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  Help me pls (1)
Iam still very new to this thread but and I have a problem with all my indicators folder in metatrader. I have a few systems/strategy that I copied from this forum. How can I arrange one system in one folder in metatrader ? Now all my indicators are mixed in "indicator" folder of metrader. And I...
Hi If my EA uses hourly indicators - is it best to do stratergy testing on an hourly basis or on a lower timeframe? As when I test using different timeframes I get very different results. Do you have some set procedure on how to properly set up backtesting?
My metatrader cannot show all the indicators (in the 'expert/indicators' folder) in the custom indicators navigator. It just showing 522 out of 588 indicators that i have. That's metatrader limitation or my setting problem? Anyone experienced this?
PLEASE! i need an trailing stop ea that calculates the medium price of a trade. for example: there is a buy of 60 lots at 1,8466, another of 120 lots at 1,8386 and another of 180 lots at 1,8306. So the medium price is 1,8359. If i set profit to 30 pips the ea start at 1,8389...and stop only if...
hello , please , how can i add an expire period to my EA that found in attachmet ? what is the function ? how can i add it ? and how can i sure from its working? thanks alot
This may be a question that has been answered before. However, I could not find it in the forum. When writing expert advisor code, can I write code to make desicsions on the current bar or do I have to use the previous bar for the decision and trade a bar latter? Thanks, Dan
Hi, Could someone please convert the attach indicator, these is Metatrader 3 indicator i need to be converted to Metatrader4. I don't know how to convert the indicator.Thanks..
Hello all, I have been trying to find source code for various indicators, thanks for all the help! Can anyone point me to source for the Williams %R (percent range) indicator? It's not in my sample folder. Thanks! -charliev
Hi, I am having a problem with above named indicator. When i added it to custom indicator file and compiled it i receive the following error message........'speech text' - function is not defined Can anyone help me out with this or if you have one that works could you please post it for me. tks in...
How can I send a comment to the chart on the line below, my comments are overwriting and only appearing on the same line at the top of the chart?
Hi I have an ea that I backtest on all currencies and it buys and sells ok. Now I start forward testing it on these currencies, attatching the ea to each currencies chart. But I am finding the ea totally ignores signals on some charts. So far it has seen signals on 3 charts, but only done what...
  Ea problems (3)
i went to the exper advisor builder for MetaTrader 4, (http://sufx.core.t3-ism.net/ExpertAdvisorBuilder/index.html#Buy1, plugged in the rules, downloaded them, copied them into MetaTrader 4, and the icon next to the system is grey when the others are blue and yellow, (in the navigatoin bar), the...
I have been messing around with strategy tester the last few days, and have found that it has lots of errors. Mainly trades showing gains of 30 pips over the course of 1 minute. So is it really that unreliable?
Hi, I know that a broker can not see my EA-code, but a broker can see if a trade is made manually or by an EA. My question: can the broker see the NAME of my EA? Thanks.
What are the limits of the expert? How many lines of code, number of variables, nested conditions etc, can I use. thanks, Dan
  RSI EXpert (14   1 2)
hello Fellow Traders, this is my EA i developed last night. I call it the RSI expert, based on 4 RSI's and two EMA's have fun make sure u use Tick modeling with 90% quality!
Trading online, waiting the signals. What could you do other than that?
Hi there I am use to seeing two moving averages in my macd indicator, w mt4 it only shows one, the signal line, do any of u know how to activate the 2nd one, so i can see thtem crossing etc, i use the crossover for a salping technique. thnks smith
for example: i set profit (using price and not pips) at 1.2000 so the trailing stop starts. don`t matter if are orders in win or loss. the ea only stop when price back "X" pips. id like to use that with a window for sell and other for buy. there are any ea like that? could anynone code that please?...
Attached is the documentation and code (Tradestation) for Demark indicators. Hope it helps someone to develop code for MT4
it based on Hurst Channels and looks so great: http://www.sr-analyst.com/cyclePackHelp/hs460.htm PS, I've got the Hurst Channels code but it's for Metastock platform, but I'm not a programmer, is there any 高人 interested in translating to MT4?
hello traders, i am santosh from india. i am design one calculator that is u enter yersterday open, high, low and close values then u find all values i mean camarilla, classic, woodies pivots and resistance and support projections and demark pivots. please download this calculator and enjoy with...
Hello, I'm new here so please forgive me if I'm doing something that I'm not supose to do. I'm very very new at this world, but I'm begining to be completly addict So one of the thing that amaze me is the backtesting of strategies, and I was very low on historical data (alpari is not enought I...
Is there some way in mt4 to run a history simulation so you get a simulated tick and trend movement happening for testing an indicator?
I would like to know if someone has already developed a code that can be attached to any EA which allows for the user to define trading times of day for the EA to go into standby mode and not execute. It's obvious that certain times of day are better for different strategies. It seems self evident...
Actually, what I'm try to do is find an indicator that looks for the latest 40+ wave then draws fibo lines on the top and bottom of that wave. The indicator I have works, but it activates (draws the lines) on 40+ waves that haven't finished. I'm trying to find a way to change it, so it will only...
  Comment ???? (1)
I want to reveal the value of a variable on the charter where my EA is placed but that does not function. I the order Comment("Value=", variable); after the last} at the end of the program but nothing, that does it miss appears adds? Thanks !
Hello all, Thank you sub for answering so many of my requests! Does anyone have source for a STARC Bands indicator? Thanks! -charliev
Hi I could not find the way to set default Stop-loss and Take profit? Maybe someone could help me. For example when I enter a trade the programm should automaticaly enter pre-set Stop-loss and Take profit. Lets say 30 pips from filled price. Thanks
  Median Line (3)
Anyone have this book Timothy Morge www.medianline.com ??? Thanks