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  Anyone? (4)
Hi guys! I am looking for a simple signal alert when ema 10 crosses ema 50 and vice versa. Can someone help? PS: Boy i have to learn to program mt4
  Coding Needed (1)
Coding Needed plz !!!! Can anyone help coding the breakout strategy detailed here below: Buy when: 1- EMA 10 current value > EMA 50 current value (ema10 crossing ema50 from below) 2- AND MACD > 0 3- AND RSI >50 4- AND Stochastic 8,3,3 is in the right buying position Sell When: 2- EMA 10 current...
Hello. I am a experienced database programmer (14 years self-employed developing custom database applications) but no experience in any C++ like language. I'm trying to use the indicator buffers in the property sheet to allow the user to change the colors of horizontal lines that are created by...
  Wolfe Wave Indicator (41   1 2 3 4 5)
Is it possible for someone (ShadowWZ perhaps?) to code a WolfeWave indicator? I've just come across this method and it seems interesting. Fukinagashi at MoneyTec has put one together but it got panned at a Russian forum because it was using the ZigZag indicator and missing some elements. I...
Hi, can someone please guide me to writing an EA. thx
Can anyone help coding the breakout strategy detailed here below: Buy when: 1- EMA 10 current value > EMA 50 current value (ema10 crossing ema50 from below) 2- AND MACD > 0 3- AND RSI >50 4- AND Stochastic 8,3,3 is in the right buying position Sell When: 2- EMA 10 current value < EMA 50 current...
  Forex Signals (2)
hello all, Does anyone have experience with Dashboard signal software from FXuniversal? ty
190 used about 40-50M , but 191 used about 131-190M. Why?
Can anyone tell me how I can overlay two seperate indicators into one window in MT4? Thanks!
someone is using this system and saying it's Very GOOD..of course they are selling the system..just wondered if anyone can decipher the indicators. 1 graph..
  Bollinger Band Width Ratio (24   1 2 3)
Hi everyone, For some reason, the BBandwidthratio indicator that I wrote won't plot. Can any of the experts take a look at it and see what is wrong? Thanks for your help, Maji
I can't seem to find where the <--includes--> files are coming from in the htm file. I want to change the detailedstatement.htm template in MT4 so that I can put the "magic numbers" from EA and "comments" into a seperate column. These always appear under the prices, and I don't like that. In fact...
Exponential Moving Average (EMA) Exponentially smoothed moving average is calculated by adding the moving average of a certain share of the current closing price to the previous value. With exponentially smoothed moving averages, the latest prices are of more value. P-percent exponential moving...
I have coding some indicators use "#property indicator_chart_window" but not using indicator_buffers, their just create and move some object on the chart. I think it's useful to to make the indicator visible on the chart, this can be done by attach the indicator to the object which created...
Please could someone be kind enough and build me a signal generator/alarm that will show the crossing of 2 MVAs overlayed on an RSI? (See attached screen-print) RSI @ 14. Overlayed with 8-EMA on Previous Indicator's data as well as 8-SMA overlayed on First Indicator's data. Reason: I run this on my...
  New System Is Born (19   1 2)
and? we don't seem to have mind readers here. what did you want to say?
Hi all I have tow MQL4 files , I need to get a valume from one file to ather file . example : A is MQL4 file & B is MQL4 file the tow files is expert , Im going to run A file but need it to read a volume from B file . What is the code lin to do that ??? thanls
Hi all, Here's something for you to read this weekend. A link to Joe Ross' forum and when NOT to trade the forex market. Enjoy!
Hi gurus I am new to MT4 and I really like the exportable historical data. However, I can't seem to find a way to do it in an automatic way via script or function or any software. Can this actually be done ? Thanks Bob
what is the best broker using metatrader 4? i have the hardest time staying connected to interbank.
Where can I go to get a demo account using MetaTrader for futures charts? I use MT4 for spot forex quotes, but understand MT4 also services futures charts. Thanks.
I would like an indicator which draws a Horizontal Line for the Whole Day at Open Price of the Bar at the Time Input(chosen) by user. Example: User attaches the indicator and inputs 2 AM est. Indicator draws a horizontal line at Open Price at 2AM. Very similar to DayOpen.mq4 developed by Cucurucu....
Guys, As we all know, market news impact directly onto ForEx values (Up/Down).. Could someone can post the best place/site to get latest, reputable news detail. Thanks in advance.
Hello, I'm curious if you would entertain the following idea for some future release: In the database programs I've used, by default, my created windows are confined to the main application window. If I define them using a keyword "IN DESKTOP" it creates a window that is still connected to the...
i have trading this strategy and it was profitable can you help me to make it EA for MT4. the settings are : the timeframe 1 Hour EMA 9 shift 0 EMA 9 shift 9 parabolic SAR the standard setting. when EMA9-0 cross EMA9-9 the entrance will be at the last parabolic point above the cross and the stoploss...
  File Append (1)
Is there a file append mode? I don't see it.
Hello All, Is there a way to set the color so that I can see what color a particular Doji candle is? Thanks In Advance
Hi all, Can anyone help me with finding out the angle (in degrees) of Moving Average lines (or any other lines for that matter). I basically want to know the angle that it makes from say one day to another, or from one hour to another. And I'd like to build a strategy based on whether the angle is...
Is there a function to covert text to upper or lower case? I see the stringtrimleft() and stringtrimright() but no upper and lower.
Is there a way to programmatically scroll back through the chart to get the history? Pressing the home key and holding it down forever takes forever on 1 min bars and I set my bar history the maximum.