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hi, can you kindly explain what is "max. deposit load" and how does it effect trades. was are the significance if this load is too high or too low? thanks
Can anyone please send me the mt5 buit-in source code for trailing stop loss please, or any trailing stop loss code please, thank you in advance
Good evening everyone! I am new on here and I spotted couple signals/EAs that look good, their stats make sense and everything does seem in order. I wanted to call in everyone with experience to ask you guys what do you look for when considering putting your hard earned cash into someone's pockets
I have an older ipad that I would like to use for trading but having an issue signing/logging in. I downloaded the mt4 from the app store and it opens and seems to be working. I am unable to open my demo or live accounts from my brokers tho as it doesn't open or list my other brokers like my iphone
I am unable to send private messages, there is no send button after I type in the text. Also it seems like the whole website il laggy and incomplete. Anyone else experiencing the same? I tried with different browsers too! Thank you in advance
Hello I want to plot RSI and CCI on the same chart. I tried to use "ChartIndicatorAdd" as described here but it seems not working: RSI and CCI still appear on two separate windows. Here is the code I run: int OnInit(){ RSIdefinition =
If one were to use the trade copier feature and enable another trader to have my trade executions automatically happen in their account, would I NOT be violating SEC rules and regs if not licensed to manage another person's trades? What is it about the trade copier that exempts one from being
Does anybody know the VAT number for Metaquotes LTD
When I install <Deleted> indicator in my terminal, It show No activations left for it. I check all current terminals. Don't have this indicator installed
Hi, I want to run MT5 from the command line in the background (i.e. MT5 window is minimized or hidden), and save the data calculated by a custom indicator/expert into a file. Is that possible? For example, suppose that we have an expert that saves the number of bars of a specific symbol. I want to
Hi everyone Since a week, I try tu subscribe paid signals in mt4 (pepperstone) or mt5 (mql5 for Windows), first on win 10 32bits, now on win 7 64 bits. I click on green button "subscribe" and nothing happens. Of course I put money on my mql5 account. I am lost and I don't know what to do. :( Thanks
I find the new frame design for build 2265 does not create much more space. Is it possible to just add a functionof switching between hide and show all charts' top bar? I wrote a script to remove all charts' top bar, however, it stopped working after this update
So i recently downloaded metatester 5. When i open it it shuts down after a while. The processers are still running but the program itself shuts down. Is that supposed to happend or are there any fix to that?
this graph pops up every time I make a test
Hello, I´m trying to apply an indicator (stop loss & take profit calculator) on historical data. This indicator calculates only for the most recent candle. I´d like to know what this indicator would have calculated for a specific point in the past. Unfortunately I don´t know how to do this. Can
I have installed the MT5 for Android on my Galaxy Note 10+. The tablet interface gets installed by default. Have tried reinstalling after changing to lowest resolution on the phone but still I get the tablet interface. Is there a workaround to get the mobile interface of MT5 on the Note 10+? Thanks
Hi MQL5,  I run the MetaTrader app to sell compute resources, but the agents are starting to get annoying.  The agents have a memory leak and will slurp down all of my server's RAM/Memory until I restart them.  They will get stuck in limbo and will not process anything new until I restart them.  How...
Hi, Does anyone have a script (MT4) that closes all open orders at market price without pronpt? Thanks Paulo
i have downloaded a demo account but I cannot figure out how to access my live account and make a deposit. I just registered for my live account but cant seem to figure out what to do from here or who to contact to find out? can anyone help me?
Hello, is there a limit for the number of open trades including pending orders to copy as a MQL signal? Many brokers have such a limit, but does the signal service additionally limit that number? And what limits are there for the use of MQL EAs as a signal provider? Is it legal to use any EA from
Hi, May be this question is probably asked already. I have done google search but can't find proper answer. I'm new to writing EA but not for programming in general. While I try to generate an EA, I can only see a set of indicators as signal generators. I want to use candlestick types like hammer
I reallly want to find this indicator but i can not find this at all do you guys know this application name
  FX option (1)
hello how can i trade FX option on mt4 or 5 ? thank you
when I attempt to download the indicators to my Metatrader they don't appear after I restart the the program? They indicators say they require smoothalgorithms.mqh. I have moved this to the include folder in the Metatrader folder but the indicators still don't appear
hello i use this indicator , when i attach it on chart give me Specific information , and if i leave it work after attach for hours , days , weeks give me too Specific information if i remove indicator and attach it from new , give me Specific information different about past hours , days and weeks
Hey, I work in a demo account with xmglobal limited. this week I had a problem, my orders are filled but I can't close or modify any of them in my PC, also I don't see the orders that have the problem in my trade list on my phone application. It's like they don't exist. I went to the web trader in
All of my charts are continuously displaying the message "Waiting for update". I have tried opening & closing them multiple times, refreshing, etc. Nothing seems to be working. The bottom right corner also says my account is invalid, I am wondering if this has anything to do with it? Any help would...
guys I made an EA that buys when a candle closes bullish, now my problem is the trailing stop loss, for example after a buy order is performed and the chart move in my direction the trailing stop does trail but when the chart changes direction the TSL doesn't close the locked profit, so please help
Hi fellow Traders Hope you are all well. I am having an slight issue. Any indicator or panel/ dashboard I put on my chart, its writing gets merged together and it is sooo messy. Does anyone know How I can fix that? I circled them in red so you know what I mean. :) Thank you in advance
Hi there, I am setting up a local network farm to be used on Meta Tester, it is a dual socket PC with 2 Intel Xeon of 8 cores each, so a total of 16 cores (32 threads). When I use the Strategy Tester on MT5 I get the 16 cores (32 threads) as expected, but I when I use the Meta Tester to set up the...