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Hello everyone, I have been testing this indicator for two weeks and is very profitable in the time frame of 4 hours, if someone could make a ea, I appreciate it. Thanks
Hello, How can I close a position partially in MT5? Cannot seem to "find" how to do this..... Jeandre
How to open tick history in a shart window, help please? 
Did the recent update of the Intel chip significantly slowdown backtesting on your PC as it has with mine?  For similar testing that I perform, it typically takes 3-4 hours.  Right now i've gone 28 hours for the same range of backtesting data. My CPU is only using 50% running 4 terminals, and my ram...
Hello everyone! I am looking for an indicator #HiLo_Channel. mq4. I searched everywhere no luck. Thank you all!
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Is it possible to write an EA that recognises a buy or sell arrow created by a  2 moving averages indictor, and buys or sells on that? When an EA creates the moving averages within itself it is never anywhere near the result of the indicator.
i happy with this indicator however its only give popup alert. Im not always infront of the computer. appreciate if anyone can make a modification for this indi
Hi. I would like to know if anyone has any idea as to how to get the price at a particular portion of a moving average in a chart. I'm curious how to get the price at the particular point in a moving average.
I am an experienced programmer but I am new to FX trading. When I check the .spread property in a MqlRates instance I always get whole numbers like 2 or 7, but then if for instance it is 7, does that mean that the spread is 7 pips ?
can someone please explain the meaning of this number's
Please help!  Create New Order is not enable on my Live Trading Platform. How can that be fix ?
Hi everyone this is my first post here! I have a question. If I have a broker that offers different currencies, crypto currencies, stocks, commodities can I combine charts to look at. I will NOT be trading it just for analysis purposes. For instance if my broker offers: BTCUSD (broker offers) Can I...
Hi there, Maybe I am wrong but with my previous platform I was able to immediately see the daily movement (pips) of all my instruments that I am watching; and this was useful to see at a glance what is UP and what is DOWN at that very instant in time of the day.... With Metatrader 5 you do not seem...
I am working in an Expert Advisor which makes heavy calculations in the OnTick() event which can take seconds and I am wondering what happens with OnTick() events that are triggered while the current OnTick() event is being handled.  I do not mind "loosing" OnTick() events but I am concerned about...
I tried to activate in my vps a product I bought trough Mql5 site but did not download in vps. I press download button and nothing. And now I received a message on my mql5 inbox saying that I spent 1 activation of product. Temporary error or what? 
The services of the licensed bank forex dealer are now available for retail clients. LLC "PSB-Forex" is a subsidiary of Promsvyazbank PJSC. Last April, the company received the eighth license of the Central Bank for the rendering of services in the Russian OTC market. A framework agreement with LLC...
Hello friends, I decided to learn coding so that I can create an indicator that would give me the following: A market condition where a candle breaks higher from the previous one for the second time. The logic is illustrated in the above picture. First condition is swing high found with iHighest...
Hello, i am actually coding a ShellExecute function to launch web browser by opening an internet shortcut made by : bool openURL(string url){          string terminal_data_path=TerminalInfoString(TERMINAL_DATA_PATH);    filename=IntegerToString(TimeCurrent()+MathRand())+"myurl...
Hi all, Is there any way to get easily the string value of an ENUM parameter ? For exemple, I create an input parameter like that : input ENUM_SYMBOL_INFO_DOUBLE var1 = SYMBOL_ASK; And I would like to have a string variable which contains the title of the ENUM parameters choosen by the user : string...
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cordano, Litecoin, NEO, Stellar, Your option in the comments
hi everybody, i have a big strategy and i need someone skilled for coding thank you in advance for your help we can work all together
Hello, How to export quotes from MetaTrader 5? Thanks, Pierre
What will be the impact in  Forex market of US shut down? 
Hello, I like to create a trend channel EA using attached indicator. Unfortunately it does not have buffers set. I would like to add 3 buffers, just for the top line, middle line and bottom line of the channel. Any chance someone could add this ? Thank you! Andy
When using class templates, is it possible to know in the class which typename is the actual typename used? For instance: <typename T> class ArraySort {.. is it possible  to know here what is T? } The reason for asking, is for using the Save() or Load() methods, they have different...
My Avira antivirus keeps blocking me from installing MT5 as it picks up a trojan TR/crypt.zpack.gen2 Has anyone come across the same problem and how you wnet about solving that?
hello,  - is the program returns to last line of OnTick() event when i push the button? - or he calls OnTick() from begining after next ontick event? i dont fing answer to this question in main MT4 Help... thanks
hi all, i am newbie and i want to know can I watch the NYMEX Crude Oil in MT4??  I just see the WTI only in MT4. thanks. Regards, Eric
I'm a simple person looking for a broker/platform that allows me to trade a simple breakout method easily and optimally in the USA, on Mac OS. I also desire to do this without going through the headache of running Metatrader 4 on Mac via PlayOnMac or Parallel Windows. I desire to trade breakouts on...
Hello, I'm developing an EA that kinda' uses Dow Theory, but I'd like to know if I set SL and TP levels on OrderSend() it takes them as not used?