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  Nonlagging Tools (543   1 2 3 4 5 ... 54 55)
Hi, In this thread I wish to represent the new trading tools which based on NonLagging Moving Average( NonLagMA ). Some theory: Some time ago I found that coefficent in the formula of FATL and SATL (so named Digital Filters ) are described by the formula of a fading sinusoid. Then I've developed...
Hi, Can someone explain this indicator in details , the gaps , the prices in different colors and the bars and how it works? Thx in advance
I'm finding that all the short term EA's and strategies that I use don't work or don't appear to work. The longer term trading EA's are the only things working for me. Or appear to be working. I'll have to check my numbers again. What is everyone else's feelings? The only way that I think a...
Does anyone know anything about Sure Shot Indicator advertised on EBay?
Hello everyone, I know that Comment() will write to the upper-left corner of the chart window... what writes to the upper left of the separate window Indicator? Thanks for your reply. -charliev
I was wondering how can I get the current value of the 90 day exponential MA? Is it this: test90 = iMA(NULL,PERIOD_H1,90,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_MEDIAN,0); ? is it the right equation?
There has been a critical error Time : 2006.06.18 13:41 Program : Client Terminal Version : 4.00 (build: 193, 03 May 2006) Owner : MetaQuotes Software Corp. (MetaTrader) OS : Windows XP Professional 5.1 Service Pack 2 (Build 2600) Processors : 1, type 586, level...
I was wondering if it possible to implement a count of a time interval in a expert advisor? Let me explain - i want to count the pip change in Ask or Bid (it doesn't matter which one) for lets say an iterval of 10 seconds. Does anyone have any ideas how to do that trick?
  ZeroLag AMA (14   1 2)
Hi, fellow traders. I was wondering as I have already searched the forum; if anyone knew of an AMA indicator available that does not lag? Thanks in advance.
I backtested an EA with two MT4 Terminal same broker same feed 89% Modeling Quality but each one gives different results that is one shows positive result one shows equity down to zero! my question is -- is this possible is this normal am i doing something wrong or Baktest are just garbage results...
Hi, Is it possible to prevent an indicator from repainting the past? I use the following indicator on a 15min chart but have found that sometimes the line changes color while still on the same bar. I would like to prevent this from happening. Any help appreciated.
  Stochastic (1)
I seek a prog expert avisor which uses only the stochastic
  Pivot Trading (16   1 2)
Just one ebook that I found on emule and like to share...
  Warning about Interbankfx (74   1 2 3 4 5 ... 7 8)
This is an email I just received from www.forexbastards.com One of my full time forex trading buddies just had a serious problem happen. He had an account with www.Interbankfx.com with $620,000 of real money in it. They went through some "technical difficulties", executed a bunch of trades that he...
I have read some threads about multiple time frame indicator but I have not seen one that works quite the way I want it to. I have an indicator that plots something very similar to a pivot point on a 15 minute chart. It looks promising for entering positions. However it is hard to tell on a 15...
  FileWrite (1)
How do I write a value to my CSV file using FileWrite without it appending the new line sequence "\r\n" after every value?
Hi, I would like an EA to trade at a particular time e.g. 16:15 How do I code this? Am using "extern double nFromHourTrade = 16;" but it will not accept minutes in the value specified. Any help appreciated Many thanks
  Farhad Hill v2 (251   1 2 3 4 5 ... 25 26)
Hello All, I have been testing Farhad Hill v2 for 2 weeks now and was wondering about other results you may have... Can we talk about the potential for this EA... I think it has great potential... Attaching Statements, Settings and EA
Hello! Can someone tell me how to open 2 different pairs in the same ea?? It dosent work when I use the following commands ... OrderSend("EURUSD",OP_BUY,lots,Ask,3,0,0,"PHH",mn,0,LawnGreen); OrderSend("GBPUSD",OP_BUY,lots,Ask,3,0,0,"PHH",mn,0,LawnGreen); If the base chart is EURUSD then the ea...
Hi Slawa, Is there any way how to read a price value at any specified Fibo "n" level? If so how? Or do I have to calculate it from T1P1 and T2P2 slope?
Hello everyone. my expert did work for couple of days, and then stopped. Does someone knows what can be done if this kind of errors appears in the Journal tab: '40725' trading by experts is prohibited And why is that anyway ??? Thanks a lot Haim
Hi Traders, At the moment I am testing a simple system in a 30 min-timeframe: I want to enter a trade if a bar crosses an EMA10 AND EMA30. As soon as the second EMA is crossed a signal/alert should be heard. BUT only in the direction of the trend. The Cross of both EMAs can be done with just one...
Just wanted to know if anyone knows a way to predict when a breakout is about to occur.
  Level Trading (52   1 2 3 4 5 6)
Newdigital, Hi. I found this new indicator called "Level Trading" in one of the russian forums. I searched here but could not locate any discussion thread. If it has being discussed earlier, could you please provide the link. It is very promising and it is based on the price channel orientation. As...
  Price Alert EA (38   1 2 3 4)
I have been thinking it might be good to share our "worst" faults in trading so we can learn from each other. Most of the time we focus on the perfect strategy - -and that is good -- but we often forget about the "perfect trader". The strategy is really only as good as the trader --- Soooo what one...
  Ema values (1)
Thanks I got the answer.
Hi. I want to puth these 4 variables in to one array and then sort them to get the highest one? I doesn't seem to work and gives me errors. Can anyone help me. Here is the code: double highest[4]={iHigh("EURUSD",PERIOD_H1,0),iHigh("EURUSD",PERIOD_H1,1),iHigh("EURUSD"...