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We can use "CHARTEVENT_CLICK" to get X coordinate value and Y coordinate value of mouse position , But How to get Price data and Time data of mouse position by clicking the mouse? It we move the mouse , we can see Price data and Time data by using "Crosshair,Ctrl+F" , But How to output the data to...
Hey All, Im relatively new to EAs so please be patient with me. Ive created an EA and just need to add an indicator which seems simple but cant find it anywhere online. The indicator is the same as the Chikou Span i.e. its just the current Price shifted N periods ago. Any idea if there is something
Is there any videos or tutorials, etc. of someone actually going live and what that process is like in MT5? (attaching EA's to charts, connecting broker, viewing trades, etc.)
i have enough moneyt to withdraw , why the max withdraw amount is 0.01????
Hello, I'd like to import historical data into MetaTrader 5 in order to backtest strategies on them. I found free data from Dukascopy that includes volume. The command "Historical data" used to exist in MetaTrader 4 but has been removed in MetaTrader 5. Why? Does it mean I have to download
[in a freelance project] , when the client accepts the demonstration and the coder sends the source code , sometimes the clients forget or ignore the last confirmation step - they cant see the notification , dont know it exists , or check the source code and forget to confirm,and the occasional -but
Hello, I am currently in the Demonstration stage of a job. I cannot accept the demonstration because the file is very far from what I requested. I am almost 1 month beyond schedule and I requested arbitration 5 days ago (so far no reaction and developer keeps silent). What would happen if I click on...
What does it mean, when a user name changes from normal display to crossed out display? Example: from user to user
I am trying to remove/delete a chart.I mistakingly created two (2) charts of the same currency pair. Can someone help me on this,I'm a newbie to Webtrader.It is my demo account.Can someone assist
Hello fellow MQL programmers, I notice that every time I compile my MQL5 code, MetaEditor makes a network call as shown in the attached screenshot of my Task Manager. It makes that network call at every single compile. I can't help but be suspicious as to why this network call is needed. After all
Hello,  I have just recently bought a MacBook Pro, and I was going over the installation process for the metatrader terminal, but when I run the setup.exe this error message appears: Has anyone had this problem before? How did you solve it? Thank you!
Is the Bid V Ask difference shown here when you "request ticks" from a custom symbols CSV file an accurate representation of the spread paid for each trade taken during a backtest? In other words is this difference showing that I would have paid (highlighted in blue) 2.5 pips for a trade taken at
  Tick Volume (7)
Hi there, What is the Tick Volume of each bar on the chart ? Does that mean - Trades volume (in $) per bar -Trades volume (in number of transaction) per bar - or anything else ? Is it a broker specific parameter? Would appreciate any hint. Thanks
Just a curtious heads up folks... It's wise to shut down your EAs tonight to avoid any nasty spikes that can occur during periods of low liquidity. (Next two weeks) If your currently in drawdown be careful. Set a tighter DD max. Turn off continue trading function if available (not Auto Trading)
Hi. When I load the M1 history data on Metatrader 4 in csv format downloaded from Histdada.com it reads them badly and leaves holes but the data are present on the csv. At sight there are no differences between the skipped lines and the others. Can anyone explain why and help me? Thanks
  Please help!! (1)
i cant login to my mql5 account when im using metatrader 4 or 5. i go to options then community, type in my mql5 email and pass but it wont connect, because i cant see the "signals" and "market" tab in metatrader
I thought leverage only affects margin requirement in a forex account but when I launch my backtest, a higher leverage will produce different results. How can I reproduce the leverage that act only on margin requirement like a classic forex trading account
Can you recommend comprehensive examples that covers nearly all aspects of a mql5 program? (indicator, script, ea, library) Codebase is very mazy
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Hi fam! Am a total newbie in the forex niche... Just signed up here on this platform... Please where do i start from? I need help... Anyone willing to put me through?
I get a warning message in the Journal of MT5: MQL5.chats socket read(available) failed message in journal it appears every minute, how do I get rid of it? Thanks for helping
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This thread is all about trading the euro and GBP/USDU using Metatrader indicators, Neural Net and general technical analysis. This site is rich with indicators and systems so let's work together to make more pips using our accumulated expertise. Notch aka Firscall P.S. Feel free to post!
Hi, I am using MT4, and I ask if is there any possibility to automatically transfer money from the current account to another account ?Thanks
Hi. I have one account in mql5 system now, I login again in my account with metaeditor5 but i dont have own storage, there are not any of my code what is wrong Where are my file and codes
Hello and yes I know there are a lot of topics about this but I was wondering because there is an option called Trailing Stop in right-click menu over a position. Why isn´t there an API for manage directly this option instead inventing an EA and let it run in real-time. I don´t understand. Or if
Hello everyone, Less than 40 days ago I made an indicator, in mql5 and inside the input parameters I can put external variables (extern int, extern color, etc), but now I can not put it anymore, since they do not appear in the input parameters tab when The indicator is loaded. the question is: If...
Hello! So I implemented the sendnotification() to my EA and this is what happens: It startet working great in my specific sendnotification conditions BUT, I found out that when I changed my stoploss and takeprofit values manually (Which I do A LOT) it also sent a notification to my app which I
Now we have 3 methods to withdraw funds. But unfortunately I can't use any method to withdraw funds. I will explain here. My country is Sri Lanka. Cardpay - I tried a few of times to use cardpay service. But SMS hasn't received to my mobile number. All of other international and local SMS receiving
CTrade trade;datetime M5, D1;int yesterday;double pivotVal, res1, supp1;int OnInit(){ M5=iTime(Symbol(),PERIOD_M5,0); D1=iTime(Symbol(),PERIOD_D1, 0); yesterday = 0; return(INIT_SUCCEEDED);}void OnTick(){ if(D1!=iTime(Symbol(), PERIOD_D1,0)) { D1=iTime(Symbol(),PERIOD_D1, 0);
  recovery zone (2)
hi i need help. in need create the ea extern takeprofit extern stoploss extern zone recovery extern timetrade