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Hello there folks, I´m looking for a script that can show my running trades on chart window. Anyone knows one that can do it?  Thank you in advance.
i would like to receive help with using metatrader 4.   either through an company-preferable however a person who is knowledgeable about metatrader4 for an hourly rate i cannot use metatrader as a platform as i cannot find answers to my needs thank you allen nelson
The Hong Kong VPS server does not seem to be working. An EA would not open any trades there. When I switched it to a NY server or Amsterdam server it worked fine. Please check. There is only one HK server shown and it has the lowest ping value but does not seem to work. 
  I can't withdraw my money (12   1 2)
3 days already system no send me confirmation SMS and i can't withdraw my money to paypal any solution?
Now after the update I am getting "failed to create handle of the iMA indicador. So, now what ? Guys, it is serious. My EA is really profitable, from months. Now, I have no idea how to solve it. Already deleted and reinstall all the MT5, nothing solve this. 2018.10.28 18:03:04.890 MARK (WINZ18...
Could you guys help me understand how do you handle suchcases. This is NZDCAD on May 22, H4 chart. I have 2 brokers: one isGMT+2 (CET, summer time) and the other is GMT+3 (summer time). The GMT+2 broker provides 6 daily candles per week (1 dailychart on a Sunday, which is basically only a 1-hour...
  MQL4/5 Market Place Ideas (12   1 2)
I'm not sure where to write suggestions for MQL5 market place improvements so I've started this thread. Suggestions: Skipping the Economic theory, formula and such:  revenue will be maximised for both the vendor and Metaquotes if vendor functionality is enhanced to allow vendors to price the same...
Dear Coder, After I run MetaEditor 4 or 5, one core of my CPU goes up to 100% usage. First, Host Process for Windows Task (taskhostw.exe) burn my CPU. I kill this process, then COM Surrogate (dllhost.exe) starts burning. Don't know why. I installed new MetaTraders. And it is just burning and burning...
Hi, I wasn't sure where to post this so hope someone can answer a general question for me. When a paid product says it has 5 activations, it's explained as you can activate it on 5 different computers.   What I'm confused about is the following. Let's say I have one computer but two Metatrader...
Can an alert be added to an existing indicator? For example, when the stochastic lines crossover an alert is triggered.
Let's discuss about signal choosing strategies.
Hi, I'm currently facing the same problem reported in the MQL4 questions here and at the end of here. Nevertheless I'll describe it in case it might help. I have an EA I want to optimize and it has many configuration parameters, e.g.: 11 different types of stop loss strategies. Each such parameters...
This morning I woke up to find that my virtual terminal subscriptions had been cancelled, when I had two more months on them (got notifications on my phone about it). When I went into MT4 on my desktop to see what was going on, it appears that they are still active. However, when I go into the VPS...
  compte mql5 (1)
why when i try to specify my account mql5, it does not activate ?
  MT4 setting (2)
Hi All Please can someone show me how to reduce the spaces of charts as shown in the attached screen shot. Thank you 
Hello, I want to add more ram to my computer but I was wondering if adding ram would require using a new activation. Since it's one activation per computer I was wondering which parts can be changed/upgraded without needing to use a new activation. Thank you!
  Change SL (1)
hi, my name is Emanuele. How can I change the current order SL? int ControlloSL(){  int c=0;  for (c=0;ticket[c] != 0 ;c++){  if (OrderSelect(ticket[c],MODE_TRADES) == true){         if (OrderProfit()> 0){      OrderModify(ticket[c],OrderOpenPrice(),Open[0],OrderTakeProfit(),0...
  Adding Time in Mql4 (11   1 2)
Hi Guys How do you add or subtract time in MQL4? eg if I wanted to add or subtract 68 minutes to/from 06:04 Thanks in advance Jay
Hi, I am waiting 6 months for verification account is that standard ?
Hello, is there a way to set different colors for horizontal areas in a indicator window? I have 3 areas (2 separate levels) which i would like to color differently Thank you
Hi, I'm using simple moving average of order 5 (as for example). I'm trying to detect whether or not few consecutive closing price above / below this trend line. Is there code or any help? Thanks Deb
Hello, I've subscribed to a signal and am hosting it on the MQL4 VPS. There's nothing I can log into - so I can't run an EA to my knowledge. Does anyone know how I might multiply my trades in this circumstance? Yours, Tim
  VPS Frozen (3)
Hi, I am trying to resync but am unable to do so as the server appears frozen. Any suggestions? Have tried stopping but that doesnt work either, even when i reboot the program or relog in.  Thanks for your help, have got code placed that I need to change so kinda urgent :/
Please how can i get the color of Heiken Ashi, that is if it is white(buy) or red(sell) using iCustom function. Thanks in advance.
Is this even possible  ...I'd like to know witch class created what (to exchange the ID ) but this is creating loop, and I'm not sure if this even possible , and I have to use third class ...I'm still  far from the expert level but the algorithm I'm working on will need to be able to do similar...
Hello, this seems to be a recurring issue.  Opened a ticket with Service Desk but no reply after 24 hours. Is anyone facing the same issue?
Hi I need some help regarding Expert advisor and super signal channel. I want to merge the super signal channel logic with non repainting of the signals into Expert advisor from where i can place the orders. So can you please help me that how i can write down the code of super signal channel into...
Who would like to build a code based on the Ichimoku Cloud??  Looking to create something with it
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|                                        super-signals-channel.mq4 |//|                Copyright © 2006, Nick Bilak, beluck[AT]gmail.com |//+------------------------------------------------------------------+#property copyright...
I'll begin by saying I still use Windows Vista. I know, I am a dinosaur. I have learned to accept it and come to grips with it   ;-) Last year I was running a demo from InstaForex and had it set up with many charts and many indicators - just how I liked it. I had to get away from practice trading...