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hello Financial operations are blocked and I dont know contact who can handle my problem tks
  Copy Trading (1)
Hi Guys, I need to know if i can follow a strategy without opening my platform 24 hours?? i tried to follow one strategy but any position in the provider trading account is not opened on my account unless the platform is opened. this is very weird as i tried so many mirror trading services provider
Hi, I need help as my money is locked into a project since early November and the developer is not responding to any messages. Support says I should wait for the developer, but he is not responding OR have even attempted to do th job. Please HELP Thanks
Advice to whomever believing in extremely high growth signal which thrive suddenly in short term. How to identify scamming signal: 1) Before signal is published, you will see multiple trades opened at similar price level, trades opened at almost the same time and closed at the same time as well....
Hi All wonder if you can help me I am new to MQL5 I have created my real account and I have transfered my money into my profile as deposit and it shows but It does not show in my history as a balance and cannot trade, please can you help me. Thanks
Hi, something curious just happened: As you can see in the image, I'm operating futures in Brazil's B3 exchange in a hedging account running more then one EA. In a given moment, EA 90002 set its take profit value to be 111045. Later, when two different EAs, 40008 and 30008, called PositionInfoDouble
hello everyone!!! i have a question if somebody please to k
  Signal (15   1 2)
Dear all I have a easy question Why there are signal provider available on the Metratrader in the page Signal (the one between page Market and Code Base) but not on the site ? regards
I have CMC Market MT4 demo account. To test how signal are copied and worked, I have subscribed a free signal to my Mt4 demo account. MLQ send a auto message to me that you have successfully subscribed the signal. I logged in kept my computer running 24 hours. I can see new trades are created by the
I changed my account leverage from 600 to 400 , to fix this issue, but the system still reads my leverage as 1:600 !! I also having more 2 issues Provider is waiting for registration as a seller > I'm working on this Subscription will be enabled when trading starts > what this means
Hello,I'm new to the community and to this realm of trading. So I'm having a bit of a learning curve with mt5/ mt4. So I ran a backtest utilizing the mql5 cloud network, with my settings for the test set to slow complete algorithm. It was a simple RSI strategy, 1 year 5 minute timeframe. Was that
failed market buy 0.01 AUDUSD, close #44931633 sell 0.02 AUDUSD 0.68517 [Invalid stops] [market buy 0.01 AUDUSD, close #44931633],xxxx synchronization terminated failed market buy 0.01 AUDUSD, close #44931633 sell 0.02 AUDUSD 0.68517 [Invalid stops] synchronization is postponed, processing of
  vps on mac (7)
Hi there guys, i'm having serious headaches trying to link my mql5 account to my mt4. for example i do not have the signals tab below my chart window. i think that's because i have a mac pro. now my question is this: if i use a vps i will be able to download expert advisor,indicators and signals...
  Power of VPS (2)
If i use a VPS,, how many pending orders can a VPS open on a particular price? lets say EUR/USD at price 1.5500 i have 10 buy pending orders. How many orders will the VPS be able to trigger in 1 second? I know i can put a $10 lot value on 1.5500 price,, but i want to know about the speed of VPS
Hello MQL5, I have a workstation with 36 logical cpus. However, I cannot make good use of my cpu resource because only 18 agents were registered. So, I would like to know how to register more agents in my workstation. Could you give me a hand ? Thank you very much
The updated version of the MetaTrader 5 platform will be released on Thursday, June 13, 2019. The new version contains the following changes: Terminal: Added new API which enables request of MetaTrader 5 terminal data through applications using Python language. Python is a modern high-level
Let's discuss on this topic please
Hi, I can't find a possibility to add commission costs in the strategy tester. Is this possible, if not, can't this be added to the strategy tester; I'm very sure that all developers would like to have this. Thx; danny
IN the back test, allowing to select more pairs at the same time.(multicurrency execution) Thanks
Is any possible way to execute new order or close any order using a direct tcp connection to MT5 server by using trade login and password
  Custom events (2)
Hello I'm planing to use MQL5 to connect to external price sources and trade platform. To be more precise, I need to connect to Binance or other crypto currency exchanges and use websocket to get the price and account data from. the idea is that use a series of custom events and handlers to use when
Hello tradersIs there any indicator that would give a signal before the trend start going the other direction For example If it has been a bullish market and then the market will soon go otherwise, that is start a bearish trend, is there any indicator that would signal and indicate such reversal
Can I export testing result in Open XML file by command line? This documantation say that about "Report" parameter: Report — the name of the file to save the report on testing or optimization results. The file is created in the trading platform directory. You can specify a path to save the file
When running small optimization tests in MT5 my 24GB of ram all gets used up, and my disk usage on my ssd also sits at 100%. Would adding another 16GB of ram speed up the optimization tests somewhat significantly? My cpu only sits at around 30% usage so I don't think MT5 is being limited by that. A
Latest MT5 build came along with great upgrades, but I am having trouble selecting a symbol/currency for single test in the new strategy tester. Regarless timeframe, the only choices I got are "all market watch symbols" and "GBPUSD". Thanks in advance for any help
Half of the cores stop processing in the middle of the backtest, pls see attached screen shot. Backtesting now needs double or triple the time than before! Has somebody any idea of how to fix this? Cheers, Joe
  Gray Quotes (5)
I just added and logged in to my new MT4 Account with FXChoice, but the the Quotes are in GRAY. I guess there are not LIVE yet to make a trade. What's going on? I have two other older accounts with Hugosway are that work just fine. I can't place a new order
  "Waiting for update" (14   1 2)
The cahrts all say waiting for update. The data feed is live (good) but no charts are updating I tryed to signe up for new account and that does same things (3 times) Is there anything I can do?
As with an earlier release, the tester crashes when setting a breakpoint. Report: 2019.12.15 16: 55: 17.285 2019.01.02 00:00:00 debugger: break point info not found The tester is extreme slow to start and stop. In visual mode, graphic representation and data in OnTick () or OnCalculate () do not
  Connection status colors. (13   1 2)
Hi, where I can find what differnt colors mean in Connection status in the status bar of terminal? Thanks.