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I tried to register as a seller some time ago, then I gave up trading. Now I have resumed trading and would like to publish some signals, but the system does not give me the possibility to register. Even if I want to send the documents, I don't know where. Help me. I don't understand how I can do it
Thanks for your help in advanced. I have a new pc with only a 119 gb c drive and a E drive with 1.8 tb. Im running 2 or more mt4s but my c drive keeps filling up quickly. Without attempting to create a partition drive as the computer builder is telling me. I decided to just install the mt4 onto my E
Hello. How can I check if it your application or not. The thing is I can use another brokers in the Android application from this link I don't know if these broker and application are thust worthy or not. The name of broker in the application is BIT-live from broker searching
Hello, I have 2 custom indicators which i want to make my strategy with. I want to return their y-axis/price/position on chart basically i want them to return their position on graph or whatever can i call that both indicators are drawn on graph like MA/Boilnger Bands. I am not quite sure what
I need a formula to do some programming. There are 7 major currency EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, USD/CAD, NZD/USD Now what is the formula to find other minor currency prices by using major currency prices? . I found on internet these formulas EURUSD TO USDEUR Formula: 1/EURUSD =
Exist some difference? why I see in some history tab EURUSD. (with a dot) and others only EURUSD. Thank you
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Greetings to all traders around, Here are some other links to trading material for you bellow .. Feel free to download ! Turn off download managers if you are using them (seems like this site doesnt support it) Most files are compressed (RAR or ZIP) so unpack before reading ... If you don't have...
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Where can I get this currency pair? USD KRW? USD/ Korean Won
Hello everyone, For MetaTrader 5, is there a way to set or change the stop loss or target price for ALL open positions? Many thanks
Hi all, I am not sure but as far as I see there are some differences between broker version (FPMarket forexample) of MT5 and normal version of it. Can I use my Brokers version MT5 while debugging and historical strategy testing? Is it safe? thank you
today is 2/22/2020 19:28pm UTC custom period selections for history / positions: last month: today 2/22 - 2/23: why is it still showing old trades from 2/19? I am using windows 10 pro broker evolve markets mt5 v 5.00 built 2286 18 Dec 2019
Hi friends, i want to enter the position and for example when i buy, trailing stop must to placed 300 points below and must follow the current price. Where did i went wrong? #include <Trade\Trade.mqh>CTrade trade;int OnInit(void){ return(INIT_SUCCEEDED);}void OnTick(void) { myOnTick(); }void
I'm downloading tick data from Dukascopy for XAUUSD. When I look at the data it appears to be valid (see first image below). If I then create a custom symbol in MT5 (XAUUSD2) and import the data, it still looks fine. But if I use strategy tester and choose "Every tick based on real tick data" for
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I'm starting a bug report list that that MetaQuotes will hopefully look at.
Hello, is it possible that when you start an indicator, that a Moving Average and a Stochastic appear? Because the problem is that the moving average appears on the main window and the Stochastic is an oscillator. #property indicator_chart_window#property indicator_separate_window
Reason for errors ERR_TRADE_SEND_FAILED: 4756: Trade request sending failed And 10006: TRADE_RETCODE_REJECT: Request rejected What is included in the script below
Hi, This is driving me crazy but I have come to conclusion that you just cant use file access in the OnTester() function. But I hope I am wrong and someone can help? I am wanting to write data out as part of the Strategy Tester Optimisation. I can open and write to a file in both OnTesterInit() and
Hi all, I want my EA not get into action after Price Corrections like below, because it completely ruins simple EMA methodology. The thing is It doesn't have to be a big candle it can be several consecutive big candles. I actually need to calculate acceleration of the price I meant fast and long
Hi guys! I recently made an EA and was operating on a live account when I noticed that an EA position was not opened. When running a backtest on the same day in visual mode I noticed that something different happened in the same position that was not opened in the real account. It is as if he
hello how i can to separate the sell quantity and the buy quantity separately ? mean , if i want know about volume buy only ( how many create buy ) in this frame or other frame , and like that about volume sell only ( how many create sell ) in this frame or other frame ? there any code or any
Hi guys, ive been trying to download tick data to backtest EA´s but cant manage to do it....., tick data error pops up when tryin to wxport data to MT4. Any suggestions is highly appraciated. thxs!!! nacho I attach pics
Any one who know how to edit or make changes to a signal I.e from private to public. Please kindly help me
Hİ all Both close function is not working for me the code is below, do you see the reason for it? trade.PositionClose(PositionGetSymbol(i)); trade.PositionClose(ticket); for(int i=PositionsTotal()-1; i>=0; i--) { ulong ticket = PositionGetTicket(i);
Hello all! I hope I'm posting it at the right place. I tried searching for it on the forum but it seems no one has tried to attempt this, I'm trying to populate one drop-down (as input) with another drop-down (as input). Has anyone been able to succeed in this? Or it's something I can only do after
As I prepared my EA's for the week I noticed that I' cant migrate/synchronate my EA's and indicators with the MQL5 VPS anymore since the Mt4 update on friday. I get the message "Migration of virtual hosting failed: old version of ex4-file. Compile Indicator/EA new and re-run the migration." Does
Can someone help me, just adding comments in the base code to understand what each function or variable does
Hi, I cant use this new tool, i tried all sets of combinations and i cant get my comission for every negociated contract :( Anyone already tried this tool
Hi, guys . I'm trying to convert Indicator to Expert Advisor , but my code isn't working. In the 2nd Loop , ExtMapBuffer Array's Element has value. ( Ex : ExtMapBuffer [x] = 111.1223) In the 3rd Loop, although ExtMapBuffer ArraySize is still not changed, but ExtMapBuffer Array's Element hasn't
Hi all, You know to use an indicator in EA you should initiate it in OnInit function. However sometimes I need to Initiate an indicator in a function instead of just Copy data from already initiated indicator. But I use at least 8 indicators and I worry if I over initiate indicators (by initiating