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Looking for INDICATOR.mt4 Please Help ! Need for download. Thanks
Hi, I am a Metrader Newbie and amd trying to put together a Expert that Will Close a Position at a Certain Time. Nothing every happens with the Expert Below. Can someone tell me what is wrong? //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //|...
Let say I write two EAs as follows: ea1: To operate in H1 by default all indicators have NULL second parameter. ea2: Same as above except to force H1 on all indicators. Then run both in demo account and same broker: ea1 in H1 and ea2 in H4 on the same PC. The results should be the same just...
Hello, I just used "Insert - Text" and "Insert - Text Label" to add text to my chart window, but whatever I do I can't delete them again even if I reload my template. How can I get the text off my chart? Many thanks for your help.
I downloaded the demo on "MetaTrader 4 trading terminal" However, I cannot configure anything on the charts. Will I need to download (mt4setup.exe, 3.0Mb)
  EA Question?  (3)
When using an EA, do you have to have the indicators loaded on the chart with it for it to trade correctly? Or just the EA? Also, does anyone here trade with their EA only. No manual trades? Just curious. Sorry if its been asked before.
Consider the 2 following scripts : //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| =SCRIPT_TEST.mq4 | //| EMM | //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ #property show_inputs extern int e_volume = 1; int start() { return(0); }
  Possible bugs - build 210  (12   1 2)
Hi, There are a few possible bugs I've come across over the last month which I thought you might like to know about: 1. If a chart is opened and quotes need to be downloaded, the download fails if MetaQuotes looses it's connection which is to be expected - no connection, no quotes downloaded....
  Messagebox Bug...  (10)
I have 'searched' the forum but cannot find this mentioned - if it has been addressed, apologies. Attach an EA that uses 'Messagebox' in the Init function to a chart and it works fine - but only once! Even removing and re-attaching the EA to the chart fails to get the Messagebox to open a menu box...
Hi, What, if any, is the difference between the "Metatrader4" and "StrategyBuilderFX" software products? As I have seen people using both, and am not sure which is suitable for myself. Thanks, Tom
Hi, I read what I could find on the volume indicator in Metatrader, and that seems to suggest the Volume refers to the number of ticks per unit time, rather than the amount of lots traded per unit time. Is there a clearer definition of this indicator? Thanks, Tom
Hi all, can any one have Z score indicator for MT, below is given in Metastock code format for it C-MA(C,60)/ Stddev(C,60) The z score normalizes the prices over a period. We will select three months as the period for normalization.( 60 days assuming 20 trading days per month)
Hello, Newbie question this, but how can I set an order so it closes when one MA crosses another MA? For example here's my code to open a trade: ---------- if ((CurrentMA1 > CurrentMA2) && (PriorMA1 <= PriorMA2)) { { StopLossLevel = Bid-(10*Point);...
New MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 210 has been released. What' new: 1. Fixed displaying of profits "as Term Currency" for futures. 2. Tester: removed the checkbox "Recalculate". Now the testing sequence is generated each time anew at clicking "Start". 3. Tester: improved the generation...
  Specific EA  (1)
Good day to all I was wondering if someone knows or a freely available EA that I can modify for specific needs. I am looking for an EA that takes a position depending on where price lies with the 100sma on an hourly chart. Ok so say at 16:00 price is below the 100sma, I want a buy order and sell...
  Request  (3)
If possible could the date and time be split into 2 columns. Date for date and Time for time. At present it is all grouped together in one column and makes it hard to read and hard to work with in excel. Thanks..........
  Ex4 files  (2)
Hi guy. Here's my latest configuration. I actually use it for trading. Missed out on the really big part of the euro move...too sluggish getting off the boat! The first shot is my 'trigger' screen (Without all the words!) I find that MACD & Stochastics compliment each other really well. The second
Hi, guys, I know that this is, perhaps, not the most appropriate place to ask, but judging by the other posts, I could tell that a lot of people here do know what they are talking about. So... The following applies to real accounts, and mostly to orders executed during normal market conditions...
hI! How to calculate a angle of a Trend Line?
Does anybody have some cool (usefull) alarm sounds to be used with MT ? Thanks, Peter
Looking for an EA that would keep track of the max drawdown. If hedging two correlated pairs I only know when I turn a profit, but I have no way of knowing how far it draws down when things go wrong. Thanks for any help.
Anyone have this indicator for MT4? I have it for Amibroker but want to use it on Metatrader4 also. Here is the code for Amibroker, maybe someone can translate it into MT4 indicator. n1 = ChannelPeriods; // Channel periods defaultvar is 10. n2 =...
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Anyone have the Heiken Ashi Smoothed that is in a seperate window?
Hi, I notice that this forum discuss forex trading only, so may I ask is there any forum that discuss futures, eminis, and option? Regards
hi im here i have a question. im wondering how do the expert advisors work im mt4 i just dont get it
Hi guys! I'm glad I found this site. I feel that there's a wealth of information here and honestly was really positive when I've seen the phrase above 'Expert advisors leaders IN ELITE SECTION win more than 3000 pips (30000$ investing 1 lot every time) almost every month'. Anyway, I am an aspiring...
I'm having issues with build 210. I hear that there are lots of reports of problems with this build. Does anyone have a copy of build 208? Thanks in advance.
  Eur/usd to down  (13   1 2)
hi all eur/usd to down
  Heikin Ashi ZMA  (2)
hey guys, just wondering if anyone can make this indicator show on the bottom of the screen instead of on the chart itself, the settings will be used on this indicator are 66, 8888, 1, 3, 0, 0 the indicator goes off the screen when there is volatile action and you can't see it... the results are