications and wait for the installation to complete. The package includes the 64-bit
The MetaTrader 5 platform update will be released on Thursday, October 14, 2021. The new version features the following changes: Terminal: Improved navigation in MQL5.community services. Market , Signals and VPS sections have been moved from the main platform workspace to the Navigator. The new
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MetaTrader Virtual Hosting is designed for round-the-clock operation of trading robots and signal subscriptions even when your computer is turned off. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) can be rented directly from the MetaTrader platform. Our hosting service is a more efficient solution than ordinary
Hello everyone. I'm trying to create a custom symbol and feed it with custom data that i download from API. I have created an array of MqlRates and put the downloaded data into the array. everything is ok so far, i check the array and all the values are correct. i use CustomRatesUpdate function to
Hi Guys. It's really an annoying BUG in MT5 The automatic daily % change sorting doesnt work at all, it get's all messed up. See the picture: MT5 developers: can you please fix it as soon as possible? Thank you very much. :)
I can't display my graphics, I have already uninstalled and reinstalled several times with no result and I have searched everywhere without ever finding anything about this problem. I can't add any symbols either. My broker is FXCM
My function to count open positions is not working. EDIT: In case it isn't obvious, I want to count a given type, either buy or sell positions. This is how I am placing the trades: void PlaceTrade( int i, int Oper_local, string trigger) { string par_temp=SymbolList[i]; if ( StringLen
Hi, i wrote some own indicators in .mql5 I want to use it in the Webterminal in my own website. Is it somehow possible to use own template on webterminal ? best regards, Daniel
Hi, I have subscribed to a signal on the Metatrader4 2 weeks ago, during this time I even paid a second time for my subscription to continue after one month, on 1.12.21 for some reason my account stopped to take trades and follow that signal and it seems that I am not subscribed anymore and I don't
Hello! I didn't find answer on forum. I cannot delete old alerts in Metatrader. Reseting terminal and laptop didn't help. Now I have plenty of old alerts which prevent me to trade. Please help me. Thanks
Hi. :) I am a beginner so please be patient. I have a simple code and I want it to run once so I add two global variables. SELL and BUY. I don't know SELL and BUY it resets and code executes over and over again, but I need the code to execute once
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Hello traders, I have recently been funded by a prop firm but unfortunately they have a lot limit requirement for the first 3 months and to give me peace of mind I was curious if there was a lot limit setting or tool within the MT5 terminal. I would be very grateful if someone could provide with the
I got contacted via WhatsApp with a "misdialed number"... off by 1 number and got into chat with a woman from Hong Kong. We talked for almost a week, mostly about trades and how much money she was making in foreign exchange gold trades. She wanted to show me how to do it. So she asked me to download
Hello my entry prices are different in live trading from EA backtesting results, what might be the reason and how can I fix it? The spread used is the same as the time traded, but I get different results in entry hence affecting the results, how can I fix this. The EA is supposed to be opening
I keep getting this error when trying to top up. How do I fix? Soft decline: EMV 3DS Authentication required
As such no error but not able to launch new charts via following script. already created and tested the template. Script should open new charts and apply the associated template. template already has required ea and indicators. void OnStart () { long iChartID_1 = ChartOpen (
Traders! can anyone help me set up MT5? I am not able to purchase and run a virtual server . Configuration for Mac os and windows. My telegram: <...> Thank you in advance. Regards, Paweł
Hi I had rent VPS Subscriptions for 3 months to runing my EA and I already select "Auto Renew" about my EA "My EA had a function that remember the last entry price position and it will be change every time when the condition are met and open another position." My question is when the exparation
From July 1, 2021, we introduce additional requirements for products offered via the Market. Dozens of new applications are published in the Market every day. However, many sellers do not think about how their products appear to users and how customers feel about using their apps. Some descriptions
Hello Everyone, I recently wanted to check if there was any update to my EAs and noticed that there is no link to the "Purchased Products" in the MARKET tab in MT5. Is this a glitch? Has it been removed in the latest version? Has it been moved somewhere else? Thanks a lot in advance
When I export my entire report history for my account I suddenly do not receive all 'orders' history (only shows the order for the current month). 'Positions' and 'Deals' are extracted correctly. Anyone knows what is going on? Thanks in advance
Hi I'm asking for help I had rent 2 VPS for running my EA 1st one is for My Account and 2nd one is for my brother. but we are running the same EA that I Create photo below is my account my account send the order correct to the EA condition. photo below is my brother account but my brother account is
Hi guys, I have the following code that I use in many of my MQL4-based robots and am in the process of migrating them all to MQL5. For some reason, occassionally the formatted label will display, and continue to display the value "3" for some time, then corrects itself and continues on like the "3"
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MQL5.community: authorization failed I can't install EA on my MT4 and already send ticket to service desk but no one answer me. How to fix it ? Thank you
Hi, I'ld like to have the results of all of my positions (or of last year, whatever). Doing that with current open positions is easy, since there are functions that give the current data of open positions (PositionsTotal, PositionSelect, etc.). The problem is that, once finished, the history in
I cannot transfer the balance I have on MT4 account back into my Hugosway broker account. Why