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Hi, I have the following situation: Given Symbol, the desired profit (let's say 20 USD) and : double spread  = MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_SPREAD);double stopLoss = Bid - 30; //30 pipsdouble takeProfit =Bid +spread +30; //30 pips How can I calculate the lot size for a potentially buy or sell order so...
Hello, How do I modify the Moving Average     if(rt[0].open<ma[0] && rt[0].close>ma[0])         signal=ORDER_TYPE_BUY;  // buy conditions  to signal IntraBar instead of on close? Thank you.
I wonder why MT5 offers less information about the details of a trade in history than its predecessor? I was experimenting with a signal in MT5 and I was surprised to see that the TP and SL levels of a trade are not visible to a subscriber or anyone to see.
Is it possible with MQL4 to draw lines at certain price points and such?? If so would it be possible to get the code for something like that
Hey there,  I'm just switching from Myfxbook so I'm kind of at loss here. I used to be able to easily pick the multiplying factor when copying a trader (say 3x or 5x). How is this done if I'm trying to follow someone's signal here? I can only pick how much to allocate to the signal in the window...
Hi, It is possible to modify SL/TP/Volume of a position by double clicking on it in the 'trade' window. But how can I modify comment of a position without changing any other field?
I want to buy a smartwatch and I want to receive notifications (signals) from MT4 or MT5, or redirect from my android phone to smartwatch. It's possible? Can you give some models? Thank you! 
I have a mql5  EA which sends market orders with the command OrderSend(request,result) The MqlTradeRequest request object has the following attributes: request.action = TRADE_ACTION_DEAL; (market execution) request.deviation=0; (I prefer not executing the trade rather than executing it with any...
hello, maybe somebody knows, where (and how) to get extended historical and actual price data for mql4/mql5 - base metals, indices, etfs?? thanks in advance for your help. wbr, Andis
Hi, I am looking to add a few extra lines to the RSI with different colors (70, 80, 90 and 50 Green) and (20, 30, 40 and 55 Red). Any help would really be appreciated.
I have searched alot to find a way  for MetaTrader 5 to load more historical data by default without having to scroll to the left manually but i didn't find any solution. Is there any indicator, script or EA that loads more historical bars automatically? 
Hi, Is it possible to add more than one EA to a single chart ? When I try, MT5 always remove the already installed EA... why this limitation ? Thanks! Erwann.
MSFT, IBM, BTCUSD, AIG and other non-forex symbols don't update market data. Stuck at "Waiting For Update" message.
Hi All, I have various different EA's that run very successfully on most occasions. It appears that the EA freezes or stops calculating values to setup trades. If I remove the EA and re-add it, it does what I want it do immediately, therefore I know it isn't a bug in the code and as I mentioned it...
Hi I do right click on calendar and delete all events this deletes the flags but as soon as youchange time frames or come back to charts there BACK. (so annoying) Is there a way to get rid of these so that they don’t comeback   Thank you
Hi, I'd like to prevent a signal from opening new positions once a certain draw down or margin level has been reached. However, the signal should be able to close positions which can't be done if the signal is disabled completely. Unfortunately all these settings seem not to be suitable for that...
Hi, just updated to new build 1816, and now, when backtesting, the Cloud network is connected but not using the agents or doing anything. I have clicked on "Enable" when right-clicking, sign-out/sign-in. Has it happened to anyone else?
How can I make the ComboBox control lets me input data like an Edit control not only by choosing the predefined values by code, but also, typing any value that I want to?. This control was taken from another software, but the idea is the same. The image in the left side shows predifined values and a...
Can someone show me how to add a password requirement to my indicators?  These are not ea's.  They are just indicators but I would like to add a password check to them.  Thank you
what is the name of this indicator?
Hello!  My question is simple. I need help coding a script that places a pending prder that is exactly the same as the last order closed by SL or TP. It should be placed at the same place with the same SL and TP as the last order and right after the last order is closed.  Example: I place a buy...
I cannot receive notifications neither request new ID on my android phone After a couple of months not using it, ... my notifications from terminal dont get to my mobile any more. But It was working last year. ... I tried to request a new ID  and  I get the message "Inscription...
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Hi, Is there any way to load an EA from a script ? For indicatore I can use the  ChartIndicatorAdd function but for EA... Thanks ! Erwann.
Hello I need a notification once a day, in a specific time. Just the account ballance in the end of the day. I'm newbie in MQL5. Thanks
Hi All How do i get a bounce and breakout EA?
#property indicator_chart_window  #property indicator_buffers 1  #property indicator_plots   1  //--- indicator buffers  double         MABuffer[];  //+------------------------------------------------------------------+  //| Custom indicator initialization function                         |...
Hi All Is there can anyone that can program an EA strategy that can sell the previous high and buy the previous low? Kgontse
Hello, Can you give me an idea how to write a function which closes a transaction and open opposite one if TP hadn't been taken for 2 bars period or help me with writing something like this. Thank you in advance for any kind of help :) Jakub 
Hi guys, last explanation for an update I can find in he forum is for 1755. In the meantime my MT5 updated to 1795 and suddenly my experts don't work as expected anymore. They don't crash or whatever, but the simulation results are way different than before. So please, I urgently need to know what...
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i have paid to much swap