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Please my EA is not loading on the virtual servers however it trades perfectly on my laptop. I keep getting this message "2019.11.04 05:48:41.526 Virtual Hosting: 6081268 failed to send migration data (receive response failed [12002]) (receive response failed [12002])" Please what could be the
Dear Sir/Madam I purchase <Deleted> for MT4 platform and I paid 75USD from my Mql5 Account but when I go to <Deleted> on Mql5 market page it can not allow me to download.Please allow to download or refund my money
Hello, I am newbee and very hurry in finding how to request request arbitration in MQL5 job. Simply I can not find the button/link to do it. Thanks for replies !
any problem with gmail recently ? Been using the gmail in metatrader for quite a while.  But recently, got problem. Just mere click “test”in metatrader-> Tools -> option-> Email (after entering the necessarydetails accordingly), the following is displayed 2018.11.02 20:01:58.541               Mail...
  toolbox error (1)
It is normal that when you create an account in mt5 appears in the toolbox an option called market, but in my mt5 does not have that option, it simply disappeared, does anyone know how to put it again? options you are probably going to say I've done: install mt5 again, install under a new name in
  MT4 to Telegram (15   1 2)
Can anyone code or have any idea how to send trade details from MT4 to a Telegram channel. This is the sort of thing I am talking about. Thanks.
I have these MTF EAs that once the EA is loaded and let to run for about 2 hours. Then the TF is changed and recalculation occurs, signals change. For instance, a buy signal that might have caused a buy trade is there no more and the market is clearly going in a different direction.What could this
I am trying ti synchronise with VPS , right click on MQL5 Newyork and select synchronise. The final message in the journal is failed to get status and failed to execute migrate command. Any one had this problem
Hello folks, I would like to ask a question because I am having some trouble with the Netting Position Accounting system. Whereas in the Hedging system I can have multiple open positions with their own, individual SL, in the netting as you know I can have one position (that grows or reduces...
  disconnection (1)
Wondering I keep having to reconnect and or log in to my trading platform
Hi everyone, I am a newbie to Forex and am learning its knowledge and trying to operate in my MT5 Demo account on PC. While I also want to operate on my Android phone, I've downloaded MT5 Android version and hope to log on with the same Demo account as PC version. But I cannot find the PC Demo...
Hello everyone, I am trying to take the snapshot of the chart while I am testing. But the script is not at all working. I could not see anything in the \Files folder. Please help me. Here is the script: #property description "The Expert Advisor demonstrates how to create a series of screenshots of...
Hi All, it seems that ChartScreeShot does not save anything while running inside wine-preloader. bool newBar=NewBar.CheckNewBar(_Symbol,_Period); if(newBar==true){ //string name="FirstChart.gif"; //--- Save the chart screenshot in a file in the
Hi, Last day I saw my rating decreased by 3000 points without any reason. I didn't do anything. I just got an answer from service desk and boom 3000 rating minus. Although I could not find any details of the rating decreased anywhere. No product deleted. No blog deleted No screenshot deleted No
Hi again to this wonderful community! I'm using this very simple position sizing code to determine how many lots to buy - it began life as a Forex lot sizer, and I'm now trying to use it for stock CFDs, however it seems to only work for some stocks, and generates volume errors when used for others
  money redraw (3)
I have a problem. I have money on my account and Simon White has not explained me how to redraw money from account (I have paid all costs etc. but he cut his phone and I cannot reach him). Can you help me please
Is there a way I could change a negative review for a developer? He helped to resolve an issue after the initial transaction and I wanted to change the review to positive
hello sorry i cant speak english very good . i have question of traders can have profit ! i want know can i profit in forex or no just with technical analyse !? i think cannot have profit without fundamental analyse ! Thank you
In MQL5, I need a new optimization criterion in the result, with the following code and select the "custom max" in the optimization criterion. But there is not showing the added column "RelativeDrawdown" in the result. Do I miss something? Can someone help, thanks in advance. int OnInit(){}double
Hey, I am trying to get the traceline (non repainting) from an indicator whose current X indexes repaint. What i mean by that is -> the last value of the original indicator repaints... but i want the last Value on the "current bar"(i think its shifted, but no idea how) and put it into a buffer
  Triangular Arbitrage (69   1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
Hello guys and girls, Came across an interesting (but extremely hard to understand) article regarding profiting from forex using a risk free strategy called "Triangular Arbitrage" (see more details in link) If I understood it correctly (which I...
Hello, could you tell me which is the best metatrader 4 trading robot? because I would like to rent or buy one if it is not too expensive, to trade on my trading platform, cordially
Anybody know how to change and edit the colours of the graphical interface for MT5 and MT5 Manager, or how I would open the editor for the interface to edit the actual buttons myself
  Refund policy (1)
I have bought an indicator form mql5 and use for less than 30 days. Can I ask for refund if not happy with it
i was a approved seller and i just got a email msg saying my applications rejected and my products are out of sale,and i have funds waiting to withdraw and now i can't because it require verified statues,and i got messages from some of buyers that they can't no longer access indicators
Hi all, I'm wondering if the ticket number (XXX) of a pending order will change when this pending order becomes real position ? If yes, how can I catch the old ticket and the new affected ticket to make the link ? And additionnal question : is this behaviour could change between several brokers
my account has been moved to archive how do i contact moderator to make my signal available to the public i have resolve the issue caused by my vps provider &nbsp;
tried it all i think:#resource "\\Indicators\\polynomialyachtfunder.ex5"#property tester_indicator "\\Indicators\\polynomialyachtfunder.ex5"string pyf_name = "\\Indicators\\polynomialyachtfunder.ex5"pyf_Handle =
  Signals - Reliability (21   1 2 3)
How do I understand the Reliability Index for Signal providers. I have seen two recently that give HIGH returns but 1 is High Reliability and the other (better performing) is very Poor.   The Poor provider has more followers than the Good performer. The Poor performer is 94% algo whilst the good...
Hello dear moderators, Is access to my Seller account from server allowed?? I currently use Chrome browser in the German branch VPS to access my account on MQL5 site and of course the IP is Germany ... and this is because of a problem I have in browser version on my computer, so I can not access