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Hi all, Is there any code referance fot TakeProfit traling in H1 and H4 and most importantly what is the base calculation while we decide to move new TP point ATR? or the nearest support or resistance or fixed number like 100 or what? thanks
Hi, Several times already, I've tried registering my mobile phone number in my MQL5 profile, but I do not receive verification codes. For this reason, I'm still not able to register my valid phone number on the service. Can anyone help me with this?
I placed an order for converting from pine script to MT4 and got 4 offers (so far). But none of the developers' names show and there is no link to click to accept one of the offers. Any explanation? Will it only appear with links after a certain amount of time perhaps? (I placed the order only a
Hi, I have a problem in strategy tester in visualization mode: If the terminal sets a template with the name tester.tpl in the directory/profiles/templates of the client terminal, then it will be applied to the opened chart. In its absence, the default template is applied.(default.tpl). So far so...
Does anyone know of another company similar to Epayments, where it has an international prepaid credit card, and that can withdraw funds from MQL5 through the option "directly to Visa and Mastercard cards." With the epayments down it is very complicated =/
Does anyone know how to change the chart settings so when you move the mouse wheel it changes the timeframe instead of going backwards and forwards in time
Hello. How can I delete my MQL5 repository (disable MQL5 Storage)
Hi all, I'm new to MT5 and I'm trying to export tick data to excel so to run a few analyses. If I extract through symbol-->ticks-->request I get a .csv file but it does not include any separators, and it's not easy to separate the data in excel (bid and ask values will end up being in the same...
Hi all, As described in the title : is there any solution to get the output value of a custom indicator at the open price of the current candle ? I well thought using indicator previous candle value, but as we could have gap beetween candle this solution is not acceptable... Thanks ! Erwann
hi guys. i want to know is it possible that i compare a currencypair like "EURUSD" in multiple brokers? for example: compare low of "EURUSD" in broker of "broker1" with low of "EURUSD" in broker of "broker2"
I am having difficulty to say the least in getting money into my account to pay for signals. I am concerned that I will not be able to receive signals if I cannot pay the account on time.Please help.Regards,Roger Barry
hi all, I am new in this paltform. Watching over the traders/signal providers I suppose the minimal fee for copy a trader is 30 USD. This amount would be charged in a period of time or per number of trades
can someone help me to add time filter in my EA
Hi. I have imported tick data (~12GB) from tick data suite to a custom symbol that is actually a copy of EUR_USD. I then tried to run a backtest but I got a message that there is no history. Then I got M1 data from tick data suite and imported them to MT5 for that custom symbol. I didn't get any
I am trying to use Zigzag indicator values in numerous applications, say for example support and resistance determination. This code, which I believe worked in the past for me, is showing now weird results: int n = 200; //how many candles to check backint Handle=iCustom(_Symbol,_Period...
I've designed a library system I'm trying to implement in MT5, I'm having difficulty managing lists of objects. What would be the best approach to making a list of objects? //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|
I want to change following code snippet. As far as I understand it, it searches now for the highest high/lowest low in form of a bar number within a period and then gets the quote for this bar: for(i=limit_ln;i<rates_total && !IsStopped();i++) { h=iHighest(Symbol(),Period()
Hello I wanna get last value of Peak and Valley of Price in MQL5. How can I get last Peak and Valley of last wave in MQL5
I´m trying python package but got I problem right in the first line of my script. After importing the necessary packages I´m calling MT5Initialize(), but I have more than one MT5 installed in my computer and the one being loaded is not the one I would like. The docs mention a "path" argument, as
How do i remove those autotrade arrow on the chart??
The volume is a fixed value of 0.10. Searching the forum suggests that [Invalid volume] is usually because of an issue with SYMBOL_VOLUME_MIN or SYMBOL_VOLUME_MAX or SYMBOL_VOLUME_STEP, but 0.10 is fixed, and I think a fairly standard size for EURUSD. I had a few invalid price issues, but nothing to
  Need help indentifying indicator (2691   1 2 3 4 5 ... 269 270)
sisi: Hi,Mr. Guru could you please help me to constantly refresh an ea after each tick movement. I have tried everything, But I just can't make it refresh constantly. What lines of code must I insert to keep an ea and indicator refresh after every tick? Tnx I hope you could attach your EA so...
Hi  I have an extern int opentime Above is used to enter a time. This time is checked against another 'if' statement if ( Hour() == opentime ) Above works but 'Hour' can only be entered as two digit number i.e. 23 or 04 I want to enter the time as 23:46 or 04:57  Can anyone point me in the right...
Hi all, How can I get the highest price reached by position (to calculate profit loss)
Hi all, Can we apply template to Added Chart Object (OBJ_CHART)
Hey guys! So i was looking for a "consecutive candle indicator" and i stumbles upon a post by sharingan9. Then Mladen helped him out and the indicators works perfect. The only thing is that i would like the indicator to have a custom input like 5 consecutive candles OR 7 consecutive candles. I would...
I tried to register as a seller some time ago, then I gave up trading. Now I have resumed trading and would like to publish some signals, but the system does not give me the possibility to register. Even if I want to send the documents, I don't know where. Help me. I don't understand how I can do it
MQL4: How to read the contents of one buffer (my own indicator) and write all values to a text file? MQL5 has "GetBuffers" but I am programing in MQL4. Thanks for any help. Ralph
Hi. This post is not a rant nor a complaint; it is simply my observation. I think the MT4 and MT5 have surpassed the creators' expectation, as they never anticipated to get this number of customers from around the world. On the Metaquotes wiki page it shows that the company employs just over 50+