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Quick question. I'm trying to convert some code from mql4 to mql5 but having some trouble. How do I express the below conditional in mql5? if(OrderType() == OP_BUY) Also, is it still possible to select orders by position instead of ticket only like in mql4
I have raised a ticket with support, but FYI. If you update to the latest version of Windows 10 you may loose the license to your purchased products. Probably due to the hardware fingerprint of your operating system changing. Given the evergreen nature of Windows, this really needs a better solution
Good day, Is anyone else experiencing problems with loading Metatrader 5 this morning? I keep getting a "Boing" sound. Please kindly let me know as soon as possible. Thank you
  problem (2)
i copied a signal and when the signal place position, my account place 2 position at the same time and the second position does'nt exsist on journal how can i fix it? thanks
I can't access the demo servers and checking to make sure it's not caused by anything on my end... Thanks
Hi I am the only one surprised that the problem with making credit card payment still exist after about a week?. I wouldn't want to be a programmer trying to sell my indicators etc. when the payment system is failing!. This should be MQL5 number one priority
What I need is a script or an Indicator that tells me the exact time of the High or the Low of ay Candlestick I want. The time has to be in precise seconds, i.e. Hour/minute/seconds for every high and every low, for every candlestick on the chart. let me know if this can be done. regards, Prashant
Hi, Sometimes, when I use SeriesInfoInteger and CopyTime in MQL5 for a symbol, my code halts for ever, and does not respond. How can I set a timeout so that if the program halts, for example, for 10 second, the task or the calling function is terminated? The symbol is included in the market watch
Why doesn't that get me to value? Also, no errors in the compiler, but errors in MT5... void OnStart() { double Close0[]; double Low0[]; CopyClose(Symbol(),PERIOD_CURRENT,0,1,Close0); ArraySetAsSeries(Close0,true); CopyLow(Symbol(),PERIOD_CURRENT,0,1,Low0); ArraySetAsSeries(Low0,true);
hello , i have one question :) Do when test expert advisor in back test Is calculated the spread or it will test without spread ??
Hi guys- in desperate need of some expert advice here. I was trading a live account on VPS for nearly 2 years and about 2 months ago the EA which normally takes 2 trades- a 2nd if the 1st goes against you, stopped working. It stopped taking the 2nd trade and I ended up with a bunch of rogue trades
scale fix option ticked dont stay permanant when saved as template
Suppose I sell signals. If someone buys my signal, I get paid immediately or have to wait for the end of the month.
Which one is more precisely, using the newest graphic of data after deleting the history, or using those data by adding the data from metaquotes. Because there is a very big difference
I wonder if this option of MT4 for a COPY TRADING SIGNAL work very well :  "Stop if equity is less than [B] – this parameter allows you to limit losses when using trading signals. If equity drops below a specified level, copying of trade signals will be automatically...
Hi guys I would like to know if it is possible to create an indicator like to the example below. Sorry for the bad
  Colored Moving Average (14   1 2)
Hello, I have developed a Moving Average, which consists of two lines with different colors. However, I have the problem that when the color changes, there is a gap. Is there a way to fill this gap? Many thanks in advance....
How money transferred to other account after each transaction (buy or sell)? Is metatrader platform broker, dealer or market maker? Compare with stock market transactions please.
  EA ask? (2)
hello guy, i have three account on my mt4, then i download and use an EA on a account, does the EA work at other account?
Is it possible to change the lot size when copying a signal? For example if i want the lot size to be double of the signal, how can i do this? Thanks.
Every time I log into meta trader 4 it says Signal - signal subscription disabled, enable realtime subscription in 'Signals' settings. I'm new to using meta trader 4. I thought since I subscribed to the  meta trader 4 vps that it wouldn't do this. What's wrong and how do I fix this?
I'm trying to reference fractal values (fractal up/down) to identifying where they are in the price chart historically. iFractal() function only takes two parameters (Symbol & timeframe) so I'm not sure how to identify the indicator buffers from that. Any thoughts?
So I wanted to use Fractals indicator however I would like to see less Fractals by extending both the look-back and look-forward period from 2 to 5. The only thing I've modified from the stock version of the iFractals indicator are the highlighted stuff below. I'm getting a message that says 'array...
Good day! Just want to ask why some signals grows from 2016, yet, it shows that it's started from a different time(2018)? Is that because ‘DrawDown cleaning?’
Good morning,I'm coding an Ea to open trades on 1day or 4h chart. I'd like it close the trades when the daily or 4h candle close. There's someone that can help me with the code? Thanks a lot
Hello, Basically I was wondering, which way would it be best to run 80 MT4 accounts, with the main EA being running on 1 account, and the rest 79 accounts, copying the trades. There are usually no more than 20-30 trades open at the same time, the average, usual amount being at about 10 open trades....
HI. Is there setting to have the maximum height for a sub window indicator by, indicator_height https://www.mql5.com/en/docs/basis/preprosessor/compilation
The company that hosts my VPS has just migrated it to a new server over the weekend. When I try to load my  EA I get an error message. What do I need to do to get it working again?
Hello all,  I was hoping to get some insight, I was/am looking at a program that promises results (?) and coaching to use their indicators and algorithmic system but its crazy expensive. I am planning on trading forex, does anyone have any thoughts on this or a better way to get trained and using...
My question is very simple. Imagine we have the following string: string formula = "pow((1 + 3) * 0.7482, 0.5)"; Is it possible to calculate that formula which will be provided during run time as a string? The result should be: 1.7299710980244727 Thanks!