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MQL4 I can get ObjectGetDouble(chart_ID,name,OBJPROP_PRICE1,0); for the 3 data points, but I can not get the current pitchfork values ( index 0 ) When I hover the mouse over the lines , I get the actual values, so how can we get the values by code? Can we get the line values in mql5
Hi, i hope someone can enlighten me on this. Last Friday , 3 - 4 hours before the market closed i have 9 trades opening which is good because it was following what the signals are doing. Before the market close, the signal provider closed the 9 open trades positions with profits which is a good
  Non repaint indicator (34   1 2 3 4)
Hello,which has an indicator that not repaint?repaint indicator constantly changing signals, I think it makes no sense to use repaint indicator.Where can I find no repaint indicator if they exist at all?
Hello everybody, I am a beginner in Meta Trader and in trading in general. I have a demo account and I have noticed that I can only trade the Forex. How can I trade "S & P 500" or "US 500" or other indices with Meta Trader ? Do I have to have another broker demo account ? Thank you a lot in advance
We have released the Tradays integration plugin for WordPress. Now you can add the popular economic calendar in your website directly from the WordPress console, in addition to using the previously available widget. The purpose of the Tradays service is to enable traders to perform fundamental...
This recursive function should return "1" in the first call (with "3"), but it still returns "false" ("0"). int init(){ Print ("3: ",recursiveFunction(3)); Print("12: ",recursiveFunction(12)); Print("25: ",recursiveFunction(25)); }bool recursiveFunction (int a=0, int counter=1){ if (a+3==15) {
Can I charge my account and buy from the site with the same charge? Please help if possible
Hello I hope all that will read this post have a grate day. I like to ask if I could find an EA that is based on a grid system without moving the take profit with possibilities for customization. Well, my idea is to try to find a trading instrument that is ranging. Then I will read the historical
i like metatrader but in ui other platform are much better. for example metatrader doens't support opacity colors or it has lack of objects ex: i need more fibonacci object like in motive wave
Hi, Several CFD brokers are quoting index cash over 24 hours. I would like to display (continuously) only the actual quotation period of the index. But I do not know how. Is there a trick to do that
I have gathered several indicators and develop this picture, which serves the active traders. If you can develop an Expert he would be grateful. I have the templates and indicators. by the why it's need expert advisors to be too great with the indicater i think it's will be No1..
hello, I use the styler(Ctrl,) when writing code in the meta editor, and every time it adds automatically above every function, this: //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|                                                                  |//+--------------------...
how to calculating the drawdown and profit percentage according to Difference of leverage between signal provider and subscriber
Hi, I want to download the historical data from a specific pair, and the data of the volumen indicator attached to the same graph. Everything exported to Excel. Do you have any idea of how to do it? Thanks!! Regards
Hi guys I have string i want to set these variables in Globalvariable after the split ' example = SLXAUUSD60:1506.33000 = SLXAUUSD60 1506.33000
Hey All, Anyone else having issues downloading free ea's/indicators etc from the market place? I just get this error
Hi all, I have a few basic questions about VPS and hoping someone out there in MQL land can help :- ‌ 1‌) I have several signal subscriptions running, can they all sit on the same VPS location or will I be charged for each one ? 2‌) I appreciate that trades will no longer appear at my home pc but...
How can I get streaming quotes and use Meta Trader 5 for U.S. stocks (I am brand new to Meta Trader)
  i need help (1)
hello everyone! i tried to sign up to become a seller signal on mlq5 but it still failed. the always displayed on my personal page is: the registration is not allowed allowed. The supplier is waiting to register as a seller. Please help me complete the registration. Thank you
how come?????????i wait for response over 3 days...
Can please someone help me o make this work?void OnTick(){ // create an Array for several prices double myMovingAverageArray1[],myMovingAverageArray2[]; // define the properties of the Moving Average1 int movingAverageDefinition1 = iMA (_Symbol, _Period, 20, 0, MODE_EMA, PRICE_CLOSE); //
Sunucu, aktiviteyi bildirmek için izin vermiyor.Sinyal etkinliğini nasıl iptal edebilirim, paramı nasıl geri alabilirim
The title says it all. The documentationof CPositionInfo is not complete at this point. Is then simply the first applicable position selected? If so, how is "first" defined? The first in time? I would be very grateful for answers with a reference to the source
How to Download free Indicator from the MT4 website list of indicators?? and How to instal it on Metrader MT4 platform? Please help, thank you
Hello I trying to upload my EA. But it's keeps getting errors. Can anyone please me
I have activated my account to the production mode trhough the broker, received the password and successfully loged in a month ago. However, today i just cant login, it says "invalid account" and the broker here is pretty slow to awser and help. What could be causing this
Can please someone help me o make this work? void OnTick() { // create an Array for several prices double myMovingAverageArray1[],myMovingAverageArray2[]; // define the properties of the Moving Average1 int movingAverageDefinition1 = iMA (_Symbol, _Period, 20, 0, MODE_EMA, PRICE_CLOSE);
nao consigo logar meu terminal.. alguma dica - me ajudem please
Hi, I cannot find what is the problem with the attached code (gEA_test2.mq5). MQL5 compiler reports 'code generation error'. If I rearrange the code layout (see gEA_test3.mq5) it compiles fine. Is it the problem with my code or an error in the compiler?