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Hi, is there any MT4 ea here that will place multiple order in 1 click with preset TP and SL. Also It can be manually closed or adjust TP/SL settings at once.   Thanks in advance 
Is there any way to zoom the ladder in the DOM to bring in more prices?   Thanks.
Is there any chanse to chose some users test agent? I would like to use test agents from some user but i can not find the way that i can chose only this user and not group of users.
Dear all    I deposit to my account mql5 bu Skrill system from now 24 h but my account is not receive money . I don't known how to do . Please help   Many thanks  
Hi Guys, My EA that I am currently running has a tight SL. My SL is set at 2 pips. I have compared actual trades to the strategy tester during the same period and the results are a little different. The average SL for the strategy tester is $1.80 (when the spread is high) and the average actual...
H! I am seraching the indicator who can OPEN new "BUY" position in the same place with the same value after the previous position close by TP. I will appreciate the help very mutch! THANKS! 
Hi, do any one know the solution and a link for how to set it up. Thank you for your help in advance. 
Iv got a couple of custom indicators that I need to transfer to a server so that it can send me push notifications when I'm not able to be in front of the screen. Iv loaded my indicators onto a chart and when I synchronise experts, indicators and signals I get the following...
As i purchased an indicator but now on platform I dont see any indicators (is blank) and on tab for purchases is blank also and before it showed all previous purchases.   Cheers  
Hi there, When trying to upload a new optimized version of my product I get this message: File version must be higher then last product's version Can you please help me to decipher it? I don't know what to do! Thks in advance for your help. 
We have metaquotes, a Russian company that offer metatrader,  but in USA, where are all the top software companies in the world, and they didnt mind to create not even 1 software, for the biggest market in the world (forex) and stocks also, isn't that strange, and why is that? 
hi,  Is there  any russian translation for EUR/USD  or may I use the same symbol.   mai. 
Hello, are excel data export available with this platform ? Thank you.
I installed MT5 a few days ago but for some reason all of the currencies are disabled. How do I fix this?    
is there a way to create a direct link to a specific account? something like:
Good daY How to keep your analysis on all time frame alive. mine disappear as soon as i change tome frame like my support and resistance trend line fabionachi level very thing disappears and when come back to again on same time frame they are not there. can some one let me know how to keep them for...
hello after i will rent signal , how can i be online forever without turn on my computer ? i should use vps? do you know any other cheapest way ? or if i should use only vps how can i set metatrader 4 in my vps and copy my signals to web base version? can i do it without ant technical knowlage ? and...
I have 20% of the account size of my subscribed signal, same leverage, yet the percentage is set at 15% not 20%. I made sure that I'm setting the signal subscription options to "use 95% of deposit" (using less than 100% should make it slightly less than 20%... perhaps 19% or so, not 15%). What am I...
Hi All, Bit of a weird thing happening, recently installed windows 7 and using this OS now. My profiles are not being saved into the "profiles" folder of Mt4, well if they are i cannot see them there. However the actual MT4 platform is saving them so i can still bring them up. I would like to...
  Need vps with 100% uptime (21   1 2 3)
I have tried win-vps but very bad performace Vulrt = bad
I am looking for a forex cent broker that allows unlimited open trades (positions) and unlimited cumulative volume of trades (positions) The best one so far I could find is exness but has a cumulative volume of positions of 50 cent lots. does anyone know of a forex broker that offers a cent...
I currently have a very profitable strategy using the previous days high minus the low and then dividing that number by three as a trade setup. But I need an EA to backtest it farther back. Anybody know how i can find something like this?
1. The 64 bit version does not run on Ubuntu/Wine. See also 2. OBJ_CHART inherits date and price scale from the parental chart and can't be modified using    ObjectSetInteger(chart_ID,name,OBJPROP_DATE_SCALE...
Can you change the default brace indentation from 2 spaces to 0? So instead of this: if(condition)   {      } You get this: if(condition) {    }  
<175.000175.000 (consensus)175.000 - 200.000>200.000
I downloaded MT5 from and its has live feeds. I am using it for practicing demo trading and strategy testing. My questions are: 1. Is there is a default broker on the MT5? 2. Where does it get all the live feeds from? 3. Are the feeds and historical data dependable? 
  CODE Help( Urgent) (30   1 2 3)
I have got an EA and i want it to open trades an 8 o'clock(termnial time) and to close trades at 22:00 (Terminal time). please someone help me if you can it is very urgent and i will be very thankfull to you