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Hello every one, Happy new year to you all, I find many scripts in the internet like the sample below written in mql and it is somehow converted to be .mq4 indicator file. Please, I need your help to know how to convert these scripts into .mq4 file. I appreciate you help and guidance. Thank you.....
Limit order is another way to make a certain profit. Placing the limit order would help us to cut our losses but it has only limited profit unlike placing a market order. Am i right?
Risk management plan is important in dealing to Forex trading because it allows the traders esp. the novice trader to prepares and foresee the risks and to determine to the problem involves in trading. To be able the traders to understand, identify, and manage the risks taken into operation.
Using the best method, Forex charts, indicators, and best strategy will make you a successful trader. Using the resources that surrounds us combined with our own intellect is the best weapon in dealing into Forex. This trading tool will help the traders to make a clear decisions, to be able to read...
Hi i registered as signal provider and now i stoped and want to subscribe someones signals but the mql5 says i cant what should i do ???? any idea???
What is your New Year Resolution my trader friends? Please share with us.
To become a successful trader you should need to use the best method, tactics and tools in order to keep winning in trading and to minimize lose. Acquiring knowledge in others and seeking new ideas and opinions is the best and then applied it in trading. Am i right?
Hi guys, How to choose the best currency in trading and what are the basis for choosing?
Forex is dangerous when you don't have enough knowledge in Forex trading same as if you don't have any experienced in trading. Your money will be easily wipe off if you don't know how to manage money and risk management. In other side it is very helpful because it can make our capital grows rapidly,...
Hi guys, Can you share your problems encountered in dealing to Forex trading in order for me to become aware of it? Share your experiences guys.
Anybody with Tom Demark's leading indicator should please post it here. I haven't come across any of his indicator that leads. Thanks.
Merry christmas and a happy new year to all fellow traders and coders!
Max moving average indicator
Well all on MQL, its getting close to the time, I hope the New Year bring prosperity to you all, will speak to you all again in 2013 x
On the platform there you can have different profiles (located bottom center of the screen), if you have EA's running on a different profile that you are viewing, are they still live, bit of a silly one but nevertheless, unknown to me at present, thanks, Rob
I have trouble downloading EAs in demonstration, the error in my metatrader is this "failed to load data on products (read failed [12002])."
Hello everyone I am appealing to the community. I am passionate about trading and I'm having a very difficult period right now. I lost everything female, apartment ... I work all day and I do not have time for trading. I appeal to you all to know if someone could give me an expert advisor that I can...
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Currencies News from TradingForex EUR/USD The dollar rose 0.1 percent to 1.3201 dollars against the euro. The euro has risen 1.8 percent versus the dollar, a rise for the first time in two years, after the European Central Bank presented a program in September to aid the currency’s fall. USD/JPY The...
Its an hour since the Asian market opened in Melbourne Australia and my demo acc is static and silent. Are there any steps I have to take or tweaks to kick start my account? Thanks
I am looking for somebody who can help me make a simple ea from this indicator. When red sell, when green buy that is all Rule1 : if a buy order already opened dont open second buy order even indicator will show green. Rule2 : Same as rule one for sell orders Rule3 : If there is an opened old buy...
Is this indicator repainted?????? please sir mladen confirm me about this indicator specially its arrow signal. is this arrow signal repainted?? or giving late signal. please confirm.
There are 25 participants of ATC 2012 that share their EA : 01 – 1110010 – abbeysworld, go to download page 02 – 1110027 – alex100, go to download page 03 – 1110040 – andm2, go to download page 04 – 1110041 – andrehowe, go to download page 05 – 1110089 – CeleronS, go to download page 06 –...
Come, let share your thoughts on how your EA performs. Out of so many participants, 124 out of 447 balance is > $10,000. 28.41% of the participants EA is making money. Are the rest of the EA being over optimised (curve fitting)? I'm surprise that my EA works as back-tested and would work more on...
I registered for cloud net 4 days back. Till now my agents list is empty. I followed each and every step mentioned in the site. Can any body please suggest me how to get agents for my cloud network?
Subscribing will allow you use an automatic deals copying in your MetaTrader 5 terminal AtaForeks Real mandac72 - MetaTrader 5 Trading Signals my real trading account signals - free
am a newbie pls be patient with me where can i learn coding Expert advisors in mql5 language Thank you
I subscribed to a signal, but every time I tried to enable it, I got errors shown in image. Please instruct how to fix it. Thanks!
The last hours of the Automated Trading Championship 2012 are coming to an end. Soon, we will find out who will share the prize fund of $80 000. In the meanwhile, let's recall the first two months of the competition and make analysis in our traditional Statistical Report #2. This report contains...
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Is it right to set up S/L after opening the position or you need to check first the market movement if it goes down before setting up S/L to minimize losses.
  Hedging. (2)
Hedging means getting two positions at the same time (B/S) but it does not guarantee huge profit. Am i right? Correct me if was wrong.