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sometimes I found the user name has cross line on, what does it mean
Hello Traders, How do you solve the problem of over optimization ? i tried the mt5 tester with the forward tester the in sample data was 2 years and the out of sample data was 3 years, 2 of them defined in the tester and the last one year, i test the final forward results on them. when i do that i
Hi, everyone. I have a mq5 file. I would like to change this to ex5 file. But I don't know how. Please let me know. Thanks, anyway.  
Problem solved There is no error in the code. && LastHistoryDirection() >= 0 //Last Historical Trade Direction >= fixed value ) { RefreshRates(); price = Bid; SL = 40.0 * myPoint; //Stop Loss = value in points (relative to price) if(IsTradeAllowed()) {
Hello, I have the message 'Financial operations are limited' for 5 days and I have no response from technical support despite several reminders. Do you know how long it takes to get an answer? There I can not renew my server and my subscription :( I am a little disappointed. Fred
today in calendar is 2019.11.15 and as long it results as: 1573779710. to convert it to Arabic or lunar calendar, it must be 1441.03.18. I can not come to this number by subtracting numbers from 1573779710 because it starts from 1970.01.01 is there any other way to convert regular calendar of forex
I wrote a program which makes sound when there is price change larger than spread between ticks and displays what is happening in a separate window. Any comments? int size = 4, x, spread, stored_bid[5];void OnTick() { for(int x=0; x<size; x++) { stored_bid[x] = stored_bid[x+1]; }
I'm currrently build an auto trade system and kinda stuck here. All I want is just to get the ATR value at bid price and use this value * 2 as my stop loss. Any input? Sorry for bad script, I just started to get to know mql5 for a few days. double Ask = NormalizeDouble(SymbolInfoDouble(_Symbol
what you think which is best Technical Fundamental Mathematically
I am using the crosshair feature and wonder if it is possible to save this feature to appear automatically on all charts, any advise would be appreciated
How can i acquire actual central bank interest rates in a mql5 code? swap rates of metatrader are wrong or arbitrarily set by broker
I want to know if a person who has a trading account with metatrader5 can subscribe to signals whose provider account is on Metatrader4
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VPS issue - After syncing local MT4 terminal with VPS MT4 terminal: On my PC/Laptop the MT4 terminal change the status of the EA that was running (Enabled for live trading - smiley face on chart) to EA is DISABLED for trading (EA stopped - Not running) I suspect this is correct as you want the VPS...
Hey guys, I just created an EA for my trading strategy and want to use it for a new trading education platform where members can use this EA to help their trading in the beginning. However, I don't know how to limit access to to. My only thought is somehow getting a code to password protect the use
Hello, I always test my experts on Current spread. I guess that means the real spread for the porker. But now, I am testing with spread 2 .. But what that means? Is it 2 pips or 20 pips? I am looking for a porker to give me same as the tester spread. They write something like spread = 2.3.. Is that
Hi to all. What happen if I'm suscribed with a signal provider, and when the system calculate the size of the lots to trade in my account, this output is less tan 1 microlot. For example: The balance of SP is 100,000 USD and he trades 1 lot, I'm suscribed to him and I have 500 USD in my balance
anyone know how to get equity sentry or something similar for mt5
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Hi there, I want to receive a value from an API call that will return a string (JSON ... ). Lets say I'll get something like a = "iMA(Symbol(), 0, 14);" How can I actually make from a, a string, a, a number that will always return the current value of MA (this will be done in OnInit()). Regards
hello dears, can I copy my private signal to my other account
Hi I have gift mastercard. can i deposit to mql5 whit gift mastercard
Hi, I may be misunderstanding things, but it seems the MQL5 iCustom() call will always return a handle, even if the OnInit() of that indicator returns a failure code (such as INIT_PARAMETERS_INCORRECT). Therefore there is no way to stop an EA due to a Custom Indicator having invalid parameters or
i signed into mql community with facebook now i cant find my password to login into the terminal so i can use my purchases......any ieads how i find it
Hello guys, do you know a way of hiding the same of the indicator, along with the values? Here is a link for you guys to see what I mean https://imgur.com/UbhFstO The only thing I found that was close to what I want is in here
I have trouble with orders that trigger automatically. When it is performed, the order is automatically triggered with new price and then the stop loss as well. See the image: This happens in the strategy tester. What can it be
Hi, I want to access my account data like the pending orders, the open trades... but without launching MT4 or MT5, because I not always behind my desk. Can I log in directly to the broker server with the investor password and get my informations
WL = Worst Loss R = % you want to risk Bal = Balance TL = Lot to trade Formula (Bal x R) / WL = TL ex) your account is 5000 Risk is 5% and Worst Loss is 200 = proper lot size is 1.25 lot If you have 10 EA, each lot size is 0.12(1.25/10) Good case: 1. If your money increase to 6000, TL is
I would like to be able to exclude certain parameters from optimization if my 'main' parameters have a certain value. I found the ParameterGetRange() and ParameterSetRange() functions for MQL5. Unfortunately I have to complete this EA in MQL4 where does functions do not exist. Does somebody have a
Hi, I'm running an EA on offline Renko charts in mt4, but each time I generate a new offline Renko chart I have to go into "properties" and uncheck "offline chart" under the common tab for the EA to run on the offline chart. I've tried to save this as a template but it doesn't seem to work. Does
Hello, Do you know why many signals the anual amount is not equal that all months together For example: This is frecuent in several signals.. Thanks
anyone know where i can find it or a indicator that will