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Help.... Into my 3rd day now I've been trying to get a VPS setup though my Broker. 12 emails and 14 calls, 3 team viewer sessions, and I still don't have a VPS that I believe is connected to my MT5. I'm new to all this so I am only following what I was told from my broker to sign up and follow the
Hi, is any preprocessor directive available for compiler to not throw warnings? I made kind of library with bitwise operations and compiler throws 120 warnings because bool type is expected. I could cast to bool explicitly but the code becomes much less readable. If there is any way to disable
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This is about something interesting which we can find here for MT4 and MT5 on CodeBase, Articles and inside the threads. No any signals, market prodducts, external links (to download or any), no any advertising, no any commercial things please.
Hi It looks like there is an issue Issue with Metatrader 5 platform when running debug visual testing in the editor and hitting a breaktpoint, and pressing ctrl + F. Indicators (all, even the included ones) repaint/shift 1 bar when pressing ctrl+f during debug on historical data) To reproduce: Open
Good Day Can anyone please give me advise on using the ZigZig Separate Indicator
Hi there, Why does MT5 (Mobile_Android) Quotes section disorganized automatically? Is there any way to make the quotes section static? If anyone knows about that, please let me know. Thanks Roy
Hi, where can I find statistics and forecasts for volatility of all currency pairs? Thank you. Regards.
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I am trying to get my Metaquotes ID in order to activate push notifications so to receive signals on my mobile. I can not get the "Options, Message" screen on my broker terminal. Is this that my broker does not allow this trading facilities? Or am I doing something wrong? Could any of you help me...
int size=ArraySize(close); double sum[]; ArrayResize(sum,size,size); ArrayInitialize(sum,EMPTY_VALUE); for(int i = 0 ; i<size ; i++) { sum[i]=close[i]+close[i+1]; ArrayPrint(sum,Digits()+1); } purpose:Add two adjacent
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a push notification after the current candle closes opposite colour of the previous candle (ie. bull to bear or vice versa). I've searched but cannot find one for MetaTrader 5. Thank you
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Good day. I am not sure of the relationship of Metaqoutes and Metatrader however is it possible that metatrader requests real ticks from all their registered brokers such that there is a Metatrader Centralised Real tick sot of like data. or rather which brokers provide "real" ticks. we know they not
Hello, i have a question, i try to ise a dedicated server close to my broker location, i can choos between i7 4790 with 32 gb 1600mhz ram and xeon e3 1230 with 32gb 1333mhz ram Both with ssd what is the better for metatrader? clock speed is nearly the same but the e3 have way more transistors on cpu
Hello, all. I'm having an issue tiwh this part of my code: datetime UltimaPosAberta = PositionGetInteger(POSITION_TIME); if(UltimaPosAberta <= TimeCurrent() + 300) { Print("Limite de Tempo da Operação"); FecharPosicao(); }
How is it that the POSITION_COMMISSION property is not indicated in the documentation on the properties of positions, nor proposed in the code completion in MetaEditor? However, we find the
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How can you avoid online scams in trading?
Dear developers, I have an indicator , which works fine in mt5., please help me in finding the corresponding MT4 API for below Api's int OnInit() int OnCalculate()
I was wondering why does mql5 not open a separate website which would offer an online copy trading platform for signal provider and traders? I know there is a service here but this site itself is not mainly focused on this type of service+ not a lot of users know about it. I mean the niche is there
I am using EA in charts and rec'd warning message from broker as follows: "Our IT department has found some issues regarding your Demo account. You are sending to our servers more than 50,000 actions per day. We kindly ask you to reduce the amount of requests, otherwise we would have to disable your
hi every one.thanks for helping me. i am a developer and i write an EA the job finished a couple hours ago but the money didn't transfer to my acount the project was overdue, is it because if that
Using <Deleted> brokers I've missed every trade under <signal name removed> for the last 2 days and slippage is the most likely explanation. Looking at slippage recommendations under each signal provider it seems a different broker would be needed in almost every instance to ensure most trades are
hello , I need to define the OrderSend function with another name for some reason. because of that , I need the parameters and calculation in the OrderSend function (not prototype of function) can anyone tell me how can i find the whole definition of OrderSend function? i badly need that.thank you
int OnCalculate(const int rates_total, const int prev_calculated, const datetime &time [], const double &open [], const double &high [], const double &low [], const double &close [], const long
I want to use my trade copy account to trade larger lots. if I add more money to my account, will that increase the lot sizes that are traded?? also, is there a way to use my broker leverage to trade instead of the signal providers leverage? I ask because mine is larger? And lastly, if I add more
What are the factors that make a strategy a one that does not fit all symbols but needs optimizations? And the idealistic question, what can be the factors and principles for a strategy that has a chance to fit all symbols without adjusting? If someone thought about it and wants to share and open
QUESTION RAISED VARIOUS TIMES TO METATRADER Good day, I reiterate that I am asking it on behalf of a whole club on this side. We need the fonts and lines to be more bold. The entry line is so faint it cannot be seen. The figures on the right indicating the level is soft black and cannot be made
I planning to subscribe for vps to test the EA I'm going to use to my real account. I'm using Ubuntu 18.04, I need help how to setup vps on Ubuntu 18.04. TIA
Please someone help. I can not copy any trader it says they are all using hedging. I talked with my broker they are allowing me to trade. Something is wrong. What can be wrong? Not everyone is hedging right? I use OANDA as my broker and I live in US
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I decided to create this thread to help to myself and to the others to start with Metatrader 5. I am experienced in MT4 and in forex in general (i hope : ) but we traders really need to collect all the information about it in one place. I will make some posts about 'how I am starting with MT5'....
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What is an LSMA? It stands for Least Squares Moving Average and the indicator plots the endpoint of the linear regression line. By comparing the current value to the prior value a determination is made of a possible trend, ie the linear regression line is pointing up or down. Use the close of the...