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Hello everybody...... Please tell me where I can find guidance how to study MT4 programing language...???? Thanks to all........
When we get position manually we can set TP & SL lines by drag and drop. But why can't do it when get position by ORDERSEND command. It looks like it's locked
I want to register an EA for MT4 in Market, but when I upload an .ex4 file to Version, ↓ The following alert appears and I cannot register. Invalid version name format Even if you change the version name in various ways, you will get an alert. How can I register
Please i need help, i'm 24 a Nigerian and i need someone willing to teach me forex trading online . i will be blessed to have someone help my life . God bless you all
Can anybody tell me how the reliability count in mql5 Signals? In picture how reliability shows +4
I have no experience yet. I signed up for a signal for the first time, paying 30 USD, but the signal didn't activate. Why? I have to wait for a reply from the supplier
Guys Good morning, this function allows a button to change the croos and time frame of the window in which this indicator is inserted:{ if (id==CHARTEVENT_OBJECT_CLICK && ObjectGet(sparam,OBJPROP_TYPE)==OBJ_BUTTON) { if (StringFind(sparam,UniqueID+":symbol:",0)==0)
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Hello everyone, Need some help here, I just subscribed to the VPS. And I spend about 2 hours trying to active it. Here is a screenshot of the problem : As you can see, the button to "migrate" is all grey. And below, in almost the bottom left corner, the status is "stopped" Any idea how to fix this
There is a huge tail on a bar that happened at 10:40 AM on 23/3/20 that collapses some of my charts. How do I delete the bar that will put my charts back to normal. I can live without that data. cheers
Dear all, If I am using a cent account, can I publish my paid signal in MT4? Thanks a lot
How can i convert an integer to a double
Good evening, I kindly ask for directions to find the martingale expert to be included on MT4 or even on MT5. Furthermore, I ask you if you know the possibility of simultaneously testing the performance of two or more crosses in past years, to have indications if they could work in the future
When I watching the signal provider 's trading history some letters can be watched near the nurrency pair, for example: USDJPY.cfx. What is "cfx" mean
Hi, i'm trying to do a reverse position, but for some reason if i keep clicking to reverse sometimes it just closes the position and doesn't reverse .. i think i have to check if the order was successful before allowing it to open the other order ... this return for me error retcode 10004 or 100021
Hello, I added 4 indicators to my chart and it seems that the combination makes the candlestick prices keeps flashing( tried to remove each indicator to see if one is causing that but problem is still exists) here you are 30 seconds video to show what is that. Please help
Hi Guys, I just recently built my first EA. I did a strategy test it says my drawdown is 48.81%. I'm new to this stuff is this a good number? Any ideas what I can do to make it better? Thanks
Hello I have a problem when installing a new MT5 demo from <broker name removed >. Now two login - codes are needed , one is sent to mobile and one is sent to e-mail adress. I always got the mobile - code , but not the email - code.I was not able to clear this with broker. Does someone have an idea
Hello A friend had shown me a trick to display the schedules of the vertical lines that I draw on the graph. But I no longer remember how to do it. And my friend seems inactive. Does anyone have the solution for me? Thank you in advance
Hi! I have no any programming background and i try to program MQL5 dashboard to Set global TP global SL, by clicking on dashboard and the HLines will appear on the chart and all future transaction witch will be triggered by pressing Button on dashboard will use those line as TP and SL. Now my
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Can I know which broker historical data are closest to MT5
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Please what does "O/C/H/L" mean
I wanna know how i can close all orders if one order reaches the take profit
how to find Andrews Pitchfork indicator meta trader 5 and install it
2020.04.01 11:36:10.542 Signal '430908': symbol EURJPY not found 2020.04.01 11:36:10.542 Signal '430908': symbol AUDUSD not found 2020.04.01 11:36:10.542 Signal '430908': signal copying for 'EURJPY' is prohibited please, who can help me with this, help desk no one reply
Hi,  Can anyone point me in the write direction? I've been using this script for mt4 (as below). I want to start using mt5 but haven't been able to find an equivalent script in mql5. Tried contact the previous author but no reply.  I wanted to try code it myself (newbie) but to no avail. Was unsure...
I'm writing a copy trading service my code receive a signal and should execute it with OrderSend function it opens the position normally without issue but it does not close it , I give it the same attributes which used in opening it (but with reversed side(buy/sell)) inputs to open it market > XYZ
Hi, If I am on the trader's profile, what should I do to automatically update and change data in open positions? Now, each time I need to refresh the page to make the data change. Thank you
Hi. Use for years my script in mt4 and mt5. Now I resolve to change my windows 7 64bit to windows 10 64bits. Only in mt4 working fine. In mt5 I have this strange erros: 2020.03.27 22:59:36.604 teste3 (EURUSD,H1) Access violation at 0x00007FFB6006605C read to 0x00000202000000102020.03.27
Hey, I have not long purchased an indicator from the market which works fantastic but will not successfully migrate to the vps when attached to a chart with a blank EA. I get the error message 'Migration to virtual host failed. Old EX5 file version', 'Please recompile', images attached. Anyone else
Hello Folks, I would like to know is Binary Option Trading a legitimate way of trading? Also have you ever got success trading binary options? My gut feeling is that all Binary Option trading broker is a scam since most complains are related to manipulating trading software. In case any broker