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Is possible to have a label object multiline as the "\n" works for the Comment()? Using the "\n" appears a square. Thanks
I Have a basic EA and would like to take it to the next level. Looking for a programmer to help me out. Let me know what your rate is and your experience level in your reply Thanks Paul H
Hope someone out there can help me to make the Waist lines match the different Timezone and for backward checking as well
I need a MACD that display two colors. The standard MACD indicator that comes with Meta trader 4 only show one color. My idea! IF MACD histogram bars below 0 line then histogram bar color = red IF MACD histogram bars above 0 line then histogram bar color = green BEST WISHES, NEWTRADER
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Hello All, I'm brand new here. Was introduced to this forum by a friend of mine. Looks to be very interesting. I'm still some what new to FX Trading and, probably know just enough to get me in trouble. But, it's getting there. Looking forward to learning many things here...
I'm having problems/issues controlling the number of trades I am able to place simultaneously. I have figured out how to limit the open trades (per pair), but my EA is not opening trades in multiple currency pairs that I have attached the EA to. I have 3-5 charts open w/ EA attached to each chart....
hi slowa , hi metaquotes support I noticed this problem when I use the function iTime( parameter........ ) iOpen( parameter........ ) iHigh( parameter........ ) iLow( parameter........ ) iClose( parameter........ ) iVolume( parameter........ ) I wrote a simple code for test as...
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I have had several requests to code this indicator, i personally do not nor ever have used the %R so i am unsure if i have the settings correct, however here it is as requested, if someone who uses this indicator can explain what is required i will make a MTF Bar type WPR which several have also...
Hello, can anyone tell me how to switch to the new futures contracts ( e.g. ES December contract ) ? I use Metatrader 4 with WHC who also show the S&P E-Mini futures ( among others), but I'm still seeing the old September contract. Thanks in advance ! Traderlarry
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Hi, Me I have my indicator and I would like to make an advantageous EA if some the serious one can help me to send to me one (Private Message) with your your email I would send the indicator to you to make a good EA. Me I would like to open my companie the next year if somebody of serious would like...
just a newbie.serious about going into forex. Thanks
I ad here the report of a very simple RSI based EA. Put the ea at SL500 TP50 TS15 (I did not optimesed TP and TS they are what I tought logic, I did 4 runs with different SL) What strikes me is that it makes in a 2.5 year period 408 winning trades and only 20 losers. But as you can see even a...
Hey folks I can't get this EA to send the OrderClose. Can you help me get the code right? I get error 4051. Buy and sell work fine but close is MIA. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| франк_уд.mq4 | //|...
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Hi traders, My first post and may I add what a awesome place to go for assistance. You guys are super. What I'm needing some help with I'm sure it quite simple to several of you but of course not to me. Would someone please give me a code when the RSI 9 makes a sound when it crosses 75 and 25. Would...
My request is reasonable isn't it? I need a two year track record... By the way...The DD is not an average it is a maximum excursion. I must never see 15% peak-to-valley including intraday of more than 15% drawdown. Let me explain: Scenario #1 Say I have 1k invested from day one. Trade #1 loses 100
I think it is very useful if you could print out EA list from MetaEditor in color, but I couldn't find it how. Is it possible, or are there any plans to make it possible?
I am looking for the EA that is the losser... may be loss 100% in a week... or wat... any introduction?
Hello, Can somebody give me step by step instructions to import and install the murrey math indicator? I have it downloaded on my computer, but don't know what to do next. Thanks Tom Murrey_Math_Line_X_eng.rar
Is it possible to put Comment() text in the right corner? Thanks
Hi guys i'm new to Forex, recently jus started to pick up some books and tried demo accounts, however i still do not understand if i lose money how will it be calculated and how much must is pay? For example i buy $100,000 EUR/USD 13965.5/13967.5 and sell at 13962.5/13964.5. Does it means the loss i...
Have anyone programmed or used spread ratio charts in their MT4 EAs for pairs/spread trading 2 or a basket of highly correlated FX pairs?
hey! Any one can tell me what happend with heaven red system (h-r-s) Thread! We wait weeks for the such indi. and sudenly the thread is no accesible to regular users... No annuncment no nothing! I hope any one can respond to this message.
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Hello! Is it possible to display the MACD with EMA instead of SMA
On the website of the Automated Trading Championship 2007, the article Evolution of Trading Systems has been published ( Almost one year has passed since Automated Trading Championship 2006 started. The new contest of automated trading systems, Automated...
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Following is a copy of my EA's code. Whenever I attach it to a chart, it just sits there, doesn't open or close any trades. It's set to to live trading without manual confirmation. I see the smiley face in the upper right corner. Any thoughts? #define SIGNAL_NONE 0#define SIGNAL_BUY 1 #define...
I want to know how I can get all orders from the account history. The HistoryTotal() function only return the number of history orders that are loaded in the terminal. Is there a way to load ALL orders - even the ones that are not loaded in the terminal?
I have came across a site called .A forex signal service. Is there anyone knows about this site? A reliable service or a scam?