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Why are some people's names not clickable in forum and are grey instead of dark blue?
Does anyone know where do I find the Logarithmic Spiral tool in MT4/5? Thank you.
Hi, since I don't get any reply from service desk I hope to find a solution (or explanation) here: I'm trying to backtest a market EA, 3 months, tick, genetic. To speed this up I tried to use the cloud but dont have any success. Either my MT5 installation only connects (successfully) and...
looking for automatic fibonacci time zones on chart i found qta v3 and v4 but they are in a down window and i want it on the chart automatic without drawing it from tools can any one convert qta from down window to be on the chart
bobsley Buter forez ShurikAn ttauzo avoitenko rho2010 Manov honzour WildLion Someone else
What does mean .arm in EURUSD.arm ?
So, i was just looking at my opened positions this morning, and i noticed that swap was -9.34 EUR. Taxes and charges were 0, but i don't understand what are these. Can anybody explain to me? Thank you, and sorry for the mistakes.
This is primary bullish on D1 timeframe and price is crossing 1.6357 resistance level. W1 timeframe : it was flat and ranging for past few weeks but primary bullish is started for now on open W1 bar Monthly timeframe : Chinkou Span line crossed historical price from below to above, and price is...
Price is inside Ichimoku cloud for D1 timeframe below Sinkou Span A line/border for ranging bearish market condition trying to cross the other border of the cloud/kumo for primary bearish. By the way. Friday's D1 bar was open below the clod but the price was stopped by 0.8109 support level. The...
No matter what I do I can't seem to get Bars to return the number of bars between two times. Please could someone tell me what is wrong with the code below. This is run as a script just to test. void OnStart() { datetime OpenTime[10];   if(CopyTime(_Symbol,_Period,0,10...
USDCHF: With continued sell off occurring on Thursday, further downside is likely towards the 0.8900 level. A cut through here will aim at the 0.8850 level. Bulls may come in here turn it higher but if that level is broken expect further decline to occur. Its daily RSI is bearish and pointing lower...
  USD/JPY chart (1)
Hello everyone, I found here this interessting formation. 101.9 was tested a few times, and I think that if a candle closes under this line we would get a good short position. I expect that the price will reach 100.6
From the OfTwoMinds blog ______________________ By standards of previous generations, the middle class has been stripmined of income, assets and purchasing power. What does it take to be middle class nowadays? A recent paper, The Distribution of Household Income and the Middle Class, used Census...
Hi there Ok, I have one pc on my network that can see the MQL5 cloud network, and I have another pc on the same network that cannot see the MQL5 cloud network, how do I troubble shoot this? I did try to re install, I even copied the working installation to my other pc, none helped.....
Less than 300 Between 300 to 500 Between 500 to 800 Between 800 to 1000 More than 1000
Tom and jerry X-files Never trade and watch tv at the same time
10% a month for the rest of your life because the strategy is safe Jackpot style 1000% in a week then never trade again because of possibility of losing everything anytime
Yes No No but i think this open trades are heading there
Closing trades themselves Slippage Not evaluating systems long enough Poor money management on subscriber side Connection problems
Less than one Just one 2-10 11-50 51-200 Greater than 200
not open above the window EURUSD what it is ? shoud it be open for EAs ?
In an out-of-the-way Google office, two life-size humanoid robots hang suspended in a corner. If Amazon can imagine delivering books by drones, is it too much to think that Google might be planning to one day have one of the robots hop off an automated Google Car and race to your doorstep to deliver...
Hello. I have a quick question. What gmt timeframe is eurusd flat? Thank you in advance
Vector Securities is good Forex broker with strong support team.Offer 10$ no deposit bonus. My mini account 964325
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Hello, How do i contact MQL 5 about the signal service Is there a Service Desk ? TIA
  help me (1)
i have regis ,,i get email..but i haven't got password...i'm vietnammese. i'm login ok..but i don;t have pass to get signal
Hi How do I get the backtester to test uptil now? It seems like it will only test till end of yesterday.  Thaks Jesper