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Hi, I have a couple VPS running some MT4 terminals. Everything works fine. OS are Windows Server 2008 R2. I installed MT4 locally on Windows 10 to test some strategies. To my suprise a lot of indicators I already use on VPS will not attach to any chart on MT4 running on Windows 10. MT4 Build 1090...
Hello, I am new to MQL5 and I have bought an indicator and it allows me to activate it to 5 devices. I have activated it to my primary device and it has 4 left. I plan to purchase a faster device and plan to transfer the indicator to the said device. My question is, how do I transfer the...
hello dear friends. i need help to create an EA using a 200 SMA and the indicator three line break. when a down brick appears under the 200 SMA open a sell with 10 pips of profit and 20 pips of stop loss. and a up brick appears above the 200 SMA, open a Buy with 10 pips of profit and 20 pips of Stop...
I want to be notified on my phone when I place alerts on metatrader 4. But when metatrader is offline, will I still get it?
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of late positions in my trading account are being closed for no apparent reason. I'm running an EA using parabolic sar as a market entry signal. so i checked all the parameters of the EA and the threshhold values have not been reached in order to trigger a position closure. consultation with my...
Anyone know how you would code the alligator oscillator into an if statement for opening a buy/sell in an expert advisor? Thanks, Anna
Hello guys! I tried to withdraw money from my MQL5 account via paypal but I couldn't, and it says like this: ''Your account has not been verified on the side of the PayPal payment system. Please contact the payment system's support service." What I have to do, and how? Thank you!
Hi All, I'm doing some broker hunting and I've come across a few brokers that offer 0.1/0.0/-0.1 floating spreads on EURUSD during the London session. On backtesting a profitable EA that executes trades extremely frequently there seems to be an issue when spread is set to 0. It's profitable when...
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Hello friends! I did deposit here in my MQL5 profile of 300 dollars and I did spend 65 on a product. Can you tell me please how can I get the rest of my money back? Thank you! Regards!
Am I able to activate or deactivate my copy trades as I please?
So i'm trying to make a new indicator with a histogram that has 2 values. 1 and -1. It is supposed to increase the outcome of trades if you only trade with the trend that's shown by the indicator. Now the problem with my indicator is that if the whole subwindow has a value of 1 or -1 the indicator...
"Under current ASIC regulations there is no investor compensation fund in case of company insolvency. Please note however that all client funds are held in segregated trust accounts with tier one Australian banks, away from the company’s own funds. Clients with a net credit balance at the time of...
Hi all! If im Using HistoryDealGetDouble like https://www.mql5.com/en/docs/trading/historydealgetdouble and i wanna get the buy time of my last deal. What Ticket_Nuber does my last deal get? Is it Ticket_0?
I m trying to open a demo account that i can use to copy trades on to my live account. Any idea how to start that?
Hi,  where can I get the mql5.exe file. I know that the file is no longer required, but I need it for some software for it to work. I only need the file mql5.exe .
I have problem when debugging. This occurs somethimes but not always. MetaTrader 5, vs 1755. I Press F5 in order debug a script. Script is running in Chart A, GBPUSD. All fine. I click in chart B,EURUSD, want to place an order. I press  F9 for order mask and now the script disappears and Chart A...
Hi there, For a while, i've been looking for the way to draw a line (anyone) reflecting onto my other graphs For the same pairs, I work on different time frames and graphs (each window equal one time frame) and i guess i'm not the only one to process like this, and i'd like to draw one line only...
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Good day, Do I not get any notifications about my vps expiring? today is the first day out of the limit and I just lost it without any chance to extend it?
Hi, Is there a way to use "if(isNewBar" or some other similar function for a different timeframe than the one your EA is currently running on? For instance: I would like to try allowing my EA to open trades once per minute or once per 5 minutes, but the EA is applied to M15 or M30.  Thanks! Anna  
The list of my VPS subscriptions is empty, no history, no active or canceled ones. Fetching of log data from running VPS fails every time, stopping doesn't work either... Best regards Dmitry
I got a warning from a certain broker that they will deactivate a demo account that I have. I only use it to test some EAs, not too many and as far as I know, not very resource consuming as well (not from the trader's side, not from the server's side). Their reason was that I reached more than 50000...
Hi, I am new to this. When you buy an expert advisor in the MT4 market, what would happen if the develop ever decided to take it off the market? Would you still have the product you purchased or is then gone? Thank you.
Hi all! I wanna search for the highest price since i opened my position. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7AiX4Qyvws Like he is doing but from current price/candel to my last open price. Can anyone help?
Hello, I wish to inform myself about the following and could not find anything about it. As a signal provider, in order to sent a signal for the followers, can the trade be executed through the MT4 App or only through the home pc of the sender? Thank you, Joris
Hello everyone, I am looking for an indicator that candle to wick ratio is predetermined and will send me an alert for this signal. Any help. searched everywhere I found the Pin bar scanner only.
Hi All, I have write a code for MARTINAGLE EA based on Bollinger Bands. I'm currently stuck at continues OP until reach Upper BB or Lower BB. Can someone advice me. Very appreciate your help int OP=0;   int OP1=0;   double price=0;   double price1=0;   double sll=0;   double sll1=0;   double...
hello friends, have a nice day,   for EURCAD dont miss always sell.hit TP 1.52535 for long term. for technical analysis
Hello I am looking for information and unfortunately I can not find it on the site. If you abstain from one or more signals, do you have to pay with the money you have in your trading account or by credit and other such payment?
Do you have any information on how to make synthetic currency in All order history? ex: HistoryH1
In MT4, the lowest possible timeframe is 1 Min. And the tick are generated randomly by Mt4 while backtesting. Well, i'm new to MT5, i've full tick data  and therefore i'd like to backtest using using my tick data (not randomly generated BID/Ask by Metatrader). Is it possible?