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Dear programmer,  Kindly, I'm looking for an EA with the following Idea & example  Example: I open a position  at FXDD broker  for EURUSD - without stop loss  and I open a position for USDJPY at XM  broker without stop loss so if margin call happens at FXDD,, the expert advisor must close the other...
  Password (2)
Hello, I have forgotten my password I set when I opened the mql5 thing. I can see a purchase I have made but I cant install it as it asks for password and when I input what I thought was my password nothing happens? I am currently logged in but when I go to password to change it it says incorrect...
unguento i. Per qualche motivo ignoto mi è sparito dalla MT4 l'indicatore a pagamento suddetto. Come posso reinstallarlo? 
Hi everyone am looking for a Penny stock broker that allows for foreigners. Thank you
  email alert (2)
Hi I have an indicator which sends email alerts, How can I set up mt4 to send me emails to my gmail account? I have window 10 pro Thanks
I downloaded this data set: I opened it with Excel, which shows: <CLOSE><TICKVOL><VOL><SPREAD> are concatenated without a separator. (I used "." to parse the other fields). Is there a method that tells MT5 to insert a separator among these fields? Thanks for your help.
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hi, Someone from my friends can help me find these indicators and strategies.thanks
  APP (3)
Hi, can anyone tell me how much would be the cost to create simple aplication to Android and iPhone. The aplication will be BO signal service. Will take trades from MT4 indicator and publish them. Need alarm, paid subsciption, past and current history. It will display some of free signals. I will...
Hi everybody, can I use currency indexes in MT5 like standard currency pair?
Well, many traders will go for stocks. Then we have Penny Stocks. We have Options. And now we have Forex. What do you think: Where are most of the traders? And do you know any numbers about it? I know that the forex Market is the biggest market!
I need help. I'm trying to purchase indicator from here. I clicked on Visa/MasterCard option, it saids that NO PAYMENT DATA Please help.
Hello All, I am creating edit box on MT5. During back-testing when i am click on edit box to enter the value, then edit box becomes blank. Please suggest something to solve this. Your help is meanfull to me. Thanks in advance Abhishek
Hi, i need help to code this, can someone help me to do it? double r;void OnTick()                                     {if (test()==10)change r value///QUESTION, how can i change return value of test function (r) to another value, if that condition happens?...
Hello, Can somebody help my with the Ordersend for Binary Options in MQL5. I constantly got error:#4756 with all kinds of combinations of variables and values. Below my last atempt: #define OP_BUY 0             #define OP_SELL 1   int OnInit()   { //---       MqlTick last_tick;...
Hi, I made the unfortunate choice to move to an apple system... i am currently running mt4 through the "wine" emulator and "play on mac". My trading strategy does not involve the use of any indicator, but my money managment rules plans to not risk more than 2% per trade, so I need a lot...
Hi, could you help me?I need to insert a deadline within an indicator, the expiration has the function of no longer functioning the indicator beyond that date / time.I was suggested to insert the lines, like the ones below, then to compile and send only the .ex4 file.I do not have technical skills,...
Need an Urgent help. I'm trying to sell my Expert and I did Make a limitation for any user to use it only on his account with his name and broker server. buy still need to protect the trades from being Copied with any copier expert on any other mt4.. can anyone help ???
  Account Setup (1)
How can i setup my debit card to my meta trader account?? what are the steps i can use
Hi,  how / where can I change the order from my underlyings (open Charts) after rebooting my metatrader?
Hello, struggling with a simple array copy. cannot find why it is wrong... int A[]={4,3,9,12,15};int B[];ArrayCopy(B,A,0,0,WHOLE_ARRAY);Print("Size: ", ArraySize(B));--> Returns 1 which is value 4.Also tried:ArrayResize(B,ArraySize(A));ArrayCopy(B,A,0,0,WHOLE_ARRAY);but same result
  Fastest Forex News Sources? (28   1 2 3)
Hi All, I would like to know what is the fastest Forex news source? When we are having some of the monthly market reports, what is the fastest and most reliable news source? Thanks! moneyline
Hello. I´m looking everyhwere for, as subject says, a trailing EA that can handle many positions (buy and sell at the same time) from other EA.  I can´t find it on any web.. If you can help me I would be very greatful. And if it has this parameters would me marvelous: -Breakeven at X pips -Trail...
Hi, I'm new to the platform so probably I'm missing some stem.... The problem is that when I download EA from CodeBase - no problem all is working well. But when download from Market (free EA) they are not working, when I'm testing them I'm getting a straight line on the graph, no trading. I was...
Hi, i'm having a problem, i need to make a variable to get the last number from a bigger number: example: double a= 10003;double b= // this double should get the last number of "a", so it should =3. How can i do this? Thanks for any help
Please help me to know how to create a free signal ??
Hi Chaps and Chapettes I have searched the forum with the title above but it gave no results so apologies if this has already been covered. I am having a problem with windows 10 update restarting my PC and closing my trading terminal when EA's are running. I have tried everything including altering...
I have a specific pin bar indicator and a BB indicator. I want to combine them and then use a simple buy, sell, hold strat. Please can someone help and advise how to.. Thanks
I found a very interesting indicator: high level trend. When the price is falling, the index has been reversed in advance I have not yet observed where this indicator is on the website. Can you create one
so all my available bal is 28usd or 30usd ?? i would like to post a job,  and i saw my bal is bonus 2.00 so i just deposited 28usd. so right now is it 30usd or 28usd available to use ??