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what is the gold price whether up or downside move the price.
There is no waiting for the opening bell. Monday morning opening in Australia to the afternoon close in New York, the forex market never sleeps. I love this Financial market!
Fixed Trade Lots Fixed Trade Percent Fixed Margin Percent Fixed Risk Percent Minimal Allowed Trade Volume Optmized Trade Volume Martingale Others (please write a comment)
Hi, If my money is in Britsh Pounds for example on my platform and most of the providers are in USD, could it create problems during copying? I am trying to connect to a signal and its not opening the trades and its the only problem i can think of... Thanks anyone
hey.. I cannot receive push notifications on my iphone MT5 app from the home pc terminal ( MT5) anymore. I can see my alerts only if open the app. The notifications worked perfectly fine till a couple of days ago. Worth noting is that I didn't change any settings neither on my phone nor home...
Hi is there a way to set custom keyboard shortcuts in MT5 ? any help is highly appreciated Thanks alex
The updates of the previous MetaTrader 4 iOS version included improved chat, charts and social features. The latest build of the mobile platform fixes some minor errors concerning the program's operation on iOS 7. Download the new version of MetaTrader 4 iOS and trade on Forex using the stable...
  new password (2)
how i get a new password
Please help me and give your detailed analysis for silver.......
We subscribed to a trader to copy his trades and we got an error message on mail. Here is what it says. What does it mean? Failed Trade: Type: BuyMarket Symbol: XAUUSD Units: 1780 This mail is from OANDA our broker. Why would it show this? Thanks.
I replied to someone looking for a broker not to register an account with a broker because it is regulated. Then another member told me that it is a stupid advice. Is it really a stupid advice? I don't think so. Here is why: I think it is no longer necessary to emphasize to traders how important...
It is possible to create a MT4/5 demo account without an broker server on the MetaQuotes Demo sever? How many demo account I can open? The brokers can find me on mql5 community? If I register as signal provider or if I subscribe to a signal with my broker demo or real account this broker will know...
  Currency (1)
Devaluation of currency is effective in the trading or not?
I think it is very important, tight spread. Forex trading is usually daily trading. The move of forex is very versitile and high risky. Therefore scalper can be easy to earn profit. Swing and position trading is not proper, I think Below is the example of very low spreads. If you accounter such...
Momentums Trend & Channels Patterns Breakout Alogarithm
Please I'm from Nigeria. I have tried to deposit money in account here via my debit master card and it did not work,please is there any other ways I can do that. Please help. Thanks
Comments that do not relate to the "Using Technical indicator in an EA", have been moved into this topic.
Dear All Moderators, I suggest to creat separate section for Technica Analysis whatsoever if it under General section. Adminstration can make Poll for this suggestion and see the members results.
I want to ask about leverage on my signal I use leverage 1:400 and it is below 1:500... why my signal still show this comment Subscription not permitted. Subscription to signals with a leverage exceeding 1:500 is not permitted.
I'm beginner in MQL, and need your advises :- 1 -Start in MQL4 or MQL5 ? 2 -There is prime programming language to study before or directo to MQL ? Appreciate if youpost preferred links if availables for how to starts .
Hei Everybody, I would Like to know how i can trade on 2 accounts at the same time (all possible ways) I'm on Mt 2 and Mt4 Please let me know for any solution i could have, thank you
CRUDE OIL: The commodity continues to sell off declining further today on the back of the past week losses. This development has exposed its immediate support located at the 93.00 level where a violation will turn focus to the 92.10 level, its Dec 27’2013 low. Further down, support comes in at the...
Yes - they are completely related No - they aren't related I have another opinion (I will post a comment) I don't have an opinion on the matter
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I have this simple code. but it had problem when it load kernel32.dll. its work very good on MT4 platform. I have tested on WinXP and Win7. Please tell me why. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
EURJPY- The cross turned lower the past week following a back off higher level prices and declined further during Monday trading session. This development leaves it weak and vulnerable to the downside with eyes on the 141.49 level where a breach will aim at the 140.97 level. A cut through that level...
  Using iSar (2)
Hello, I am trying to use a confirmation for iSar with the following code: (iSAR(_Symbol,PERIOD_D1,.02,.2) < PRICE_CLOSE) However, although everything compiles directly, the program still trades even if the daily SAR price is above or below the close price. Did I misunderstand this...
  Refferal page (4)
I'm new and i cant find refferal page, pls help.
Leverage is a very efficient weapon to succeed in the world of forex. Everyone use leverage to trade forex. Large leverage let you use dynamic strategies. If leverage is small, we can manage our balances well. Individually, I like big leverage. What do you think about leverage ?