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Hi everyone. I deposited 41 dollars but I can not follow my trader it says system mismatch signal provider using a hedging. What is that mean? If it is because of my broker, can you guys give me a good broker who is allowing a copytrading for US clients
good day all coders of viewers having gone this path /way of please assist with the conversion of a an existing indicator in mql5 code to execute order received by email to buyyat pricexxx this and sell out at pricexxx? rm
I have two indicators each using CDialog.mhq. I a can load both indicators on chart, but as soon as I change the timeframe one indicator closes. AppDialog1 //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| AppDialog 1.mq4 |//| Copyright 2019, MetaQuotes Software Corp. |//|
hey all i need historical DATa +RSI value ,,, is it possible ? becuz, i tryed export from meta , but it dosnt export indicator DATA thankx arjang
Hello all. Just wondering, pull up a 5 min chart (eg EURUSD) and go as far back as you can. Now plot a 5000 simple or exponential moving average. You will notice that it doesn't plot that moving average. Infact, if you notice, the highest you can go is 4000 simple moving average. Does anyone know if...
I made sure to check the box "Sell calc resources via an MQL5 Community Account" but I get involved in some issues since the build's update. First of all, the current build installed on my PC is 2308, but the board shows 2302 and idk why... The medium PR went from 194 to 160, and 0 profit What is
Hi, I saw that signal providers changed the line on the chart (every months for example). How do they do that? I attach a picture of what I’m talking about Thank you
Hey, Could you help me to activate mu account please. It is disable and i lose my signal. Any idea
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Hi, I want to withdraw money from MQL5 as screenshot attached. the problem is I am not receiving any sms. and I don't know how to setup telegram message. help needed thanks.
Hello, I have some trouble to install Metatrader 4 or 5. I am under a proxy, during the installation I would like to specify the address AND the port of the proxy. During the installation I didn't see any field to specify this number, it is plan to support proxy port? Thanks Chkone
Hi all I have managed to produce a code to draw two horizontal lines on a chart at the highest and lowest candle. This is what I want but only want to check the candles between 10am and 11am. this needs to reset the next day at 9:30. Please could someone help with this. thanks in advance void
what does that message mean, i am confused it was the weekend i didnt even log in ?!? i changed investor password now and re put it into signal and error is still showing
Hey all! How to answer politely to the "I give you my strategy for free, you code it for free"? I just want to hear some opinions about coding EAs and well, I do understand why a straight no is the answer to a proposal like that from a "client". You can't ask for a free meal at a restaurant just
Hi, I'm new to Mt5 and i'm studying it using a demo account. Could someone explain me why SL is not triggered at right price? I'm not speacking about slippage, but SL activation order don't use my position SL. Why? Juast an example: My SL is 1.10175, why the terminal send an order using 1.10176
It seems that there is better place to ask my question, so I repeat it here: I want to create absolutely my own trading robot. So I don't need Expert Advisors e.t.c. I need to create so named Form based application, but I don't find any sample how to create simple easy form. Does anybody know how...
Hi Folks! Hope well. I have a money management ea that has been running on MQL4 but now migrating to MQL5. The code is very simple, 16KB, about 300 lines,,, would like to have it converted as is to workable on MT5 platform
Hello, Anybody can tell me why MT4 platform have or not have tab "SIGNALS" according to PC where I intall it? I have two PC, intalling the same MT4 platform from the same broker in this different PCs one have tab "signals" and the other don´t have it. Thanks!! Regards
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This thread discusses MQL5 code examples. There will be examples of how to get data from indicators, how to program advisors ... in general, any questions from beginner to the MQL5 language. If you are just starting to get acquainted with the MetaTrader 5 terminal, then I can recommend the...
Which Stock Brokers offer MetaTrader 5 platform? Anybody know
My broker disabled signals, can I use a expert advisor for the subscription
Hey Guys, I am backtesting and posting lot of charts in my profile. How do I make these charts private? Thanks Sach
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Hi, there is no documentation on how to start with a technical indicator to get it right in the beginning. It is weak of MetaQuotes that they have no training course how to start what you can do and do not do. Nobody has found any toturial on how to work with the program when it comes to Scripts
I would like to rent the server from MQL5, under Extra / Option / Server I have two options to set a proxy server and a DDE server. Which is the right one ????. I ask for a short answer. Thank you very much
Hi all, I am using ZeroMQ to send messages between MT5 and a bunch of applications I have in C# I am trying to figure out how to deserialize the data coming off the subSocket in MT5 sent in from my C# component. The attached file shows the what I am doing. The raw json strings are being received as
test on EURUSD,H1 (netting) 2017.04.07 15:31:38 failed instant sell 4.95 EURUSD at 1.06500 sl: 1.06600 [Volume limit reached] 2017.04.07 15:31:38 failed instant sell 4.95 EURUSD at 1.06499 sl: 1.06599 [Volume limit reached] 2017.04.07 15:31:38 failed instant sell 4.95 EURUSD at 1.06498 sl: 1...
Many traders are great at trend trading and then get destroyed when price consolidates in a range. This is probably the main reason 95% of traders lose money. After 7 years of getting chopped up in ranges myself I have a solution that is working for me as a discretionary trader, but the same...
Hi. I want calculate manually the grow per month of an account that I'm monitoring. But this value is different from the value reported in the website's information. For example, I calculate a grow in September of 26.77%, but in the website this value is 31.38%. What I'm doing wrong? I just
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Bonjour, Dans ce topic nous ne parlons que français, il permet à la communauté francophone de se retrouver... J'espère que vous êtes nombreux! :)
List of changes in the Help for MQL5: Corrected description of the GlobalVariablesFlush() function , input parameters are not required, Length the comments is increased to 2,045 characters (Unicode). It is reflected in the functions Comment() and ChartSetString(), Added an example for the FileOpen()...
Hey people, I am new here. I was wondering if I copy a signal is VPS mandatory to copy it