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  market watch (4)
Sorry for such a basic question, but I haven't been able to find out how to do this. How do you bring up the market watch. Thanks for help. -Matthew
  best ea! (24   1 2 3)
Hello, Give me the worst ea you have (the code .mq4 file) and i will change it to a good ea.
6 Months, 1 Year, 2 Years, 3 Years, 5 Years, 7 Years, 10 Years
How to download the RSIMFI Adaptive indicator on the metatrader 4 for a Mac?
Hello Anyone have do mt4 or mt5 for microsoft lumia windows phone 10 for download? Anyone develop this plataform?
If Daylight Saving Time correction is YES, when will time Zone be changed (exactly time please)?
It comes to my mind a number games. I want to make an EA based on a simple moving average crosses If there is no Open Order... If the fast moving average crosses above the slow moving average, it will execute buy position using i.e 0.01 lotsize. OR If the fast moving average crosses below the slow...
Does MQL5 have a software app to download so I can run a Touch - No touch binary trade? If so, is it in your applications available? Or do I just need to do it online and then load it into my MQl5 platform.
Hi, I was hoping someone here would be able to help me modify my attached indicator. Basically all the indicator does at the moment is plot an arrow for a cross of 2 moving averages. That being, plot a green "buy" arrow when the 3 ema crosses above the 10 sma, and plot a red "sell" arrow when the 3...
Hey Guys Can someone provide links or inform how we can take account statements data and convert it graphical to help better understand trading history thanks
ut seems the trading robots are for forex trading I'm looking for a trading robot for gold trading only  can anyone point me to one?
Hi I generate this script by Stochastic indicator but i want to add level like 20-80 to use it as condition for sell or buy . can any one help me to do this ? this is a file of script >>>> Ziad AR
Hi everyone, I am sure anyone who has used MT4 often especially to do long backtests knows how big the log files can get ! I have coded a batch file which deletes the biggest files from MT4 (you need to close the program first) thought I would share it... Just place it in your metatrader folder and...
I have not been able to find any way to open market orders with hotkeys, my way of operating requires that the operations be open and closed at the exact moment you decide (scalper very fast), doing it with the mouse and clicking below the small arrow is something impossible. Is there a way to open...
  how do swaps work? (17   1 2)
can anyone tell me how the swap works? does it ever leave once it is imposed?
Hi, I'm coding in MT5 about a complex topic : I would like to calcul a SMA of a RSI of a specific serie. the serie is calculated like that : (close + (high+low)/2)/2. Finally I would like to make : out = sma(rsi(serie,14)) based on current symbol and current timeframe. Could someone help me by...
I am trying to connect Metatrader4 with Twilio (voice and messaging service), via DLL. The call goes something like this: MT4 expert script -> C++/CLI DLL -> C# DLL -> Twilio I have successfully tested both dlls using a (C#) console application - the program calls...
  close trade (3)
i am trying to access mymoney but support keeps telling me to contact my account manager.  I cannot contact him so need to know how to close trades so I can get money  please some one tell a total beginner
How do I load custom indicators in webTerminal.
Hey guys, ive found several threads about how to calculate the necessary margin in mt4 to open a position but i cant find the  function to calculate it in mql5.  i want to know how to calculate how much margin it costs to open 0.1 or 1 LOT for a _Symbol without opening a Trade.  regards
Hi Guys, Signal is using GBPUSD. but my broker doesnt have DOT at the end of the currency pair. Can you please help me how i will convert it? Or MT4 already have this feature? Thanks!
Is there a customer indicastor which would sound the alarm function when a added horizontal line it touched ?
How can we install a trailing stop utility that will run without closing the EA that is running ?
Step to reproduce the error: your account is in EUR, you create a custom symbol for EURUSD to import custom data(copying the standard one) So you have: Base Currency: EUR, Profit currency: USD, Margin currency: EUR When you run the strategy tester MetaTrader search a symbol to calculate...
  Help (11   1 2)
 Hi, I deposited £250 in a GMO Trading account today. What do I do next please? Ed
Looking around for a "good" trading signal to copy, I read about the Trading History Volume. if it says 0.02, does that mean that the system will open an order with 2000 (0.02 x 100,000) which is basically 2 micro lots? If that is true, then how can the Account > Growth > YTD be cumulative of all...
  Historical Data (16   1 2)
I would like to ask if there is any chance to use my own historic data in MT5. Is it true that I must have a broker and try then to get the historic data from him? thanks
Couldsomebody help me to automatize following MQL5 calculations? I want toknow for each symbol, PIPS to win/lose each time JUST 1€, assuming 0,01 lots in eachposition. Looking atthe image, I have found and approximation of 13 PIPS, but I want to do thatautomatically using MQL5 functions. Thanks
Hi, Im testing out this MT5 EA but its not taking trades on a Live Market. Auto-Trading is on, the Strategy Tester works fine but still nothing, please assist. Thank you. Arnold