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The beta version of the updated MetaTrader 5 platform will be released on September 20, 2019. We invite traders to join the testing of the new platform, to evaluate all its features and to help developers fix errors. To update the MetaTrader 5 platform up to build 2155, navigate to Help \ Check
When using Stop Limit order, Stop loss tooltip displays incorrect value calculated from Stop limit value instead of limit value. Might be good idea to check the Take Profit calculation. MT5 V: 5.00 build 2007
i have create some objects on chart. but if i press the backspace button on keyboard. these objects will be deleted on chart. how can i disable this event . thanks .
Up until now, all that is found in the forum and even outside the forum, about object persistence is how to serialize the object itself. While this is a basic part of the problem, it does not represent the whole problem. The questions left as I see it are: 1. What about the super classes, the
Is there a discord for EA developers? Discord is like skype - but the new thing.
Hello guys What is the best strategy for stop loss? thank you
In the session of Log in via, I need to register my url of the web. If my application is a mobile app, can I still use this feature? I have tried to use the deeplink of my app as the redirect url. However, MQL5 doesn't allow me to do so
Hi i'm trying to come up with a setup that uses two VPS to secure trading if a VPS crashes, then the other takes control. My question is : If I send two orders on the exact same tick from two different VPS on the same account, will there be two orders opened? or only one ? thanks Jeff
We started Murray.
Hi there, it seems from the options within the symbols listed on my MT5, apart from all the currency pairs, I only have Gold and Silver available. Can someone please tell if and how to add Oil, Dollar and Euro index, plus the popular key stock indices. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hi traders, - especially those who have some knowledge in statistics -, I'd like to ask you guys about your opinion regarding an alternative method of fractional differencing. The problem: for many statistical methods we first need to make a time series (/price series) stationary, i.e. transform the...
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i have been able to read that one can buy forex signals by paying through mql5 account despite of all my efforts i have not been able to know whther the price mentioned against each signal(the person) is weekly price monthly price or annaul price secondly i do not have the pay pal account i have
I publish 3 signals and 1 of them doesn't appear on MQL5 signals list. What should I do ? Thanks Sami Cem Talu
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Hello Everyone... I trade EUR/USD on 1 hour time frame with Naked Chart and only S/R lines together with Fib Levels and Trend Line if needed. I am not a good programmer and just wonder if some generous person can do it for me. I am looking for an indicator that may be called as Spike Bar. The user...
Support for Windows XP/Windows 2003/Windows Vista to be discontinued after 01 October 2017 Windows XP was released almost 16 years ago, on 25th of October, 2001. It is now considered to be an outdated operating system. Microsoft stopped supporting this system 3 years ago, because potential hardware...
is it possible to get pending order details and save them into the variable ? like the price of pending order , the tp and sl and volume of the pending order
Hello I wonder if anyone knows a function or method that expert advisor by using that , sends us the image of chart
After starting the latest version of MT4 terminal on a demo account, the terminal periodically disconnects and then automatically reconnects within a few seconds and at other times the terminal journal records a "ping failed" error, followed by automatic login. At other times the journal records...
Does anyone know where I can find the coding to add a news filter to my MT5 EA? So I can pause my EA ... minutes before and after high, medium and low impact news
Hello, a week ago I subscribed to this signal "<Deleted>" and I faced this error since then: "Signal position EURUSD.m skipped as no symbol found" I contacted first the signals provider a he told me that I must contact the Service Desk, I did that and some days later the Service Desk told me this
hi guys For a signal and i see this Subscription not permitted (Current drawdown is dangerous for subscribers. Subscription will be allowed once drawdown improves) why this happened
today Purchases indicator cant;s intall what's site error
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I wish to trade on commodities.Please can someone recommend some robots for trading Commodities?Thanks
Hello, First time post! I have been trading for awhile and have a few strategies going really well! I am looking for simple scripts that I can shortcut to execute either instant Buy or instant Sell order which also sets SL to a multiple of the ATR. So I can shortcut i.e. ctrl+b for a buy and have
Hi, I am trying to test an EA for 2 years but strategy tester only gives results from June 2019. Have tried it a few times. Is there an issue with the database at the moment
Hello All, I have an iCustom call in an EA. Trying to run backtest but ran into read error as shown below. 2019.09.26 11:50:03.334 file Indicators\Quantile based signed volume analysis 1.1 update read error2019.09.26 11:50:03.334 loading of Quantile based signed volume analysis 1.1 update
Hi, I am new to MT5 and wanted to know if MT5 is capable of taking advantage of multiple-cores on the CPU while running EAs or does it bind itself to a particular core on start. I can see using the PID of terminal.exe that the processor affinity is by default set to all processors but I'm curious if
Hi, I am having issue with my iPad. I can’t log in to any of broker when I try to add account. There is just a blank pop up(the one where it suppose to let you choose a broker) when I try to add account. It has been a month and it seems that there is no fix to it
I guess this is a feature request, as I would really use one of these 2 objects. Do you think it's possible to add one of these objects in the future?
i am trying to withdraw with cardpay, but this is the error after confirming telegram code : and this is service desk answer : anyone can help me