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  MT4 Email... (2)
Just noticed that email alerts are not working in MT4. They were working beautifully in an earlier build. When I click "Test" it simply says "message failed" in the journal. Please fix this. Thanks.
  straegy tester (15   1 2)
Hello, When I start live trading(demo) some trades ocurss, which I dont see in strategy tester if I run it( in account history are trades written down, but in ST are not)?
I just wanted to say thank you for this new feature. You might only hear us complain all the time, but I think this is a good solid feature that you have added and I want to say thanks for the continued good work. -Tony
Perhaps adding, to your website, a time line, schedule, or roadmap of new features planned to be added to the terminal will assuage some of the many posts(fears) that re-iterate the need for the same feature/fix over and over again. ...I'm assuming that new features are going to be added over time...
on the chart? what statement should be used?
I have tried to set chart offliine 2 times (right click, properites, then set offline) 1. first time, no response, and then mt cannot be invoked again, need to uninstall and install again, my ntfs has bad links (no sure the abend causes bad link, or vice versa) 2 2nd time, also no response,...
  MetaStock (1)
what you guys think about MetaStock? Excused my bad English! Hello, After several hours of research, I came has boils to bypass almost all the errors that the Back test on MT3 (metaquotes) can create. There are no robber system, but robber platforms...
  How to? (6)
Dear Scorpion How can I perform checking on the previous bar (candle) in zero code?? Regards
I think I asked this question before and did not see an answer: How do I access the input variables of a default advisor? I saw some in the Trading Functions but not, for example, whether longs or shorts are allowed. Thanks,
Hey, Just this morning, FXFisherman Client located in Cambodia successfully connected to FXFisherman Server in New Jersey, USA! This is one big step closer to the public testing!!!
Is there a way to make an audible alert for ma cross overs and divergences?
Can somebody confirm or deny if the comment field on the orders (MT4) sometimes is modified (overwritten) by the broker server? Thank you
Hi I've another question: is it possible (or will be in later versions) to combine more than 1 symbol on chart, i.e. EUR & SP? 10x Ivo
I want to replace a portion of a string variable, what should I do, the following does not work try to replace 3 by 0: string a="12345"; StringSetChar(a,2,0); the string remains the same Besides, is there a complete list of functions, or a manual that can download? tks
Is it exact that buy stops too close to the current price dont work? Is the limit 10 ticks? If so, this may be a feature for hand specified orders but certainly not for automated orders. If i want to specify a buy stop 1 pip above or even at the current price, that should be ok. In fact, a buy stop...
Hello I've a question: how to add price near to % to fibonacci retracement? 10x Ivo
Downloaded ZeroCode Program. Tried to activate it from WinZip by clicking on SetupZeroCode.msi. It gave me an error: "It does not look like your system is configured to properly view this file." Can somebody help me. I would really get to know this program. With deep appreciation in advance!...
I've tried to re-type this message a few times in a clear way but it wasn't really understandeble. So now I just tried to describe a simple system. Hopefully that makes clear what kind of additions I would like for this already time saving program. Thanks for that! Between {} is my request. I'll...
I'm looking for a way to do the following: Opening of position: a] Go short if price >1.0030 b] Then immediately automaticly lay in a profit target of 1.0000 c] Target hit? The close trade. If the profit target is not hit on the previous day keep the position and: d] Wait for the profit target...
Sorry for the dumb question: how does one add funds to a demo account with MetaQuotes? Thanks,
Anyone can explain the Swap charges to me? Does it differ from borker to broker? Thanks in advance.
Hello, First thanks for creating a great tool for non-programmers. I wanted to create a expert buying and selling when stochastics reach extreme levels, ex. when crossing 75 level buy, exit when dropping under, same with 25 levels (but selling). When backtesting in mt3 the results give some insane...
Where is possible to buy programs who are working positive? Do anybody have any good software? Thanks.
  open time (1)
Hello, why in demo live trading (interbank platform) the fx market opens( start to change bid and ask) in monday? We all know that fx market opens in sunday evening? thanks.
Hello, How can I obtain the Datafeed API and its documentation? I emailed to a week ago and still no reply. Regards,
GBP on the 5 minute chart, skips from 6/10/2005 22:55 to 6/13/2005 1:45. Both the 1 hour and 30 minute charts are okay - meaning they do not appear to have missing data. CHF on the 30 minute chart skips from 6/10/2005 22:30 to 6/13/2005 1:30. In this case, both the 1 hour and 5 minute CHF charts...
  MA (1)
Hello, Why in metatrader 3.83 MACD,MA and others indicators have different value than in 4.0? That is important, because I have software develop in 3.83 and the software get me in the trade(demo live trading) when all parameters are triggered. If I looked into 4.0 I see, that the same chart at...
Scorpion, I know a number of the sample ZeroCode experts I've played with recently are having trouble executing trades. It would appear given they are time based experts i.e. they attempt to execute at the same time on multiple currencies and I think there is an issue with this. That is to say, the...
  Sound alert (5)
Hi Scorpion, First, I'd like to thank you for your great project! It is remarkable! We (the non-programmers), are now able to write our own systems..! Now, as a newbie in Forex, before trading live, I would like to add a sound alert when the conditions of the system are met (for example: when...