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Hello, I have my (MT4) EA ready. I have tested it with Tester Model: Open Prices Only. And it works well. When I try it on Demo. It works as Every Tick. It goes into many trades at the same bar and trade. How can I make it works as 1 trade per deal. Lets say 1 trade per Candle. I tried many and many
This appear when i try execute the program. I tried everything: exclude antivirus and s**t ...did backups and nothing. Sooo if anyone can help me i will be grateful i have windows 10 and is an error terminal64.exe
Hello Admins ; I used to use epayments to withdraw funds from my account , since it's not available now and the only way to withdraw funds from my account is either to use PayPal or credit card , Unfortunately both methods don't work for me . Do you have any idea on when it will be back so I can
  Array short (3)
Is there someone who can give me an example of how to sort an array of strings like the symbols inserted into an array "string Symbols [NUMBER_OF_SYMBOLS], but following the order of a set of values" double Values ​​[NUMBER_OF_SYMBOLS] which one is prior sorted in ascending or descending order with
After oct4 update we received few surprising changes. Most of them are awesome as always (big fan of mql5) but 2 particular are very troubling for me: 1. if project is created I can compile the "full project" only from main (top)file ...if I'm working on included file and press F7 then only the file
The problem is really confusing, I created a 200*200 PNG file using photoshop, when I want to upload it as the logo for my product, I get an error saying : Unexpected Identifier. Now sure what is the problem, can anyone help
notification when there is a new job, a response from a customer, or a chat from a friend. all did not appear anyone experienced like me
Does anyone know of a way to keep the crosshair tool permanently selected in MQL5? I.e when you select the crosshair tool and click the chart, the tool vanishes and i need to select it again! This is very annoying, especially when performing any type of historical analysis.
  EA (1)
When you buy an EA you can put it on a demo account. Do you have to repurchase the EA to put on a live account
I am running an EA on 28 pairs to enter and exit trades based on a given signal. It has no stop loss setting so trades are running without SL for a few hours if triggered overnight. Looking for a basic script or other option to place a stop loss immediately when trade executed. Can only run 1 EA so
I already withdraw two times from my account. Recently my fund withdraw is limited to 0.01 and then I found a comment in Seller profilefrom moderator that they perform additional verification of my account. Until complete the verification I can't withdraw my fund. Now can you please tell me how much
Hello, Please i needs to solve the above issue. i have downloded this MT5 Indicator which i would like to in MT4. Help would be greatly appreciated
I had a demo accout,and was doing a few trades with success. Then my accout was gone after 1 month,which I expected. Butt now I fill out demo account form and select next, second page is server page which comes up with meta quotes server, so I select next. Last page registration page "wait awhile"
Hi, sorry for my english..! However, i have a good mt5 ea with source code and my broker don't have mt5/4 so i want to know if there's a way to send an opening/closing orders requests from mt5 to my web platform every time my mt5 ea generate a signal
Hi, Im trying to use constructor over load but Ive faced a problem. Ive created this class: class test2 {protected: string s;public: test2(string s); test2(string s, int i); string getS() {return s;}; ~test2();
  Service Desk (5)
Does anyone know if messages to the VPS service desk are monitored to help resolve issues with the paid for VPS renting service? I have a successful migrating of EAs but a flat lining VPS CPU and no trades are being placed. Currently reverted back to local terminal. No errors on VPS journal. DLLs
Looking for someone <Deleted> Cheers
how can I downgrade mt5 to a earlier build version?? I have a problem where I think a recent upgrade to mt5 has stop a indicator from working in backtesting I would not be using this in live trading, I just need to test my indicator in a earlier version that was working before a update I think a...
Hi, I notice that my AT&T dividend are credited to my MetaTrader 5 account on ex-div date, and not on payment date. Is this normal? I don't have much experience, so I apologize if the question is too silly. Regards, Georgi
Please my EA is not loading on the virtual servers however it trades perfectly on my laptop. I keep getting this message "2019.11.04 05:48:41.526 Virtual Hosting: 6081268 failed to send migration data (receive response failed [12002]) (receive response failed [12002])" Please what could be the
Dear Sir/Madam I purchase <Deleted> for MT4 platform and I paid 75USD from my Mql5 Account but when I go to <Deleted> on Mql5 market page it can not allow me to download.Please allow to download or refund my money
Hello, I am newbee and very hurry in finding how to request request arbitration in MQL5 job. Simply I can not find the button/link to do it. Thanks for replies !
any problem with gmail recently ? Been using the gmail in metatrader for quite a while.  But recently, got problem. Just mere click “test”in metatrader-> Tools -> option-> Email (after entering the necessarydetails accordingly), the following is displayed 2018.11.02 20:01:58.541               Mail...
  toolbox error (1)
It is normal that when you create an account in mt5 appears in the toolbox an option called market, but in my mt5 does not have that option, it simply disappeared, does anyone know how to put it again? options you are probably going to say I've done: install mt5 again, install under a new name in
  MT4 to Telegram (15   1 2)
Can anyone code or have any idea how to send trade details from MT4 to a Telegram channel. This is the sort of thing I am talking about. Thanks.
I have these MTF EAs that once the EA is loaded and let to run for about 2 hours. Then the TF is changed and recalculation occurs, signals change. For instance, a buy signal that might have caused a buy trade is there no more and the market is clearly going in a different direction.What could this
I am trying ti synchronise with VPS , right click on MQL5 Newyork and select synchronise. The final message in the journal is failed to get status and failed to execute migrate command. Any one had this problem
Hello folks, I would like to ask a question because I am having some trouble with the Netting Position Accounting system. Whereas in the Hedging system I can have multiple open positions with their own, individual SL, in the netting as you know I can have one position (that grows or reduces...
  disconnection (1)
Wondering I keep having to reconnect and or log in to my trading platform