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  MT5 renko (2)
Is there a way to trade directly from a renko chart with MT5?
I tried sending an email to support about this, but would like to see if anyone else is having this problem. I had 2 different MT4 desktop versions downloaded on my laptop. When I downloaded them it had downloaded an MQL5 icon onto my desktop as well. I had been downloading indicators from the MQL5...
Hello I'm Trying to move my VPS account from MT4 to MT5 but it's not working. Displaying this error "Error saving data" what can i do?
hi, i deposited 10$ when i opened the account. I thought mql5 was a broker to use on metatrader 5. most companies want 250$ and up. how do i get my 10$ back or use it to help me profit with forex and CFDs on other platforms
  PYTHON EA ? (8)
Anybody did an EA based on Python ? Some help libraries ( PYTHON) ?
  bot (2)
buenas tardes como puedo agregar el valor del histograma del macd al un bot
Why my MT5 backtest results output shows in HTML page only default input data and not real input data used for it? My current MT5 version is 5.0 Thank in advance for reply.
Hi Just wondering how can I set up XAUUSD Deviation/ Slippage points / spreads in my signal subscriptions. Due to can't copy the XAUUSD signal from my signal provider. I thought may be the spreads I set up only 3.0 Spreads have any good suggestion?  How can I set up the Deviation/ Slippage points/...
1.     Strict money management   ·        Properuse of my capital begins with acceptingrisk. ·        Tradingthe markets cannot be done successfully unless I assume risk. ·        Thereis only one risk in the market: that I may be on the wrong side of the netorder flow. ·        Onevaluable clue...
I will apologize now for not having done enough researchbefore asking this question. Can I add other applications to my virtual hostingmachine, such that I can use a bridge from my MT4/5 expert advisor to my brokeraccount? What do I need to do to install bridge software on virtual machine?Other...
Hi Is it possible to copy this indicator so it works on MT4? It looks reallt useful indeed, and there is one that works with RSI and MACD, but I would have thought the CCI insdicator would have been the best one. Forgot link!
Hi there, I would appreciate if anybody can explain the mechanism of the attached Growth rate. How is it derived and calculated? Is the attached 17116% growth rate is accurate? Thank you
Hi, I'm having a problem in registering process as seller, may i get some helps?  Specially when I'm uploading photos and ID it says there is an issue, any clue?
 this two days, i can not open,  it shows  no connection to this site, does anyone here has the same problem with me? sorry for this offline topic..
Hi, I subscribed two signals that until now were managed by two MT4 running on two pc of mine.. so every pc has 2 mt4 running ok? Because of duplicated signal issue today I started the 24h trial period of your vps on one of the two signals I synched the vps and after that I unchecked the "enable...
HelloI bought EA that I installed on my PC.I wish more instalation on my pc, install on my phone os.The problem is that on my phone when I click on EA , I am informed that I bought EA but no link allowing me to instalation on my phone.Thank you for your helpcordiallydrb
Hi. Do anyone in here have any suggestions on how I can store all custom indicator values, price and date/time from MT4 into a Database, Redis or a message queue of some sort?
Why Money Management? Best system will fail in long-term if it is without proper money management. On the contrary, bad system can turn profitable if used with a good money management. Currency trading always go through the cyclical ups and downs, where winning and losing are just part of the game....
Today and earlier days i tried to get a order open on my mobile with the german dax30. I got the following row: -2,5 | -0,25 | 1.0 | +0,25 | +2,5 Now if i click on -0,25 i get 0,8, 0,6, 0,4, 0,2, on all of them i cant open a trade. I do also tried to put in 0,25 over the smartphone keyboard but the...
Even it is said that accepting Mastercard and Union pay card, I still get rejected like this:
  Agent Help ! (4)
I shared 6 processor for 2 days but there is any profit. Where did i do wrong ?
I have deleted a topic due to it referring to a specific Signal. Too many people are posting questions simply to draw attention to their signals, a way of promotion. This is what it said  "My signal's growth in March and April was 21.1% and 15.52%. After closing today's trades my growth in March and...
I have put a job on Arbitration 2 weeks ago because customer is not responding to me since 1 month. So, I wanna know how much more days does this Arbitration take to close that job?
I have a virtual machine running MT4 and the Market doesn't show up so I can add my indicator I bought, does anyone know why this is's on more than just one MT4. Let me know..thanks, Dan
Hello Guys, Saurabh here, I am new to the forex trading.  Just wondering if there is any meter/index to find best pair for trading. There must be something to find best performing currency of the day. I found forex volatility filter here but have no idea regarding how to interpret it: https://www...
So as far as I can tell, the way you know you're logged into a live account as opposed to demo is that there is no "demo" in the titlebar. Are there any other cues in the UI that tell you you're logged into a live account?
I want to inform MQL5 that my 49 dollars deposit  means :  "Renew my abonement for 6 months"
Can somebody help me with this please
I wish to auto refresh an indicator at a fixed time daily(say 9am) How do I achieve this? 
i have written a program on which i want to check if the OrderProfit() > 20 then it wil close the order , and if the OrderProfit() is more than -30 (  ie: if the value is -33 or -50 like wise it should open another reverse order to compasinate the loss inquired ) but here is the problem , when...