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for ( int i= 0 ;i<rates_total;i++) { double Buffer= iCustom ( _Symbol , _Period , "SuperTrendValues" , 0 ,i+ 1 ); double Buffer_1= iCustom ( _Symbol , _Period , "SuperTrendValues" , 0 ,i+ 2 ); if (Buffer>Buffer_1) { Blue_1= true ; Red_1= false ;
Hi, I want to link my broker account at Binck bank to MetaTrader 5. Bink bank has an API with some basic info here on Github But I’m struggling to get started as I don’t have a clue how this has to be done. Does anyone here tried establishing a similar connection? Or maybe someone knows an example
Greetings everyone! I’m just wondering what is the criteria for a product to become “popular”? I see some products on that page that are clearly popular, but other products have little to no stars/reviews and very little downloads, yet they are displayed on there. Does any have any information on
how come?????????i wait for response over 3 days...
When I click the blue "Install" button in the MT4 Terminal, I am prompted to enter my MQL5 Login and Password. Once entered, they are always rejected as "incorrect login or password". These are accepted when I enter them under the "Tools", "Community" Tab. I have changed the Password several times
My account is blocked. How to unblock it.
Hello @Lorentzos Roussos , I was wondering if you could help me. What I need to code is a simple indicator or EA that whenever I hit the "B" or "S" keys on my keyboard an horizontal ray shows up right at the mouse pointer and it moves along with it and once I click over the chart then it "releases"
Would anyone kindly help me change the file so the output on the date would be yyyy/mm/dd or yyyymmdd My trading software can't read the date format of 🤦‍♂️ <ex* file delete d>
I created a custom struct struct MyStruct { int a; int b; } I want to print a object that is created from this struct void _Print() { Print ( "i = " , i, "b = " , b); } To do it easier I want to overload the Print function and just do like this: MyStruct obj; obj.a = 1 ; obj.b = 2 ; Print (obj); As
What is a Forex Lot
struct TickOne { datetime time; double ask; double bid; bool operator >( const TickOne &r) { return this .ask>r.ask; } bool operator <( const TickOne &r) { return this .ask<r.ask; } }; I want to compare two custom objects by using the (<,>) less/more operator. For example: A tickOne, tickOne2
I've already expressed my puzzlement for the removal of PayPal as a payment option here (some of my posts being promptly deleted by the good people of this site...), now, since my credit card is getting rejected as well, and before I leave this place for good, I would like to kindly have explained
  Cancel Purchase  (3)
If i cancel my purchase, will the amount be returned to my bank/debit card or it will be credited as mql5 credit
How to get back my money from MQL5? I'm trying MQL5 for the first time and not satisfied at all with VPS service nor the signal I subscribed. The progression of this signal was false and has been modified recently. Now I have a small amount as little as 10 $ on my balance that I can't withdraw
Hi Guys, The person copy my signal on mql5 and sells it on other website. Is it legal
Hi, I stopped a signal from MT5 TOOLS--SIGNALS--Uncheck the box. Now when i restarted it my tardes are not opening as per signal automatically. Can anyone help
Hi everyone, I got this problem, the signal is on yellow light, can i please know how to fix it? I have already done every steps told in youtube, but still filled. Thanks L
Good morning, despite having purchased the signal in question, the trading account is not moved. Can you explain to me where is the mistake? Thanks Italo Auriemma
Has anyone had this experience and fixed it. Like a hung app, dowloads but won`t install. Error message, red cross on downloading files, see image
I copied someone's trades and multiply my money 3 times of quantity that he has and also added a 5% increase to the amount because MetaTrader only allow 95% of my amount, but when the person who I copied his trades starts a new trade, my MetaTrader start the trade with only twice more than the
  USING EA on VPS  (6)
Hey guys Please can anyone show me how to setup an EA on VPS? I rented a VPS and want to put an Alerter EA on it so that it can send me notifications even if my pc isn’t running I tried it by myself but it didn’t work. The EA worked smoothly when I was on MetaTrader, but when i closed MetaTrader it
I want to subscribe a signal, but I have several mt4 terminals running and I can't choose which one I want to use with the signal and the one picked by the system already has another signal subscribed Anynone knows how to solve this? Thanks
Hi, Can you suggest me which Forex Broker is best for IB/Affiliate for higher commission. Filter : I’m looking for A Book broker IB
Hi, i'm trayng to make this work but i can't see the current Ask price and i don' t understand why? #include <Trade\SymbolInfo.mqh> #include <Trade\Trade.mqh> CSymbolInfo Simbolo; int OnInit () { return ( INIT_SUCCEEDED ); } void OnDeinit ( const int reason) { } void OnTick () {
Hi everybody, hope you are all good! First, thank you for your time reading my topic, hope you can help me. So, the bug I'm having is simple to explain, I'm getting: -(nan) after doing a series of multiplication of double values. Here goes some details that I noted: While in the backtest , this bug
Anybody Here Can Help Me To Change My User Profile Login Id Because I want to Changed my user id My Current login id is i want to replaced my user id and i want to keep new login user id is chsaqlain7 so please anybody here can help me how can i changed my login user id
Hi, In my strategy tester pending order are not expired (Look the picture). What can I check? request.expiration = pExpiration; request.type_time = ORDER_TIME_SPECIFIED ; Thanks
Hello, i made mistake and payed 30$ in my acount and i can not withdraw now, i am new here. actually i have no money and this is what i have, is any chance to get it back? can enyone help me
(Margin Required for 0.01 Lot) * (Balance/10) ===> (Display only the answer on the chart) thank you in advance
I've done with a lot of difficulties (I'm completely a beginner) the following code, but the order is opening every tick (I've used MqlTick). Is there a possibility to use another command to check every candlsestick closure ? Thanks