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Hello everybody! I have Metatrader 5 (build 2085) installed on Kubuntu 18.04 (kernel 4.18.0-25-generic) with Wine 4.0.1, and as well it is installed on Windows 10 Home. When I run Strategy Tester with a testing expert advisor, it take 12 minutes into Kubuntu and 3 minutes into Windows. ¿Why such...
How can I connect to the VPS after logged off
Hello, I need some help with this code, I only need plot a MA (case 1) and EMA (case2) through MovingAverages.mqh but in the first case moving is drawing this way: And the case 2 (EMA) this is the result: This is the code. #property copyright ""#property link      ""#property version   "1...
Good morning, i found a code to implement in my EA. My goal is simple: the EA must not opens more order if in the day there was an order on that asset or if an order in in progress. EA: today 01 - March the EA opens an order on USDCHF...if it close it during the day no more orders must be opened....
If someone replies to my message I do not have any it normal? :\
  Seller status (1)
It has been 3 weeks and no response as to the status of seller.  There is a comment section for the moderator but questions go unanswered.  Anyone else having this issue?
When I back test on a new EA I can only seem to go back so far. - ie M1 goes back 11 days, M15 - 27 days etc Is there a problem, or is this normal?  I'd like to back test M5, or M15 as far back as I can - ie 3 months, 6 months or more Any help is appreciated David
  What is my login? (11   1 2)
I know my website login and the user name (the random numbers)  but what is the password!?  How can i reset that?
how can i change my broker market watch on metatrader? I want to set my local time
 Document photographs should meet the following requirements ,?
Hello, i would like to know the differences between ex4 and mq4 file, like i download a ex4 file is there risks like i i want to use it in the future there is an expiry date or one day the owner of the code, delete it ? Thank you
  orderhistory (5)
Good day I have been coding with mql4 and have recently had to change to a broker that uses mt5 only. I have lines in mql4 that I dont know how to translate to mql5 language because my results are faulty. Basically what this says is, if i have for example 5 closed positions in the history log...
Is there any live trade statistical references I can use like "STAT_MAX_CONLOSSES" for consecutive losses? 
  Metaquotes ID (1)
In my chat it says Your metaquotes ID ####### was automatically cleared from profile, because it wasn't specified correctly.  I am trying to set up push notifications and I put the ID they gave me in and it won't work.  So my question was is there any way to create a new metaquotes ID? Thanks really...
Hi, I am newbie here to buy EA. I bought an EA last week. As something wrong and seller would like to compensate me with another EA. He ask me to provide account number for him to make authorization code. I don't have any ideal of what is the account number for EA to make authorization code, then I...
So i recently purchased something from here for my trading and i go to login to my community account through the terminal and nothing shows up in the terminal when i login so i can install my thing, someone please help
I hope someone can help me. This is the first time i have tried to get an ea made for for on this forum. I have read the how to purchase guide and seen video but my home page does not have all the headings ect as in the guides. I am getting really frustrated. Please can some one assist as there...
How about we allow MT5's charts to be easy accesible like MT4? I think MT5 with added features, confuses alot of traders hence it being so difficult to read.  Lets keep it simple
What is the meaning of “Loaded” shown in coder/developer’s profile? Meaning busy? Working?I have no idea of that. Anyone knows? Thanks
Hi guys! I just joined the forums. Finally someone to talk trading :D Last 2 years i was trading without journal and now i see how much information i could have by now. Will start with pen and paper but i would like to make it digital. Does anyone have an Excell spreadsheet to share? I could...
Hello Everyone! I have Demo and Live accounts with AMP. I have created an EA(with the help of codes from others). EA creates limit orders without any issue on the Demo account. But on the Live account, limit orders get created but they disappear as soon as they are created on the chart. Looking at...
One week making $1000 and following week all is gone, I think I'll got back to selling kfc :-), at least my profit share will always be paid unlike forex. 
Hi, Can someone suggest a broker that allows trading of forex options and futures, and where can I source some historical data? My broker is Pepperstone and they don't seem to have forex derivatives.
I am new here. I would like to trade Bitcoin on the MQL5 platform. How do I proceed?
how can i verify my account in this site? send me the link to upload my documents please
Hi, If I purchase Expert Adviser from MQL5 , Can I operate in multiple accounts? or only one account possible?  thanks
I found I spent ages to optimate an ea with very long duration for each BT. I am considering to buy a specific computer to do the BT only. Not for gaming/ office use. The only requirement is speed up the BT. However I am not sure it related to CPU or RAM or anything else? Please advise. Regards,
Hi, may I know do I get any refund back to my credit card if I cancel my VPS subscription? Thanks
Hello how can I copy signal with EURGBP...  (there are two points behind)  I use ICmarkets and don't have point after EURGBP I like one signal but all subscribers rights All subscribers write that the deals are not being opened.
  Learning MQL5 (2)
Hi all, I would like to learn MQL5. How can I start ? Thanks Foysal