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Hi, I can see some signals on mql5.com but can't see same signals within my MT4 terminal to subscribe to them. When I click on subscribe on mql5.com an instance of MT4 is opened but it's not the one I want to use to set the signal up. How can I subscribe from MT4 to a signal that isn't showing up
Hello, as we all know the internet is full of stalkers, that's why i wonder since long time why mql5.com dont allow to use a nickname when you want to become here a seller. A registration and validation of personal data is not the problem, i have no problem with that, to give my personal data to
Hi, I have a problem with activating the storage in the MT5. In Picture ME-Optionen.PNG shows that the community login was correct because the password was saved. Right click in the navigator window, I press MQL5 Activate Storage (ME-Navigator.PNG). Then the error message (ME-Fehler.PNG) appears in
Hey guys, Not sure if anyone can point me in the proper direction, but our situation is the following: We have been selling on this platform for several years. And we would like to know how to revise our seller profilefrom a personal name to a business name. What are the steps for doing this
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Money to be made now on indices , start of end of year wind down. Can't imagine too many more highs
Hello friends I have a Visa gift card and want to receive a signal, but I can't afford to pay for it
Hi, i just paid and rent one indicator but unfortunately it seems no respond and cant install . Nothing happened even i clicked many times to proceed with the installation. Can somebody help me? Is it any issue with my website setting
Hi. I'm having some difficulties to connect my agents to the MQL5cloud network. The new updates only sees four agents, besides my PC being a 4core/8threads CPU. In addition to this, the PC is not selling processing power to the MQL5cloud network
I have recently switched my VPS host and when I loaded the MT4 onto the new server and transferred my indicators folder across I have limited ex4 indicators working. It seems random as some work but others not. My 2 custom EA's also do not work. When I drag them to chart the error message in the
Hi, If you add a moving average into an indicator (like rsi) window (applies to closed bars), it will show the moving average of the price of the symbol of the chart. This is what I want, however I’m wondering how MT4 is defining the scale for those moving averages. Example: if you have a indicator
Any advice on how to handle this error guys
Hello support team, Last time I can see the option to withdraw but now I can't. I don't know why there's have limited on my account. Please help to check this issue. I can't send the request, too. I'm type one by one character, not copy/paste
Hi folks, In RSIOMA indicator you have two lines, one is the bold blue line and the other is the thin violet line. I want to find the value of the thin violet line for a given candle. You can do this for the bold blue line by iCustom("GBPUSD", PERIOD_H1, "Rsioma Light", 14, RSIOMA_MODE
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Anynone can help me. I cant withdraw my balance in mql5. There is display " error occured"
Does any one have an idea why i can only withdraw 0.01USD.While i have earned enough to withdraw the whole amount.I am restricted to only 0.01 and service desk does not respond
Is anyone able to modify the existing indicator so that it shows the Average Weekly Range Levels? or perhaps know of an indicator that does this? Thanks  G  
Hi all, I am developing an EA. I want to get the current price, please tell me how to get it. I have read that Bid is the current market price, is that true, Thanks.
The 2170 build brings this new optimization chart. Look's like there's no way to disable it (attach it back to the strategy tester window) Also looks like that it's not a chart per se, because a code like the one bellow do not list it long chart_id=ChartFirst();while(chart_id >= 0) {
How do I reset my PW for the MQL5 community to login. Thanks
Is there an MQL4 reference manual available that predates the 600 build? I am trying to work through some old code and it would be helpful to look up the old syntax. Thanks, Jim
Hello, I have few questions about Virtual server in MT5: - When I migrate all and when I close MT5 from my PC all robots which are working stop and I have to start them manually next time when I start MT5 on my PC. Is there an option to transfer everything on my MT5 account at 100%(without Scripts)
Hello people, are there Binary trading systems here, indicators or EAs
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MT5 how to set correct time of the calendar to graph
Hi I use metatrader 5 to connect my market(IRAN MARKET) (not Forex) and in my country price has limited to 5% in a day. example one share price is 100 then tomorrow it high 105 and low 95. so how can i find tomorrow price in metatrader? and how can i get server info by metatrader? like server time
This was My account This Account a couple of hours ago. did anyone else experience this Phenomenon. Where they got a 10 year ban with no Explanation and it disappears after a couple of hours. what causes this. Am now even afraid to use the Site. lemme logout and use the site while I am not logged
Hi all pro coders, Im quite new to OrderSend function in mql ... I want to know that is it posible to open 2 different Orders at the same tick when there is a new signal? in fact, I want to open 2 different Orders with its own MagicNumbers at the same tick when there is a new signal generated
How can I import 1 min bars history for stocks & ETFs
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Hi Experts I have created this Label but unable to sort this label. { SetLabel("objSymbol", "Symbol", White, 1050, 40); SetLabel("objTrades", "#", White, 990, 40); SetLabel("objLots", "Lots", White, 900, 40); SetLabel("objOpenPnL", "Current", White, 760, 40); SetLabel("objClosedPnL", "Today"
Hi Guys, Anyone know information about why not available "the start a new one vhost feature " at the moment? Regards, Arnold Vermes
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I have been trading for 40 days now. It took me 30 to get grip of it but there are few flaws in MT5 I still can't wrap my head around. 1. Vertical maximisation. This is really a feature request. Could I have a button in a toolbar which I could press which would enable or disable vertical auto-zoom