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Hello,  Relatively new here.  How can I get notification that a signal I follow placed a trade please ?  The email fuction in MT4 doesn't work as I have gmail, and can't set the smtp any longer... any tips ? Regards Guillaume
Mql5 VPS London  server is not working, because i have EA on my account which connected to MQl5 VPS london, but not trading. although the EA is working good on my laptop when i switch Auto-Trading on at PC platform. I looked to answered on this Forum as advice but no proper answer. knowing that, I...
Hi everyone, I'm want to define []= operator in a class to change values of an array inside that class. Is there anyway to return array's index by reference in mql5? If not, is there any way to define []= operator to change values of that array inside the class?
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So for a while now I have been interested in getting into Forex. I understand it's a completely volatile option and should only get into it if you know what you are doing. I've tasked myself with a few months to learn as much as possible about the different options and to educate myself what it's...
Hi guys I am working on this GRID EA and I don't how to reSend Order when each order on level takes profit. Firstly I place Buy and 2 StopOrders above it and 2 LimitOrders below.if buy order touch TP , I need to open a Limit Order instead of it.
Is there anyway to receive a signal from a mini account provider say EURUSD.m and have it mapped to my brokers standard account symbol say EURUSD?
Hello Dear Admin I want to bid on projects in freelance section as before, but that button isn't available any more. Please help me. What happened ? Regards M.H.Ansari
Hi, What would be the right code if I have 5 buy open positions and I want to delete only the last buy position the 5th one only? Thanking you in advance!
EA on my VPS was working fine till today. All of a sudden now the EA does not execute trades. The same local EA works fine. I tried migrating several time but still not working. The VPS journal says "1 chart, 1 EA, 0 custom indicators, signal disabled, last known ping to FXOpen-ECN Demo Server is 92...
Hello all, How a seller can discount a product by coupon code or any other way, case by case to buyers ?
Hi;   Good morning ! I'm a very new person for programming. I'm trying to program an indicator for mt4. What I need to do is show a up arrow in one candle and the down arrow in next candle. Can any one help me to do this? Regards   Vish
I am trying to upload one of my product through automatic validation in the market place. Since I have new build of MetaTrader 5 (1910, 12 Oct 2018), I am having some stranger error for my MetaTrader 5 products. Here is the error message from automatic validation. test on EURUSD,H1 (netting) 2017...
The obtained results are quite interesting: Note that this is a single crystal on the motherboard making it similar to a normal CPU. CPU - 2 500 EUR, fully prepared server - 5 500 EUR.
Why it´s taking more than a month to authorize a seller profile??
There is strange case for me.. that repeating many warnings
hye everyone, i used the TD SEQUENTIAL indicator who write number in label on the screen from the Tom Demark idea. But i need to always change the timeframe to have the labels refresh. This is very boring and an handicap for my trading. If anyone have an idea !!!
Hi there, in order to be a Signal Provider, I had to upload my ID. Where can I check the status and how long does it take? Or should I just wait for a confirmation email ,once the process is done? Thanks
Hey I installed MT5 from and it has only a few forex symbols.  I am interested in having commodities too (demo account), but I tried a few brokers who claims on their websites that they have 1000 intruments.  Yes when I downloaded their MT5, they only have 4 forex symbols, nothing...
can one of the meta moderators  further instruct me on the settings of the SELL LIMIT and the BUY STOP !!   TO the requiring of the settings on positioned EA  to USD/MXN .  I HAVE POSITIONED THE SETTINGS ON MY CHART BUT NEED SOME FURTHER CLARITY ON WHERE THEY COME IN TO EFFECT .  THANKS  PAUL .
The beta version of the updated MetaTrader 5 platform is to be released on October 14, 2018. We will update our public MetaQuotes-Demo server located at We invite all traders to join testing in order to evaluate the updated platform features and to help developers fix...
Good day, My EA have been working fine on the MQL5 VPS, but since this morning it doesn't open trades. I have stopped the server and reloaded everything, and started all from fresh and synced all windows and EAs, but still when the trade closes it does not open any new trades. Any help in this...
hi can anyone add email alert to this indicator? tq so much <Decompiled Code Removed>
The EA works fine on a other vps.... The Ea must open a buy stop order and does that on my other vps but not on mql5 server it is the same account so it is not the Brkers fault. Thank you in Advance
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Hi is their a newbar event? and when anew bar us starting how do i get the opne rates of the 3 bars befor him? thenks
Hi my follower traders i am attaching with a very simple profitable 2 EMA cross strategy which is clean and clear  1.10 ema 2. 20 EMA    3. PSAR    DEFAULT 4.MACD   DEFAULT 5. RSI       DEFAULT 6. S&R SPECIAL for ENTRY EXIT  result i m sharing it with all of you and also attaching the template that...
Trying to connect this websocket: wss:// Like the following:   void OnStart()  {   string cookie=NULL,headers;   char   post[],result[];   string url="wss://";//--- To enable access to the server, //--- you should add URL "https://api.coindesk...
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Hello,  I bought an EA on MT5 but i would like to have it on MT4.  The seller sell Twice.  How i can do ?  Thank you. 
Here is the image of the custom symbol that I am trying to create:   As you can see the values coming are not the values in the DATA section on MT5. I am trying the following code for that purpose:   ticks_array[0].time= StructToTime(running);      ticks_array[0].bid =...
How can I see the activate template name on the screen?
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i can not search free signals ,not have this option ,please help me how found a good free signal, thanks