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Hi, I am trying to explor where the difficulties are if I (eu-citizen) chose a non EU broker. My questions are like what about taxes? Which country has which regulations? Are the any specific pitfalls? Could someone point to some articles? Since I am not asking for any specific broker I hope this...
I know I am a noob, but I have a couple initial questions. 1) How do I get the MQL5 Wizard to generate an EA with a Bollinger Band breakaway as the first indicator? 2) How do I get and use a "trailing stop" either in the EA or after a manual trade?  (and do you have a file and where do I save it)...
  iExposure.mq4  (2)
is the counterpart of this indicator in the MQL5 language iExposure.mq4 ? mq5
Asks for download of app after asking if have MT4 on computer or not.   How do I get past this problem? Do I need to reset setting somewhere.  Cannot download any free or paid indicators. Please help.  Thanks!
  Signals  (4)
Hello to all my broker does not support the signals (short there is no option siganux in my platform) I would like to know how I can get around this. thank you
Hi! I need the information on how to combine two DDE from two different brokers.  the syntax of the DDE : MT4|BID!GBPUSD The "MT4" doesn't care which broker's terminal is open and it seems that he just choose the broker to connect randomly. is there any way to change that like MT1,MT2,MT3 etc or Is...
  Trade disabled  (2)
My trading is disabled, there is no way to trade even when I had opened a live trading account and also subscribed to copy a trader with some money in my trading accpunt but yet I am unable to do any trading because it said the trade is disabled
By backtesting I will ask myself quite often: How long should I trace back to do the backtesting? If I backtest the 15M timeframe, a three years historical data should be long enough? Surely many people will say the longer the better. I doubt this. How is your opinion?
I just saw there is a DDE solution for MT5 that comes with it own DDE-Server! Now I am wondering why there are quite some attempts for trade-copiers based on pipes and sockets but not on that quite simple DDE which exists for Windows  XP,Vista,7,8,10 and even Linux/Wine and probably MAC. One only...
Anyone out there who can help me by explaining how to get cryptos kraken qoutes with there vpn on meta 5?
Hi I have 2 trading accounts same broker, I also created 2 different MQL accounts. The first account works fine, but on the second account when I try to add a signal... Subscription/renewal prohibited   this is shown in the Journal. What am i doing wrong... been trying to get it to work for hours...
I am a bit new to expert advisor coding. I have made an Expert Advisor (see attached file). It only takes one trade at a time though. There are several instances that the conditions for trade entry are met more than once but only one trade is taken at a time. How can I make it take more than one...
Does anyone know what determines the frequency of these checks ?- there seems to be a long gap between mine and was wondering if there was a way we can control the frequency? Thanks
  Fast VPS  (4)
Has anybody ever compared a fast VPS against the MQL VPS? Currently I have a fast VPS that I use to copy a signal. My understanding regarding the time delay is the following: 1 - less than 2 ms, signal provider's pc to signal provider's broker (It is an assumption) 2 - around 5 - 10 ms from the...
My account has still been status "Waiting for approval". Anyone help me?
Hi all, Quite often I will do the optimation backtesting. Since this is quite time costly expecially when you use the model of "Every tick...", I will use the model of "Open price only..". But I find if I use the optimated parameters to do the backtesting with "Every tick.." The result is quite...
Hi admin, My mql5 account was blocked for hours 2 months ago, but after quick unlock, i still can not create task in Freelance section. I have sent a request in service desk, they told me asking help in the forum. please help for this. thanks
I subscribed to a signal. During the trading, my Metatrader station closed a position with one minute of delay compared to the signal provider . (obviously losing money). All the other positions were opened and closed correctly. Does it happen often? How it is possible to avoid this problem? Is it a
I'm an Elliot wave trader. I want us to form a group of Elliot wave traders, so we can analyse the market and exchange ideas/analysis, giving our point of view. Sometime our analysis will have to be private exchange of message.
I am facing strange behavior of automatic validation. All of my EAs ending as failded, because of this error... Even if i try the old EX4 files from my previous validated EAs, no one could go through now. test on EURUSD,H1there are no trading operationstest on NZDUSD,H1there are no trading...
Hi, is there any way to let 1 indicator draw on both current chart and also in sub window? i only can choose 1 of the below. #property indicator_chart_window #property indicator_separate_window Thanks, EC
Hello everybody,I do not understand, I make a copy paste of the code of my EA that I then stick in the MetaEditor to recreate it with another broker. I compile but the tab "start, resume debugging (F5)" remains grayed out. So impossible to transfer my EA on the MT4 platform.Yet I managed this...
  MT4 signal  (1)
i registered for mt4 signal provider but the signal failed to connect cause it is trying to loggin in mt5, i don't know how to register in mt4 ..always ends up in mt5
Dear sir, I am looking into setting up an Forex broker business which will be making MT4 & MT5 as primary trading platform . Kindly advise if there is any license fee from MQL5 for MT4 & MT5(or both in one fee) payable one time or on a yearly basis ? On top of that, any fee payable for MT4 & MT5
Signal provider page - it used to show the broker they were using - where has it gone? I can't see it
Hi I have some problem of the simple code listed below double z; double base=0.1; y=Digits; z=MathPow(base,y);   When Digits = 5 , which means MathPow(0.1,5) , z becomes 0 ,  Below is what I output with different value of y, it only works up to y = 4, anyone can kindly suggest what is the issue? y =...
  Help please  (5)
my question is i can  use account live in name of my brother here in my account mql5 to send signal ???in case of profit  my profit is paid to me or to the account in the name of my brother thank you
  adding Account  (2)
hi  please assist how can i add my InstaForex account here ? 
  New MT4 VPS user  (10)
hello, I subscribed to the VPS service MT4 and I have integratedintegrate but I do not know how to access the servers. cordialy.
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. This is the message I get from Window 10 when I try to open a file by double clicking its name in Windows Explorer after this mql5 code opened and closed the same file. Since the code needs to run on many charts, it...