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What indicators would you recommend for scalping. They could be default or custome. Thanks For Use on M1 chart
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What indicators would you recommend for scalping. They could be default or custome. Thanks For Use on M1 chart
Hi, can anyone plot the slope of a JMA moving average as an histogram with green bars if slope is positive and red bars if slope is negative? Much like the indicator that is currently available which is the EmaAngleZero that plots the slope of an EMA as an histogram Thanks!
Hi, I seek an expert based on the points pivots. I would like to code a rather simple system of trading on the points pivots (for example purchase has R1+7pips with TakeProfit has R2-7pips and sale has S1-7pips with TakeProfit has S2+7pips..etc) but I would need to start from an existing expert if...
Sorry for the silly question, I am completly new in this...! I have an indicator formula in plain text from a thread. I try to cut and paste in the meta editor. But I make something wrong, it does not save the indicator. Where should I paste the formula text?? Thanxs for helping a...
I keep getting it every now and then on OrderModify and OrderClose calls. What is it? How can I avoid it? Thanks
Hej just wanted to show you a little system that im am trying out. Dont have an EA but would like one, this is just a couple of ideas. EURUSD Buy Signals: ~~~~~~~~ CCI (50) - over 140 stdDev (7) - over 0.00075 i_Trend - green over 0.0018 & red under 0.0018 Sell Signals: ~~~~~~~~ CCI...
Hello, I would like to assign hotkey with my script that use mouse drop, but the current implementation doesn't allow that, i.e. i cannot drop the mouse after pressing hotkey. Is it possible to add the feature ?
Dear All, Could anyone tell me how to declare a array and than use the iMAOnArray or IMA function and to program a moving average on indicators, like macd histogram or momentum? Please help me. Urgent.I have spend few days on working this. Thank you very much. Victor
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I use a program that generates signals for trading.Is it possible to connect to it's DLL and get results(Buy or Sell) in MT4?
Hello i have convert MQL II EA for MT4 but problem false tester result can you help me ? --
Hi, I'm trying to match my forward testing with backtesting in MT4. Although I have nice match, there is something which I don't understand. Often I get #requote error while opening a position while in Live trading (even on real account), the position was opened sucessfuly. Where this #requote...
As far as backtesting goes, can anyone compare and contrast MT3 and MT4 results, usefullness, and any reasons to believe one may be more closely reflect actual trades.
any one else have this problem, and what is your solution/or work around? I find myself clicking the mouse several times to select text located near a trend line, and it doesn't ever want to select it. Very frustrating
Hi, I have an expert on mt4 and I would like to change it for the mt3.What do I have to change in the expert 4 ?Do I have to make big changes or it is simple to do ? Thank you
MQ, Right now, you have MarginLevel set to display the percentage value of FreeMargin/MarginUsed. Which ends up giving some percentage of a thousand or more. The very concept of percentage was to normalize values to between 0 and 100. Why not have MarginLevel set to MarginUsed/FreeMargin. This...
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Will Metatrader 4 ever have additional or customizable timeframes?
Hi Codersguru, It is certainly a lot of dedication to put out the free tutorial on mql4. Many thanks. Can you help with this, please? I have been trying to combine the Highest() function with the High[] array without much success. My problem is with the last two parameters of the Highest()...
In the MQ help function on the charts they have listed the Detrended price Oscillator - DPO. I would like to add this indicator to my indicators list but it is not listed in the charts drop down menu can you please help me this.
Hi, If I set the slippage parameter in my MQL4 code to 300 pips and ask my forex broker to allow slippage of up to 300 pips for my account, then I should never see a "price requote" message ever (unless of course the price slipped 300 pips in less than 1-2 seconds which is extremely rare). Why do...
Hi, Please ignore this query. It cant be done due to problem with requotes.
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This thread is for those who use trendline and divergence strategies in their trading. If you have any indicators that show divergence on RSI, MACD etc please post, any EAs that trade using divergences or trendline s are welcome. I suggest we also share screen shots on trendline breaks and...
Hello, I am trying to log into my MT3 account from Excel by using VBA and mtapi.dll but cannot make it work. My declaration is: Private Declare Function MtConnect Lib "mtapi.dll" (ByVal handle As Integer, ByVal server As String, ByVal port As Integer) As Integer and then I am calling the function...
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Hello, It is possible to convert mq4 indicator to MetaStock ? Thank You day_trader
Volatility Trailing Stop indicators.
Eur/Usd h1 Default settings but: TP 200 SL 100 What about you jdun, what are your results? Sada
Current date format used in History Center is yyyy.mm.ddd I would recommend that the export history data use one of the following format dd/mm/yyyy, ddmmyyyy, dd-mm-yyyy mm/dd/yyyy, mmddyyyy, mm-dd-yyyy These formats are widely used in many other analysis software, eg: Excel, Matlab. The...