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Hello,please house,what did they mean by Signal - account equity is below allowed value because am new in this market and again what is the minimum and maximum signal account equity allowed value?
Hi all : I want to set up my account security, but I can't receive the 4 digits confirmation code from SMS text. And I think there is another option, Telegram. But I could not select it, is anyone could help me to fix this? Should I need to set something before it? Thanks
In Metatrader 5, the client can set a specific volume in the One-Click trading widget (and presumably somewhere else), and new orders will default to that number of contracts. My question is, where can I read that parameter (i.e. the volume the user set) in MQL5? I'm having trouble finding that....
I operate my account on MT4 platform. Is it possible to migrate to MT5 to enable me take advantage of COPYING SIGNAL SERVICE Providers who only do it on MT5? Kindly Assist
I want to change the investor password on my signal account. Will it have an impact on my signal account?
anyone having issue with phone verification for seller registration confirmation ? attempted 3x to request for confirmation 4 digits code , yet not receiving from mql5 . how to resolve this issue ? thanks 
I was trying implement an object oriented approach to my EA's. I know basic OOP programming in Java, but the only C++ I know is from writing basic EA's in MQL4. I wrote a short test script just to understand the basics first, I just want it to open a trade based on a condition. The condition I've...
How to stop my copy trade from repeating the same trade like 8 times. only me have the problem.
  Leverage (3)
What are the pros and cons of trading at a leverage of 1:500 vs 1:50 would be on a $1000 balance. Thanks for the help as I build my knowledge level.
I'm trying to work with MqlTradeRequest to make a simple script that just opens an order. I simply copied and pasted the script from the mql documentation, but it's not working for me. The MqlTradeRequest and MqlTradeResult don't highlight pink when I type them. I'm getting lots of errors, I imagine...
Hi, tried everything even deleted antivirus and disable firewalls i get no connection on any of my accounts this is very frustrating please help!
Hi Where do the username and password suppose to go in the WebRequest? Firefox put them in the Param > Form Data.  Does that mean that they go in the the array of the HTTP message body  "data[]" of the WebRequest argument? Thanks
  Elliot Wave EA (38   1 2 3 4)
Hi, I have been testing this Elliot wave EA for the last 2 days. The results are good especially for the market conditions this past 48 hours. I have asked the permission of the author to post it here, the original thread can be found here:
I have many many accounts and would like to see all accounts on one chart same pair of course.
Dear All, I am trying to run strategy tester for mt4 from command line to see how parameter changes would impact back-test results.  I have found this link also I found a help topic "Configuration at start up"... so I followed the help topic at it was the same as the one in the aforementioned linked...
  StringFormat (1)
Hello In StringFormat function , what do each of  these symbols? I did not find any document. please send me URL if possible. %s, %d, %%.%df, %.2f, %.f, ,.....
Do you use Trailing stops in Optimizer  or is there a difference with ticks compared to live ticks?
As subject: The forum is in what time zone? Is it UTC-0?
Hi there! :)I have just a small question. As the subject say, I want to copy my own signals using another account, larger one, but I don't want to pay for my own services and I don't want to create another account on mql to do this.  Is there a posibility to do this on my PC, or any how!? Thanks! :D
Hello MQL, is for MACD SAMPLE ea an Ordermodify Code availabel. I have a Problem with negative SWAP. The TAKEPROFIT must be changed, daily. regards balduin
Hi all, happy Friday.  Recently I received a file that goes as follows: "xyz.ex4-1.enc". The person who gave it to me told me that I should put it in my indicator folder. What is an .enc file? Is this dangerous? Best regards,  PS
No matter how often i download it again, (ECN Broker) it still stays incomplete, what can i do?
Hello, Is there an easy way to configure custom MT5 indicators so they can be applied on top of other indicators? (same as standards MT5 indicators using apply to " previous indicator's data" or "first indicator data" )? Br Elie
Hi everyone, recently, I assume after the last update, metatrader 5 is being terribly slow at executing scripts..does anyone have any idea about how to solve it? if not, where can I download the previous build, it worked much much faster. Thank you very much to anyone who can help
Hi all, I am a new code learner and after finding almost everything I needed on MQL5 forums and help files, I cannot get out of a simple calculation. I open different volume buy/sell positions with the same Magic Number, and I want to calculate my net opened positions. My code is as follows: Please...
  question (3)
Hello i bought an EA from today, i downloaded MT4, logged in to mql5 community from MT4, but i cannot see my purchased EA. Where did it go? When i click the Experts section in MT4, it is blank. The purchase page says "To start using the product, go to the terminal, log in to
Hi, 2 of my trades that had no Stop Losses or Take Profits set on them have automatically closed without my say so? This has made me feel unconfident when using the trading platform now as it’s caused me to make a loss. Please can anyone provide me with any explanations and how I can resolve this?...
Hi can anyone help? I have a signal but it shows profit percent 67% while the deposit was $1000 and profit is $998 and also in moderator news I see this message while signal information is up to date: 2019.02.10 20:53 Connection state: authorization failed. Please check...
How can I get the number of shares disponible for trading of a specific stock using MQL5? Ex: AAPL has 800 million shares that can be traded.
A profile generally has several chart windows within it. The problem is, it is very easy whilst trying to minimise or move a window to accidently close it this is a regular problem when normally time has been taken to set it up. To avoid this annoyance it would be better if MT4 give the user the...