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Something weird happens to me. On a robot that I develop in MT5, I no longer see the tab with the parameters when I place the robot on a graph or when I launch a backtest 😬 Do you have any idea of the problem ? Thanks
For traders MT5 user interface If you can't view the calendar tab, probably it's a choice a your broker : This tab may be missing if the economic calendar is disabled on a trade server. Video : How to delete Calendar Events from charts ? Video : How to disable Calendar Events from charts ? Video
how to add money to the wallet using VISA card ( INDIA), Its always shows declined by the user or Which bank visa card is easy to transfer money to the Mql wallet
hello friends, i wonder if there is a way to get exposure tab info including Assets, Volume, Rate and USD. i checked mt4 and mt5 help, forum, google and ... but found nothing. shall i calculate them in my code or there are function to do so ? and if i should calculate them, how each one can be
what do I do, I just bought a vps and it got suck after payment. Under my hosting tab, it says it is active but I haven't been able to choose my migration or anything. Please what do I do
Hello, How can I change the "Algo trading: 100%" in my signal? It's manual, not an algo. Also, how do you calculate this raking? How can I have a better raking? Thanks, Patricia
  How to LOCK/Encrypt EA (185   1 2 3 4 5 ... 18 19)
Guys how can I LOCK my EA so that no one can see or change anything...like you normally get DEMO from the signal provider websites?? Thanks Babar
hi, mi bar charts lags for minutes in the opening of the spy but mi bid and ask are accurate , how do you solve this problem? thanks¡
  VPS (3)
Hi, could someone help me with vps? all my VPS refuses the migration of experts. I have four VPS on 4 different accounts and they all have the same behavior. I would also like to know how to configure a single VPS on multiple accounts
I have a problem with the logic to plot a line in a certain condition. A value was defined through the histogram, where a line would be plotted only greater than or equal to this value. The problem that the histogram reaches this value and returns below the value, the line is moved, but does not
The system shows that the last trade was closed Friday 2020.01.24 20:30 - so there was never a offline state, not even a short one. Of course there is no trading on Saturday and Sunday! 2020.01.27 00:57 Connection state: signal will be disabled due to a long time offline state. [link to the signal
Hello, I am new to this platform. Sorry if this sounds foolish. I tried opening a live trading account but I am not able to do that. It just keeps logging me in everytime. If I try to do that via mobile app, it takes me to demo payment page. Is there someone who can guide me how can I get this
Hi Guys, I have the following basic logic for expiration control //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| Global Variable |//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//expiration date datetime
I have multiple MT4 terminals on my PC. When I attempt to download an item from the market, it only goes to the terminal that was last installed. I tried installing products within the terminal itself, but sometimes the products I am looking for do not show up when I do a key word search for them
Hi All i need a indicator to show number of buy / sell opened order at any time of my trading account to manage my grid trading . Any one know where to buy this indicator Thanks
I have $0.26 balance in earnings by sharing my cpu power to the cloud. now I wanted to use some remote cpu power from the cloud to speed up my own testing but as soon as I right click in the agents tab in MT5 and select "use mql5 cloud network" I get this in the journal: Cloud servers switched on
Hi Everyone, In order to improve the performance of the VPS that is running some EAs I have bought in MQL5.com, I have changed the type of processor the VPS is using. Once the machine is rebooted with the new processor, Metatrader is not able to start the EAs again. I had to rollback to the original
Hi Donald, I'm trying to subscribe to your signal. I'm using a <Deleted> account but I am unable to subscribe due to FIFO rules. See attached. Any suggestions? 15:47
Ive got everything set up (I think), but how do I know if im actually selling anything? I have started all the metatesters on the metatesters agent menager, and I can see the agents in the agent section on my profile but it always says 0 under "passes" and "profits. Am I doing it right
  Hiring vps (1)
Hello. Can I hire more than one vps for my account
I'm trying to get at something like structure hierarchy with a super struct and different structures derived from it. Each derived structure has different kind of data, and there is a Pattern class that has the saving/reading methods for those different structures. And so the structure is passed
Hi, does anybody know which computer ID is used for activation of market productsby MT4? Is it the volume serial number? Thanks in advance. I appreciate any suggestions very much
Hello, anyone can help why pending orders, trailing stop and stop loss does not work on Crash & Boom (1000\500) spikes on Binary.com (MT5) M1 timeframe
hello I need help with a code for plotting the following formula for each candle it will be great if any one can help with the code X = ((open - close)/prev close)*100 x has to be shown for each candle on the top of the candle... Thanx in advance
i have set my EA as to when to open buy and sell positions and everything is ok, but the problem it does open another trade before the other is closed, i need it to open sell position once the conditions are met irrespective of whether the open buy has not closed and also the opposite can any one
Hello, I want to learn MQL5 fast as possible. I started with MQL4, but optimizations are pretty slow in MT4. <Deleted> . What do you think, is there better choice to learn MQL5? :-) Thanks for you advices
Hello, I migrated my environment to the Meta Traded Virtual Hosting and I want to clear the logs (Terminal and Expert). are there instructions on how clear those logs? I am not sure what happens once I hit the limit set by MetaTrader Virtual Hosting services. Thank you
Hello and if someone would please help with coding simple yet I believe would be a great scalp counter trade strategy if you can master this. I have been testing this and I believe that I have pretty much mastered it to where I can trade this 100% of the time and be successful at it. I just don't...
preblueline=data[pos][1]; if(data[pos][1]>Open[0]) { blueline=data[pos][1]; } if(data[pos][1]<Open[0]) { blueline=data[pos][1]; } if (preblueline!=blueline){preblueline=blueline;} Hi Friends, I draw a horizontal line the chart say at price 1.14500 ( Previous Value) Now
Hey guys, I've put up a free course for learning MQL5: https://learnmql5.com/. It is meant for those who are completely new to MQL5. This course used to be a paid course on Udemy. But we took it down as there weren't much interest (we did have 3500 students though), plus we are now focused on...