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Does any of you Meta Trader experts, know how, or if, the Buy/Sell pop up box size, can be made smaller ??
Hi, It is my very first attempt to program an EA, and I was wondering how we can program an EA based on indicators which only the ex4 file is available. Is it just possible ? Thanks a lot
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I'm starting a thread which I hope will be of benefit to many TSD members (myself included). In this thread there will be no discussion regarding indicators, EA's, pairs, or price. There is already a handful of threads which contain more than enough content to go around for an entire trading career....
How do you use Mode_Spread? No matter which currency I run it on, it always returns a value of 13. (It is .13 for 2 decimal currencies and .0013 for 4 decimal currencies. I want to compensate my entry price for the currency using mode spread instead having to use CASE statements. I must be missing...
Hi, There are not accelerating keys for "Chart Shift" button and "Auto Scroll" button ? Thanks, Tintin92
How do I create a scrtip that will open up the dialog and allow for input of variables? I tried just coding them, but the dialog doesn't show up
Looking for a coder to help me out on some code that doesn't seem to be working. Please PM me Thanks
Has anyone had any problemes with MT4 build 205? I upgraded to build 205, now I'm finding that some EAs will just disappear off the chart on its own.
There is an article in this months Currency Trader about a time zone based system. They say it earned 40K in 3 years on 1 contract. Could anyone make this an EA so we can backtest and maybe add some filters and/or optimize? Thanks www.currencytradermag.com/pfw31.htm
Hi, can anyone tell me how to change the color of text that appears as a comment in an EA? Best bregards
Hi all, Please tell us a list of MT4 brokers allowing maximum number of open trades per account. As I have heard from InterbankFX, it allows max 500 trades per account. Jeff
I have an expression that could have a 0 divided by a number. In excel that expression results 0, but in metaeditor gives error zero divide, and stops the execution. How to make zero divide = 0? Thanks
Hi, i'm trying to make an EA, but i'm verry confuse with the results. The EA supose to take highest and lowest Bid from 00:00 to 07:59 and at 07:59 it send 2 order Buy Stop and Sell Stop. Buy Stop using (Highest Bid + 2 * point ==> MYAskPrice) Sel Stop using (Lowest Bid + 2 * point ==> MYBidPrice) I...
Hi folks, I am just entering the world biggest market and I would like to request for your assistance during that first step. I have read some of your postings. What strategy do you find that works best? Where can i learn to set up autotrade? What is the best to trade to maximize your loss and...
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Should we stop this guy from creating new useless threads ? Please vote
Thank you you enormous... I mach want on communicate with you I from Rossiya Murmansk azerbaiyani it self Forex alreadi 3months loze 1500$ can not find output throw too do not be goingto... beforehand sposibo.. If there is possibiliti write on Rossiya All good luch
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Dear all, I am just a member here (also new trader in forex). I focus on GBP/USD, Eur/USD, USD/JPY n GBP/JPY. I heard something as EA for my trading system (Metatrader). I do want to use EA but I dont know how n no kind of EA yet. hope somebody kindly help me on this. Thanks jkt1007
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I would like to ask about Trailing Stop of MT4. In MT4, Trailing Stop doesnt function as long as the position doesnt gain as much profit as the number of Trailing Stop(15pips 20pips...) first of all. Is it possible to make Trailing Stop function from the opened price of the position ? (In...
hi i need the code changed in the money management part of this EA when it places the trades both pairs are the same amount of lots i need one of the the to be lower say if the EURUSD is 0.7 lots i need the USDCHF to be 1 lot but i cant seem to find what to change ? its only when its trading with...
hi does any one know of any brokers that let you run your own EA on there servers so i can stop leaving my computer on for months at a time? thanks
The H1 keeps, but for M1 I have to import data after each restart. Why the M1 history cleans after the restart of metatrader?
Hello to all, Where can I found MT4 expert for auto treading using ADX Cross only? Thank in advance.
Can I display the fib retracements in a color other than yellow? Also, after I display the fibo retracements on my chart, I don't know how to remove them from the chart. Any help? Thnx-------Sid
This is an ea that is a clone of an ea for sale on ebay that costs well over $200. It backtests well so hopefully forward tests will be great. It is to be run only on eur/usd on the 5 minute chart. Also change stop loss to 22 pips or 30 at the most.
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I see all kinds of ideas rolling around on this forum site, and it appears the moderators have pretty much of a hands-off policy, though they have spent the time organizing the forum areas nicely. I empathize with all of you who are trying to find the right blend of indicators to build your grail.....
I need this indicator altered to where I can input the minutes as well as the hour. presently it only allows you to input the hour and I would like to input the minutes so I can use it on smaller then H1 charts. thanks
Please I Need An Expert His Idea Open TWo Orders Every Day One Buy @ Pivot+ 20 Point Tp@ Sl@ -30 Point Other One Sell @ Pivot- 20 Point Tp@ @ Sl 2 -30 Point Our Target Only 20 Point Only This To Trades Work Time From 5 Gmt To 7 Gmt Nots Pivot= (yesterday Low+yasterday Close+...
A IntegerToStr() function could be handy, or a IntegerToDouble(). Thanks
What does the word "spot" mean written after a currency pair? How do I access all curr. pairs under 'market watch' or under the 'new chart' icon at upper left? Thnx, Sid
Hi, I'd like to share this EA I had made for me by a professional programmer. This was from a trading system posted by a guy, tkimble, on FF. I was interested in it as a side project for a while but never let it off the back burner. The document below explains all you need to know about the system...