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Add an option to display time of User's Time Zone, instead of Server's
Im trying to build simple Manager system using MS access 2003, i have build a From for the tables one of these forms need to be DDE link to MT4 , iv made some researches to know how to but that DDE of metatrader in my DBA program and i didnt found anyone talking about this, i found this in microsoft...
Hello! guys, Does anyone have: Trading Optures and Futions by Joe Ross ? Please share.. Thank you.
  MTPredictor (29   1 2 3)
Hi folks Trying to export MT4 data into MTPredictor, with no success, cant seem to get the format correct, does anyone know where you can get Ascii data free for the majors? Google searched, followed the tutorial on the MTpredictor site, but keeps comming up with invalid data. I have carefully...
Anyone have sourcecode for mtapi.dll v3 using delphi ? please help.
  ITime problem (3)
Howdy fellow programmers. I'm having trouble with iTime. When I run it, it returns 0 (yes, all the parameters are correct). The help page says it will return 0 if the local history is empty (not loaded). What is the local history and how do I make sure it's loaded from the code? Thanks. Daniel
hi guys please covert this indicator to expert. please add this value: lot take profit stop loss CCI_period Bollinger_period Bollinger_deviation work hours thank you(newdigital)
I'm a programmer who's been using MetaTrader 4 now for several months with 6 different brokers for practicing Forex trading and EA development. I was wondering; is there a way for me to program to an api to get MT4 to use Yahoo data for end of day U.S. Stock market analysis? Can anyone tell me if...
Hello all, I have (2) points in which I create a Trendline. Does anyone have any sample code on how to move the trendline a head of time (Time[x-n]) in order to antisipate a new point (price)? Any help is much appreciated! -charliev
Hi All, Some of you may of heard of the legend Trader/Programmer called T-1000. aparently some amazing indicators have been created from this person & if anyone has any, would you be so kind to share. There are some Wolfwave indicators & elliot wave indicators floating around somewhere which are...
  Days of week (2)
is it possible to make some script wich will show us days of week on the graph or at least to show fist friday in the month with some arrow or something like that.i am thinking of daily graph but other TF are aslo interesting.
Hi! I've had a few cases with an EA on a Demo acct with FXDD, running MT4, where the OrderSelect(...,...MODE_TRADES) still shows a trade as active several HOURS after it hit a stoploss. Does my EA have to do something to clear out that trade? Thanks for the help and may the pips be with you! DS
Is it reliable? If it says that your strategy returns a profit over a testing profit, can you say with certainty if you used it in a real trading situation that it would work?
I've been playing around and experimenting with various trading systems for some time now I've only ever succeeded in designing a system around one of those market conditions, but never both... 1. Trend based systems (e.g Moving Average based systems) work well in trending markets, but drawdowns...
I have been looking at strategy tests and taking them trade for trade walking back thru the charts to see when and where the orders were generated. In accounting for backtest results I want to be able to copy and paste the strategy test results into excel and then run some macro that will look down...
MetaTrader 4 build 195 has been released. What’s new compared to build 193: 1. Tester: Added genetic algorithm. 2. Tester: Added more parameters to be optimized. 3. Tester: Added relative drawdown, in percents, into the report. 4. Tester: Improved the optimizer cache operation. 5. Tester:...
chart is only to explain a problem in a chatroom iGoR
I have six profiles in my mt4 system -- how many can I have and how do you create additional ones -- I would like a whole lot more -- what are the limitations --- help please -- thanks, rexfx
  Invalid stops error. (11   1 2)
Hi, I used to use tighest SL at MarketInfo(symbol, MODE_STOPLEVEL)+STOPLEVEL_OFFSET)*Point; where STOPLEVEL_OFFSET used to be 1. However, from some time it does not work anymore for market orders. I must set STOPLEVEL_OFFSET to 2. Strange is, that it still works for pending orders, ie with offset 1...
Anyone have any thoughts on backtesting a strategy that references multiple time frames? I have a strategy that takes indicators from different time frames to place a trade on the 'current' chart. It works, but I'm not sure how MT will handle the backtest. Joe Gelet Elite E Services
  Why? (1)
Why the euro/dollar pair has the lowest spread? Can anyone make it reasonable?
hi all i need code to protect my EA , to be not available to open and to edit and i want to know how can i make it demo (works with limeted time) i will be so happy if helped me
One more question? Is there a way in events to turn on a wave file when an order has been filled? Any order included SL and TP and entry trades?
I am having problems with MT4 in that it does not appear to save variable data on a tick by tick basis, but rather only at end of 1 min bars. To explain: I have included a simple indicator, it does not display to screen, it is only writes to console (using Print). It is only for example. In this...
  Font Change (1)
Simple question.. I searched but could not find instructions on how to change the font size on the charts? One more question? Is there a way in events to turn on a wave file when an order has been filled? Any order included SL and TP and entry trades?
  order pending (3)
Slawa, is it possible to set an order pending activation time and then an expiration of the same? i want to trade news see I want to program the same concept in MT4.
I'm getting this error on the platform Error!!! Server_Local_TimeDiff Do not match! If Server is active. You need to change Server_Local_TimeDiff! Or you may have to change the Friday_Close_Hour Are they causing my error message? I live in California USA PDT I wonder if I need...
Hi, A simple MA cross EA requiert now 40 minutes to baktest 1 month of history !!! How it's possible ??? I have a dualcore 3.8 GHz, 2 Gb ram and more than 65 % of of the CPU usage are used during 40 min by the process ! With b 193, the same EA on the same symbol and the same datas and config,...
  Pivot Points (1)
I am looking for a simple indicator that can be used to put the Pivot Points on Meta Trder 4
There is NO indicator that can EVER match wits with a trader who is familiar with price action and money management, both of which take years to master. I wasted sooo many years searching in vain for an indicator to make me profitable. NO SUCH THING EXISTS. Can someone prove to me that an...