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  Candle Alert (1)
Please is there an indicator send alerts for every previous candle? example: receive alert when candle close bullish receive alert when candle close Bears
 What does this parameter mean Jaws period in the Alligator predefined function ?
Hello, I noted that (if you haven't logged in or signed up a new user) the Jobs number are hidden for all others in this site! why? any comments? note that the signals and products are shown without logging in (or singing up)
Hi  I have an extern int opentime Above is used to enter a time. This time is checked against another 'if' statement if ( Hour() == opentime ) Above works but 'Hour' can only be entered as two digit number i.e. 23 or 04 I want to enter the time as 23:46 or 04:57  Can anyone point me in the right...
Hi, Need help! Have downloaded 3 moving average from MT5 market, can I change the 3 EMA setting from the original @EA? If possible, can someone help me on how to change the setting. Thank you! 
Hi, Does the free vps work on a both demo and real account? Thanks, Natasha
Does it effect on the showcased profit percentage if a signal provider withdraws some amount from his account?
Do you think conventional Elliot wave theory and Japanese Candle sticks can estimate or extrapolate the moves while trading crypto currencies??? Lets us Share our experience in trading cryptocurrencies such as XBT/USD, ETH/USD, XRP/USD !!
Anything wrong with the site? I keep downloading the mt4setup.exe and install it, but it actually is MT5 after install.
  Profit (3)
How to get profit 
How can i  execute trade very fast using bid price + point on metatrader5 eg.(bid price +50 pips ) on mobile platform.
  mt5 crash (4)
Time : 2010.04.21 18:52 (0:00:01) Program : Client Terminal Version : 500.264 (16 Apr 2010) Revision : 19896 OS : Windows 7 Professional (Build 7600) Processors : 4 x X86 (level 16) Memory : 1833464/819756 kb Virtual : 2097024/1962484 kb CrashMD5 :...
The exhibition of financial technologies Cyprus FinTech Expo was held in Nicosia on November 8 bringing together about 500 industry professionals. MetaQuotes Software Corp. — the developer of the MetaTrader 5 trading platform for arranging brokerage services in any financial market — took part in...
Can anything be done about the constant SPAM messages arriving in PM Inbox? Can't it be imposed that new users cannot PM users until a certain number of minimum public posts has been accumulated, as is done on so many other forum websites? Yes, I know I can set it it "Friends Only", but that defeats...
Hi, I compiled my own mql file without any error, but generated ex5 file is not shown like sample ex5 files coming with MetaTrader(CCI.ex5, MACD.ex5 , ...). for example it has no icon or no MQL property page is displayed for it when I want to view its properties in My ex5 file works fine without any...
Hi Trades, Are all these demo accounts working on real market´s intereactions, or all of them fake? Thanks and best regards, Antonio
Hello All,  I am coming from the futures automated trading world and entering the Forex automated trading arena. I have been doing some researching on Forex trading and MT4 (I only have experienced with NinjaTrader). Is there a website(s) where I can view how actual live trading EAs (robots) are...
Hello I purchased an EA in the market how can I activate in my mt4 platform? The ea is yet in demo mode but I have already purchased it.
Hey guys, I got an EA which is entering orders with a size based on the Equity amount and I would like to have it have it enter order based on the Balance amount instead. The used code to enter orders is  if (AutoLot)   {     double pv = SymbolInfoDouble(Symbol(),...
Yes, its like trading normal currencies, Almost, but they have some differences, Not at all, its a different world
  general topic (1)
Hi, Does web terminal have facility of trailing stop ( TS) ?
I am newbie. I am trying to make a new order in my JPmarkets MT4 practice account, but everything in a pop up window seems to be inactive with a massage waiting for update. Please assist. I have attached a screenshot.
Hi I have created an EA that does exactly as i want but i need to it to 'run'/'load' at a specific time. I'm searching through documentation and 'Google' but have only found 1 article. This 'article' relates to MT5 Any 'nudges' in the right direction, thanks Look forward to any replies. regards Jai
  Candle OHLC (2)
Hi In MT4 i can use High[1] but in MT5 my scripts don't like High[1] Any help or ideas or a nudge in the right direction, please I did search through documentation but still have found anything on 'Candles' Look forward to any replies. regards Jai
Hi everyone, i am trying to run a EA conditioning to open just one trade per trading criteria. trading criteria:  1. If the Moving Average of 20 crossover to upside the 50 Moving Average, excute a OP_BUY, if there is an OP_SELL at that moment, close it. 2. If the Moving Average of 20 crossover to...
  MT5 or MT4 (3)
I use MT4, I use MT5, I use both
Hello there, I have recently deposited money into my account via paypal, which I now would like to withdraw. I have not made any earnings nor am I a verified user. Do I have to sign up as a seller in order to retrieve my funds? Regards Jack
Profitable Currency Trading Forex trading involves buying one currency and selling another at the same time. As a result, forex traders quote currencies in pairs such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY etc. The exchange rate denotes the purchase price between the two currencies. For example, the EUR/USD rate...
Forex trading deals with buying and selling a currency against another one. The aim is to make a profit by identifying the correct market direction. Finding the correct market direction is not a piece of cake. Traders use both technical and fundamental analysis for this. Moreover, in some cases,...
  Arbitration (2)
Hello, May i ask somethings about Arbitration. When I make Arbitrate, how long take it take to release my locked funds and, how much does it cost? (And, How can i do if the developer doesn't finish my job within the period we agree earlier.  Thank You for kind reply.