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The July statement from the FOMC presented the following snapshot of the economy, "Information received since the Federal Open Market Committee met in June suggests that economic activity expanded at a modest pace during the first half of the year. Labor market conditions have shown further...
  Brokers blaming MetaQuotes (21   1 2 3)
Is it usual that some brokers blame MetaQuotes saying that there are MT5 failures when the reality may be that are brokers themselves who manipulate their customers' operations? What can traders do in these situations?
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How signals rating is calculated?
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  Hello!! (3)
Hello friends, I have just joined this online community. I am here to learn and share some business & financial and Forex trading tips.
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Ii want to make a for loop, which searches all symbols in marketwatch and return only commodity / FOREX Pairs or Shares .
Hi Just quick question, when buying indicators/EAs what is the monetary equivalence to a credit?
Hi colleagues I gotconfused with the purpose of magic number when make order. I wantedto open two orders at certain time - one of them with little (close to market) take profit and the other with much larger. here issammple code...
In MQL4, indicator can draw in future time coordinate with shift parameter. now In Mql5, is it possible to draw my forecast values in future time coordinate ???
Traders are betting the Federal Reserve will keep policy easier for longer now that former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers is out of the running to succeed Ben Bernanke as chairman of the U.S. central bank. Summers, a former top aide to President Barack Obama, was widely regarded as likely to be...
Hi guy ! Does anyone know if the time shown in "Market Watch" window is with "Day Light Saving Time" ON or OFF ? And just to confirm, the time zone is GMT+1, right? Thank you.
Here is a way to pick price targets based on past price action.
  Data Mining (4)
Hi all, I'm a beginner at MQL programming and I've just created some E.A with MQL5 until today! Now I have enough time to work on higher level of programming and I'll work on DataMining method.Could you help me to start from witch point and introduce me the best references? Thanks in advanced...
Yes its possible look at stuff like fibonacci No forex is random and spontenous there cant be such a thing
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  52 week low (1)
anyone has an indicator what will mark the 52 week low on the chart?
Hi, Does anyone know how do we set the trade lot size to open trade using the same proportion volume when we subscribe to their signal? Thank you.
Hi, I am new to trading and I am overwhelmed. Where do I go for a guide for help or some newbie section? I have downloaded MT4 on a FXCM demo, but I don't understand how to use it. I want to use the signals, but I don't know how to use those either. If someone is listening, please help.
The Federal Reserve convenes for a highly anticipated meeting to make a decision about QE tapering. There is a a very high probability that the Fed will announce a reduction in the pace of bond buying on September 18th, and probably by $10-15 billion to $70-75 billion. Here are 5 reasons for the...
An anticipated reduction in stimulus by the Federal Reserve that has roiled the financial markets for months will be seen as no big deal if it goes ahead next week, according to a Bloomberg Global Poll of investors. Fifty-seven percent of those surveyed say they don’t expect a sudden change in the...
EURUSD: Having halted its weakness and turned higher the past week, more upside is likely in the new week. However, it will have to retake the 1.3415 level to trigger its broader upside towards the 1.3500 level followed by the 1.3600 level. Its daily RSI is bullish and pointing higher supporting...
Hi All, What would be the best indicator or EA script to avoid "consolidation" periods (such as the one below in red)? Preferably other than the Bollinger bands. Wip
hello. I meet a trouble about dll. I make a dll in C++. the dll open a file for get data. in my C++ project ,I can use the dll for opening a file in the Metatrader 5 data path to get data. But. I can't do the same things in Metatrader5. I make a scripts in Metatrader5 ,the scripts use the dll...
Hello, I am new member in this site. Can the "Trade signals Base on Reversal Candlestick patterns" be installed in the MT4 ? if can, how do i go about doing it, i mean to install it in the MT4 Appreciate your helps guys.
Never let a crisis go to waste, says an old rule of politics. For some major players in the economy, the financial crisis that began five years ago this month with Lehman Bros.' collapse turned out to be as much an opportunity as a calamity. Although the memories that the anniversary evoke are...