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If I pull up mt4 usd/jpy 1m. chart I get a different reading f4om that same chart on mt5. Why? Isnt the market being read the same? Shouldnt it be the same readings on both platforms. I have one going bullish while the other one going bearish. How is that
Hello, Is it possible to find somewhere Open Interest to download for MT4? Thank you so much in advance.
Hi Folks. What could be wrong with this code? if(Hour() > 23 && Hour() < 24) { if(Minute()>1 && Minute()<29 && pipe_red==true)     {       pipe_red=false;     }   if(Minute() > 31 && Minute()< 59 && pipe_red==false)    {      }  } The code within will not execute. Thanks yo'all for reponses.
I am seeing to many posted Signals, and to many EA for sale that has this type of evolution. With all my respect for traders, developers and buyers of any kind. Please be more realistic and stop chasing The Dream...( or Martin Gale strategies, at one point in your life, it will prove you wrong...do...
Does anyone know how I can know how many pips an operation of my mt4 carries for mobile? That is to calculate and when they occur approx. 100 pips close the operation, thank you! (if you think you have a type of indicator or that is known in the graph of the operation?)
Hello, I have on question regarding input parameters using with nquotes c#. Is it possible to set the input parameters with nquotes if i only have the .ex4 file? Thank you for your help Br Christian
Hello, I've created an EA for an indicator in the marketplace. Since the indicator needs to be loaded manually onto the strategy tester chart sub window in order to work, it won't trade if it is run alone in the tester. The validation check returns the error that no trades were made. In order to try...
Hi, If my signal account drawdown is 55.5%, still can get get subscribers to copy the signal?  Thanks.
Hi i want Create a file but my parameters is to much and I'm faced with this warning : FileWrite - wrong parameters count I want all the parameters to be written horizontally How can I fix this warning?
  VPS (3)
When can I close my online platform after lunch VPS (and getting synchronized) . And when I again lunch my PC platform, must I synchronize it with VPS, to view  my stats on VPS ? Thanks.
  How to vote (3)
Hello, I have a simple question, I would like to know how I can vote (evaluate) an indicator or others on the market? (Lol)
This is, most likely, an obvious answer....I am trading FOREX binarys on NADEX. The question is this: If a trade is 5 hours out, what timeframe/s should I consider with respect to this possible trade? Thanks for the info
Less than 1 : 1 , 0.20 : 1 that means risk 0.20 and get profits 1, Less than 1 : 1 , 0.33 : 1, Less than 1 : 1 , 0.50 : 1, 1 : 1, 1 : 2 that means risk 1 and get profits 2, 1 : 3, 1 : 4, 1 : 5
Please how do i make my positions and impending orders private? Thanks
how to translate metatrader 4 into metatrader 5
Hi guys, I coded an EA that works on the CAC40 CFD.(usually called FRA40) That CFD at my broker is open from 8:00 to 22h00 CET. The EA decides if it will open a position in the last 5 seconds before the daily closure occurs, meaning between 21h59h55 and 21h59:59. And of course the order opening...
Bonjour, how to follow many signals with only account, is it possible? Thank you guys
after reaching good place to get profit , I close all my open orders by using these codes: void closeAllOpenOrders() {        CTrade trade;        int i=PositionsTotal()-1;        while (i>=0)                {                        if(trade.PositionClose(PositionGetTicket(i)))...
Hello All! I've been watching a lot of tutorials on how to make scripts and EA's and I'm having an issue trying to get my EA to place a buy order on the market as a test. I get the following error. I do have it in the EA folder and I have allowed live trading when the inputs screen comes up. 2019.03...
I am in Kenya and having trying to open an account for two months now. I don't know what the problem is. if anyone has a solution to this problem please assist
I use MQL4 and I used to use the storage normally but recently MetaEditor asked to Activate the storage !!!!  and when i trey to do it - MetaEditor give me this msg (Activation of MQL5 storage failed [401] ) when i try to activate the storage  while there is no problem with Metatader4 and its is...
Hello, I've opened a new demo account yesterday ($1000) and I attached an EA to it: the same EA that I'm using on other accounts (both demo and real) and also with less money and bigger lot sizes. At the first order trigger I got "not enough money" error. (The EA trying to open a 0.02 order on...
  demo account (3)
my demo account still says that the market closed. anyone else have this?
Buongiorno a tutti. ho bisogno di aito. sono nuova del settore e to cercando di fare formazione e esperienza. Ho cliccato su registrati e accedi a account demo. mi sono registrata vedo tutti i grafici gli indicatori ma nn si parla di account demo. posso continuare ad utilizzare così il programma o...
I ordered for a custom EA from Developers and they responded according to my specification. Now my order just vanished from market and my account and i am not able to see it. How will i be able to contact those developers back?
The following discussion has been based on angles of the CCIindicator. The challenge with calculation of angles is that the xcoordinates are measured in time units while the y coordinates are in pricepoints or in this case is CCI value points. To overcome this challenge, both x and y coordinates...
Over the weekend, for some reasons, I now can not start any EA for all brokers' account. I did download some open source EAs and tried to test them. So I am suspecting these open source EAs/indicators might have changed my files within MT4. I can not run and test EAs because it just won't respond....
Do signal provider and subscriber's accounts have to be on the same server?
hi for mq4 program : How do we learn the maximum number of orders? or How do we learn the maximum number of orders that can be opened? pls help me