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Hi guys, i'm using an third part DLL and it usse stdout to print some information, should be possible redirect stdout to some variable and 'send it' to mql5, any idea how to do this? I'm using VS 2015 C++ thanks!
Hello, MQL5 Is it possible to enlarge the font in the toolbar of the strategy tester?
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hi I am not able to pay for this signal in Mt5 : [signal link was deleted by moderator] when I click to paypal gets stacked. thanks enzo
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Hi. I just cancelled my MT4 vps. The reasons are:1) it continued to operate even though I discontinued or stop the hosting temporary from the MT4 trading account platform . 2) I used Demo account for the last few days, however, the hosting site still treated it as though I was using live account and...
Hello i want to attach more than one account of same broker on a single vps is that possible if yes then kindly please explain how to do that???
I have been testing some Expert Advisor on the BTCUSD H1 pair on Alpari-MT5-Demo account. Something weird happens to some of them during October 2017 (from July 2017 as well) and I cannot figure out what is the problem. In particular, I see that the Advisors do not place any trade, not during...
Hi , If eth/usd is at 307.00000000 and the price rises to 308.00000000 , I want to know how much profit in usd that would be ? and say using 100 lots at 1:100 leverage as well . thank you 
Is there any way to view my account statistics over long term of time? I want to see winning losing and everything with charts if possible. It will be very helpful. thank you.
My account has been limited, and servse desk told me that I have applied a decompile job I didn't ! I said another solution, to make a bridge excitation to solve the problem without decompile Now what can I do?
I've been testing and tweaking a couple new EAs I built (in MT4) and tonight I noticed something odd when running it with the Visual mode checked. The code of the EA selected for testing was completely written by me, but, there are trades showing up in the chart window which my EA didn't place and...
I have a trading bot that can trade cryptos. My brain is currently fried. Could someone tell which pairs I could use to tri-arb from the list below. BTC/USD IOT/USD BCH/USD ETH/USD LTC/USD XRP/USD BTG/USD ZEC/USD OMG/USD DASH/USD EDO/USD ETC/USD NEO/USD XMR/USD EOS/USD BCC/USD ETH/BTC BCH/BTC...
Hi I'm working on a mql5 program and need arrays like std::vector of c++ for example in my c++ code i have something like this: class Neuron;typedef std::vector&lt;Neuron&gt; Layer;class net{private:std::vector<Layer> m_layers; //m_layers[layer_num][neuronum]} how can i implement this in mql5 ?
hello friends I had found one indicator for multi currency Index which i had change codes to convert into "Rate of change index" i had changed all the necessary codes but at last just one code type of error showing "'USDx' - parameter conversion not allowed". same type of error 8 times. i don't know...
Hi, I hope someone could give me some info. Am I allowed to sell one of my EA activations ? If this is allowed how would I go about doing this? I do not require all of the 5 activations and know someone would be interested in buying one. Any info is much appreciated. Michael
hi guys  pls help me to identify this indicators regards
hi I'm using several dozen ea's on one mt4 platform, and this work is painstaking. Is any program to automatically run many ea's on one mt4? 
Hi i have seen custom indicators where the BG changes to RED/Green depending on when the EA is in buy sell mode. (the whole screen changes color) I have a custom indicator (icustom) linked to EA, my EA sets itself to BUY or SELL mode, How can i paint the area behind buy/sell as it paints  light red...
I am wanting to start trying to code my own EA's, but every time I try to open the Meta Quotes Language Editor in my MT4 desktop platform, I get "Initialization Error 4" and then the journal states "MetaEditor not found". I have created the exact same firewall settings and rules that allow my MT4...
I wrote a Indictor whitch need more than 10k bars to get a appropriate signal.. But in test I always get only 1000 bars to start. I use code below to show how many bars really in my tester chart. Print(__FUNCTION__," bar=",bars_in_use," rates_total=",rates_total," prev_calculated=",prev_calculated,...
I found the good-track indicator. But when i trying to use it on the market hour, the indicator doesn't appear anymore 'till i restart the software or re-attach the indicator to the chart. Can someone solve this problem, pelase?
Hello Out of curiosity, could I add html and CSS code to the body of the SendMail function in MQ4, so I can style this in my companies corporate colours? Thanks Todd
Hi I jut wonder if this is possible. I receive an email from another party that says "buy eur/usd has potential to rise" now  is it possible  to download this message to my ea (or using any other methodology), and let my ea buy according to that instruction?  In other words, can i programme in mql4...
Fractal repaints?! Doesn't always - but why does fractal indicator, built in to MT4(build 1090), repaint? Should it? I know for example custom fractal indicators don't repaint
When you register as a seller, it asks for phone number so they can contact you.. do they really do this?
Hi, Anybody know why MQL5 Ltd the big company did't made a real stable Mac and Linux version of MT5? while some other small companies already did for their unknown platforms. Regards
Hello, how can I terminate/cancel my account ? Thanks.
I code in mt4 before, I want to learn MT5 code for several times but all failed. The code below is my another try. It will work in MT4 I am sure about it, but in MT5 it show nothing graphic. I just want draw something on the chart. Could any tell me what's wrong with my code. I have already put data...
For Good signal copy trade its better instant execution account or market floating spread account, taking consideration spread price is the same or close ?
I've been using a signal provider with mixed results. The problem I have is when I close a trade, it is automatically reopened. Is there any way to stop this from happening but still have the signal trades come through on mt4?