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Can someone tell me How to Search MQL4 Source Code Library for MetaTrader 4 Indicators?  Now that the focus seems to be on MT5, I don't find a way to search for the MT4 indicators.
Good morning everyone, Few months ago I wrote my personal Expert Advisor and 3 days ago I tested it on a Demo version of my trading account. When the EA is running, every day my PC create logs files (I can't open them because when I try to open a message show that Notepad can't open files big size...
i have wrote some code for indicators and i wanted to add time bar protection , like indicator will stop working in 1 month or so .. how can i do it ? 
Hello, does the strategy tester have shortcut keys? I like to run a macro program for repetitive tasks like e.g. getting reports based on certain criteria and save the XML in Excel. For that, I prefer to use a macro that makes use of shortcut keys for every button or field instead of using the mouse...
Instead of using the Horisontal Line standard in MT5. I'd love to have a, "object" price label right following BID,  But I don't have any experience at all with this. Thanks guys for the help. I believe this would be a huge improvement in MT5
Looking for Supply and Demand zone indicator for MT5 ...If possible any has it ? to share with me 
I calling an indicator in my EA using iCustom, and the indicator has an input parameter. How can back-test the EA using different input values of the indicator's input parameter... Of course I can set a default value and compile the indicator with different default input values. But, I don't want...
  Can't start MQL5 VPS! (38   1 2 3 4)
First of all where is direct support of this site? Previously I've used Service Desk but now they allow only financial questions. Secondly I can not start my VPS (it is always in Stopped status). I've tried starting it from MT and also from this site but nothing helped.
Well, that was the question: Does MT4 signal work in MT5 platform?
I've deposited money to create an EA, but things changed and the EA won't be coded.Now, how can I get the deposit back? It looks trickier than it should be, can I not just refund it back via paypal? Thanks
I have 2 accounts with 2 different metatrader 4 on my VPS. I can trade forex on both but I can only run Expert Advisers on one. I have tried to find the solution to how I can trade with EA on both. I have been searching for errors on the internet connection. when i run debugging i get: ipsec...
I did a cursory look (search) through the forums and I couldn't find an answer to, what seems to be, a seemingly simple solution to this problem.  On a whim, I downloaded Metatrader 5 and started playing around with it.  I love it so much more than MT4.  So, I decided to look around at United States...
I want to write a program in Delphi XE5 to display on my computer screen (refreshed every 15 minutes) the account equity and account balance of my accounts with a given broker. Suppose I have 4 accounts with FXCM.  I want to see the state of those four accounts by writing an EA to interrogate the...
Im trying to normalize my price but i need to be normalized to the higher pricer not the closest. Example. When i try to normalize the value: 85977.14 im getting the price: 85975, but i need to enter more safe in the operation so the right price should be 85980. Considering this Symbol is 5 in 5...
I want to write account number and date into softwarehow should i use a codewhere do I write this codethanks
It really does suck to be a USA trader anyone know of which broker I should go with to get the lowest possible spreads? 
Who wanna learn supply and demand forex trading system
  Indicator (2)
Pls can someone help me out here. I have an indicator software which i want to incorporate into my MT4 but i dont know how to do that
By inserting the Gann fan tool on the graph, there is no rotation control point for this instrument. To rotate the fans, you must insert the PIPS per bar on the control panel. It's normal? Can not solve this problem? On metatrader 4 the fans of Gann had the manual rotation point with the mouse
How to improve these 2 lines? Please help!
BreakOut High Candle buy stop pending on high candle before + 1 or more pips/poins every executing scripts  BreakDown Low Candle  sell stop pending on low candle before + 1 or more pips/poins every executing scripts i think it is so simple code, but i cannot :-)  maybe anybody here can help creating...
I just want to make a script that will put 2 horizontal lines on the chart. The Upper Horizontal Line must be 5pips above the current price and the Lower Horizontal Line must be 20pips below the Upper Horizontal Line. is it possible to make it as a script? I want to code it but i am not expert in...
Hello, I am looking for a strategy analysis. I have 20 pairs to test in backtest and analyze for a new EA. I currently use Quant Analyzer 4, but this system has a problem because it does not calculate the correct draw down. I contacted the manufacturer and QuantAnalyzer evaluates DD only for closed...
Hi !! I need to create an arrow signal based on a couple .ex4 indicators in the last candle by specifying the put and call entry from the data window numbers  assuming that there are 3 candles , for the first candle if the color change of the indicators monitoring for example  1.52583 and 1.58852...
What broker is compatible for trading stocks in MT5 and is also regulated in the US?
Hi there. I was registered but nothing comes to my phone ( like code ). Here is the screen: <personal details deleted>
Hi everyone, Do you know if it is planned to add French in the languages of the MQL5 site? Thank you and have a good day.
I am a newbie trader searching for free ATR, confirmation, volume, exit and volume indicators to build my algorthm. Thanks, Ant
  VPS problems (3)
Hello, First, in fact, how can contact mql5 support to send message about technical problems? Now problems with VPS. The actual problem: From my VPS connected to Avatrade I can not get any experts log since 26th of december 2018 00:00 Also it seems,  my experts are not trading there.
  Taxes (1)
I see my history for each day in the mt5 toolbox . My question is how to find my entire history in a printable spreadsheet for tax purposes . The history in the toolbox disappears at the end of each day. Thanks ,