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Hi, it's been a long time since I've been looking for the support team to accept my registration as a signal seller and nobody shows up. What should I do?
Hello... in MT5 mobile app the OTHER timeframes like H2 H3 H6 H8 and H12 are not available on Mobile app which are the main difference between MT4 and 5. when are these TFs provided by the app makers ?? (OR) How can I create or add these TFs on my mobile app, is it possible ? pls help. thanks
Hello Guys:   I know its not really important but I want to add to my EA a line coming from each opened trade to the point where it took profit. So anyone know a coding I can use to add to my EA? Thanks
Here is the problem, I am making a EA and I wanted to place some pending buy limit order in XAUUSD, and from this window: I found that the price should be step up every 0.05. I would like to ask that how can I get this information in EA? I have tried to use SymbolInfoInteger(Symbol(),...
I have different trading accounts, some are from same fx company, some are different fx company. I use mt4 platform. The problem is every time I log in to another  account , the quote page will change to display preset pairs of currency, I have to manually add the pairs I want; but when I leave this...
int arrayLengthIndex = 28;   string currencyArray[28] = {"USDCHF", "GBPUSD", "EURUSD", "USDJPY", "USDCAD", "AUDUSD", "EURGBP", "EURAUD", "EURCHF",                               "EURJPY", "GBPCHF", "CADJPY", "GBPJPY", "AUDNZD", "AUDCAD", "AUDCHF", "AUDJPY", "CHFJPY", "EURNZD", "EURCAD",...
Hi, hot buy or sell in MT4 use python?
Hello there,,, I have installed  MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester Agent , but in "services" tab I see my agents are not working.... in the "cloud" column they are all "not connecetd" . I make right click and restart but nothing happens,,, Do you know what to do=? thanks for your help
Any EA(use magic number) can control another EA on/off auto trading base on EMA cross uptrend or Downtrend? Thanks
Hi! In the last weeks I noticed that my signal total YTD growth is -100%, even if last months had a positive trend. If I did my calculation right, even if the growth is going to be +1000% in December 2018, the total YTD growth will still remain a negative value. By instance, I did: Growth ratio 2016...
Hello Traders, Are there guys here using Python for data science for currency analytics? Let's connect. :-)
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I published new signal but it dos not take rank.  signal with low risk and low dd  [link to the signal was deleted by moderator]
  HELP ME (2)
Good morning I have a problem, every time I choose a signal if I want to copy the system always refers to a specific brker, I would like to be able to freely choose the broker, how can I do? thank you so much
I Am trying to sub to a new signal. I am on my MT4 terminal. As soon as I select MQL5 for payment the screen goes back to Signal provider home page. It is as If I am not login to the MQL5 community, but I can see my balance, so it should be connected? I have re-entered my password on login page from...
Guys,  I have this problem on Ubuntu with Wine. I have an EA that is loaded with dll, and a cron job that will detect absence of MT5 in the processes and restart the MT5 when it is not running. To simulate this problem, you just need to restart the VPS while the EA is still running to simulate power...
Hello everyone, I do not understand the meaning of that in real trade.
Here's my code //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| Custom indicator iteration function                              |//+------------------------------------------------------------------+int OnCalculate(const int rates_total,                const int...
Hi guys, my application for seller status has been made for more than 10 working days however the application is still pending with no news from moderstors whatsoevver. What should I do? Andrew
  Source Code (5)
Does it exist in MQL5 any Naming Convention or coding standards for source code ? Any Link ?
The list of Top products appeared in MQL5 Market since the service was established. It is designed to draw attention to free and commercial trading applications that are the most popular among traders. At first, the list of the most popular products was based on a very simple equation: one purchase...
Hello traders and developers community, I am new here and I wonder if anyone could bring this EA up to date. It could be nice to integer stop loss by pips rather than by risk reward for more flexibility. And fix the problem of downloading the weekly economic calendar and it's related data (f.i:...
  VPS of MT4 (2)
Hello,  i installed the 10$ VPS on my DEMO ACCOUNT.  Is it possible to stop the VPS on my demo account and to put it on my real account ?  Thank you very much 
I have rented VPS service and finished migration. It says  Virtual hosting status is "started" so now can I close my MT4 and computer? EA will be working all the time? until my PC Close thank you
When I use Heikin Ashi, I change regular candlesticks' color to the background color, so I can only see Heikin Ashi. I've been using MT4 demo chart downloaded from somewhere(I think it doesn't belong to any broker?), but recently I discovered this MT4 moves a little off from the other live charts....
Can the signal come to my  tablet ( which of course it is connected to the internet) without my pc to be open??         
Does the "Use no more than.....% of deposit (95% maximum)" setting on MT4 options-signals mean that if you insert, say, 20% of deposit, the profit/loss and DD on the slave account will be 20% of the original master account? Thanks.
hello guys is there any free way to protect my indicator with licence codes ( numbers ) like  Regards 
Hi all, I would appreciate any guidance. I purchased the <Deleted>, but no matter what I do i cannot seem to download it from the purchase area. The link for downloading to the terminal does not work. Safari does not recognise the link on my Mac, and Chrome just takes you to and empty page. Any...
i am using camarilla levels for entry sometimes L3 i am getting buy entry and immediately it gets stoploss hits at L4 and i need to go sell at L4 to avoid such false entries, what will be the best trend indicator to reduce losses can anybody suggest
Hi programmers, When the mouse pointer is near of an object (or a candle), a kind of information bubble which contains the name of the object appears. I would like to know if it's possible to hide this information : - temporary - for a given object in particular Thank you for your support ! Erwann.