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if (TrendIsUp == 1 && Fact_Uup1[i] == false && BoolUp[i] == true && TypeTrend [i] == 1 && GoodMarket[i] == true ) are these too many conditions for the compiler to properly process ? because the things look like they are not synchronized.
How do i get more people to engage my meta tester? Gordii
I want to met all my wonderful and great people from Nigeria in this community.
Forex charts are nonsense bid only bars. Yet when a backtest is ran on your EA , it will show the Buy Entry price arrow on the Bid Bar chart. That's impossible. It's a bid bar chart, not an ask bar chart. A buy is at the ASK not the bid. The Ask price, you pay when you actually make a real buy is...
Hello,How can I unsubscribe a signal and subscribe to another one. Second question how can I end my account and transfer my money back to my private credit account.I cannot find this back on the platform.
I want to exit all loss making trades on end of the day... Can anyone help me??? if we can exit loss making trades on the same day....we can prevent huge loss....!!! THANKS Bharat Pandya Skype: pandyabn76
Hi. I Just like to know why my agents stopped appearing. Their last activity was last October 7. Is the system down? Thanks in advance.
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never mind figured it out :)
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What is stop level.
AUDUSD: AUDUSD closed strongly higher the past week leaving risk of further strength in the new week. While it can trade and hold above its broken resistance turned support at 0.7279 level, we think more gain should occur. On the upside, resistance lies at the 0.7400 level. A cut through here will...
Hi, before I write a custom "Last" code, is there a simple way to return and print the current tick price, tick by tick? They have Bid, and Ask but not Last, which seems kind of basic info that most people would want to refer to. Thanks John
This silly queston i have for long time not answered myself. Broker gets benefit/profit when traders looses trades or win the trades?
Hello I wonder if there is a way to easily get any pair price values from C# ? Thanks
EURUSD: Having EUR closed strongly higher the past week, it now looks to extend that strength towards its key support zone at 1.1459. We may see price hesitation at this level or even a pullback. Support lies at the 1.1300 level where a violation will aim at the 1.1250 level. A break of here will...
Hello. I dont know programming but I used one of that websites wher you can assemble EA's in a easy way. The problem I have is, I want to create an EA that plays with the ATR. Specifically, an EA that opens a BUY order everytime the actual ATR value is at least 1000% higher than the inmediate...
Could you list the brokers you are using if you live in USA? Because I am currently using fxchoice and they are ok, just looking for more options. Broker- FXCHOICE Good- Can withdraw money without problems. Bad- Deposit options are limited for US residents.
Hi, I like the Least Squares Moving Average and it's color coding. I would like to use it on some other (non-forex) markets I trade, as well. Unfortunately, I can't make heads or tails out of MQL4, though I can program indicators in Tradestation. Can someone please look at the code for this and...
Hi, it seems like a very basic feature, but I can't find it. How do we view a report of the trades made while an ea was trading live on a chart? Thanks John
hi, Anyone knows if this is possible: to import an dll function which uses as argument a: variable-argument lists e.g. int vprintf ( const char * format, va_list arg ); if so how would one do it? Thanks MJ
USDCHF: The pair saw a follow-through lower the past week on the back of its previous week losses. This development leaves it weak and vulnerable to the downside in the new week. On further weakness its key support located at the 0.9527 level will be targeted. A move below that level will call for...
Michael Challis
Hi there, We are selling products into the MQL5 market. As an EU VAT registered company, what does MetaQuotes do about charging VAT to end users? Does it collect the appropriate sales taxes? I cannot see any mention of VAT anywhere? Any idea what to do about this? Regards, Mike
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is it normal for them to show in the services tab, the state is running but disconnected from the cloud? seems like some connect and disconnect at random. i have 1 pc that always shows connected while another one randomly disconnects... any ideas?
hi does anyone have any reccommendations for low spread MT5 Index brokers? please send me some names if you know/use any! thanks, myles
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is there any ea available by which we can lock the lot size of mt4, means will not change the lot anytime.
Managed account is an investment account that bring the access to professional money managers. The account holder does not manage it himself but does an investment on his behalf, based on unique financial needs and goals. With managed investment investor's account is distinct and can be personalized...
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Daily price is on bearish market condition for ranging between the following key support/resistance levels: 1.1713 key resistance level located far above Ichimoku cloud in the primary bullish area of the chart;1.0847 key support level located far below Ichimoku cloud in the primary bearish area of...
We have BG/SBLC, specifically for BUY/LEASE at a leasing price of 3.5 + 1 of face value Issuance by HSBC London and many other 25 top AA rated Bank in Europe, Middle East or USA. We also secure funding, project loans and Personal loans for 2.5% APR. FOR LEASING OF BG/SBLC MINIMUM FACE VALUE OF...
We have BG/SBLC, specifically for BUY/LEASE at a leasing price of 3.5 + 1 of face value Issuance by HSBC London and many other 25 top AA rated Bank in Europe, Middle East or USA. We also secure funding, project loans and Personal loans for 2.5% APR. FOR LEASING OF BG/SBLC MINIMUM FACE VALUE OF...