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  New to forex (5)
Hi folks, am new to the forex market and intend to stay long here and i have got plans to train others, pls help me achieve my dreams
  Modify ea (1)
I want a person who have too modify my ea contact me
Hello! After I set alerts and change them to notification (I already set up mobile app) I close the terminal and once I open it back there're no alerts. I expected them to work even with a closed terminal and be able to get mobile notifications. Any chance to set them up like this? Many thanks in...
Hi all, For all those OANDA broker users of MT4, when I open the platform it is frozen and won't respond. The OANDA chat line suggested I uninstall and reinstall which I did without success. The OANDA fxtrade platform works fine - any suggestions folks. I'm using Windows8. cheers dm 
Hello everyone, I noticed that there is no way to see when X seconds are missing to the next candle with mql4, because the "start () {...}" method is updated only to the price change and not every second (rightly). Does anyone know how to do? Thanks.
Hello everyone,  Sorry to bother with such a simple question but how can I check inside the mt5 platform if an account is netting or hedging, regardless if it's a real account or a demo account?  Thank you very much for your help. 
Hi fellow traders, Im trading Harmonics for several years. I was wondering what your experience is with harmonic patterns and which harmonic patterns are your favorite?
I notice that sometimes mt4/mt5 start using the intall path as the data folder, as a result it can't find my ea and custom indicators. A manually restart will make it find the right data folder, so everything is ok. Is there anyone know how to set data folder in command line parameters?
Today MT4 trailing Stop Loss is not accepted, any clue? any work around ?
Can someone please provide me step by step instructions for connecting MYFXBook to my live MT4 accounts? I believe it has something to do with expert advisors but I am not 100% sure.  Thanks for your time! 
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I am interesting 38.2 and 61.8 level of Andrew Pitchfork. These level extremely strong to interfere or support price. But I cant correct draw andrew pitchfork, how do you draw that tool?
Before buying indicator, I'm going to try to figure out what happens when the indicator works on the ea. Is this possible to operate the demo indicator with the "icustom" function on the ea with the historic data from the past?
Hi Everyone, I am looking for an MT4 andrews pitchfork indicator. I am not sure if I miss anything but I cannot find any place to download it. Few have but the indicator doesnt work. Can you share that indicator in case you have one? Thank you. SCFX
Why most traders do much better on Demo than live accounts?
Hello, I need to count incoming ticks (quaotations) for euro/usd to measure market speed. I think it was possible with old MT3 API. How can it be possible in MQL4? - 45 ticks arrived in last minute - an indicator showing incoming tick count for all minutes. Thanks Cengiz
Hi All, I am new to the forum and forex trading. I trade on MT4.  I opened a Sell position in USDJPY (at price 108.76) but market went against me and I hedged it with a Buy in same pair (at price 112.660). The gap between the two trades (floating loss) is over $3000. I have $1000 equity left. I have...
Like in the subject, I would like to know why the minimum time frame is M1 ?, actually I would expect the minimum time frame to be one tick. 1 Minute is quite a lot of time, is someone is using scalping, I have tried to google the reasons for this limitation but couldn't find any, can someone...
New MetaTrader 5 Platform Build 1595: Access to the price history The MetaTrader 5 platform update will be released on April 21, 2017. The update will feature the following changes: Terminal: Added access to the bar and tick history. Now, it is possible to download the full 1-minute and tick history...
in metatrader 4 you can create a 38 minute chart if you want, but if i want this on metatrader 5,  how can i do it without offline charts?
Hello, I'm wondering if anyone is facing the same problems with MQL5 Cloud like me. When I start a new optimization, results generated from my computer goes OK, but from MQL5 Cloud I get the error "pass x tested with error "OnInit failed (PR x)" Digging deeper, I've found that this error...
Few days ago my financial operations has been blocked then i am submit ticket into service desk, then moderator was reply that i need to verify my identity. I submit my photo and following document. Then today my ticket marked as closed and Financial status change into "Financial operations are...
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Does anyone here use NADEX and trade the intraday?  I have been working on trying to find a good indicator for trading OTM and scalping profits.  Anyone have any ideas or other strategies that work well for them?
I am running an EA that only closes trades with a Stop-loss. Yesterday I had two trades closed at market price. Not the SL price. Is there any other explanation than they were closed by the EA owner? Bob
Hi all, Do you know if the timestamp in the signals is actually the signal providers broker timestamp or it is UTC  or GMT.... 
I have an EA that has made over 207 pips but is loosing money. How could this happen?
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  Signal server down (70   1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
On Friday evening the Signal couldn't match EURUSD to EURUSD-ECN all of sudden. And right after that it completely stopped working. "Signal - connecting to signal server" ever since. Even on MQL VPS directly. Anyone else experiencing this problem? I've contacted the servicedesk but no answer so far,...