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Howdy, I am trying to send info to the output file via Print, but I can't find the file that is created/updated. Where might this file exist? thanks Mark
Hi all, I looking for MT4 indicator which will draw a horizontal line at the high and the low over x periods. example, if I'm working off the eurusd 1hr chart I would like to see a line at the 50 period high and the 50 period low, but the period can be set to what ever you want and the lines update...
Hello, as we know we can put only one EA on a chart. On the other hand, we can put multiply indicators on one chart. Is it possible simply move an EA to indicators directory to do the trick? I think it is enough, but maybe I'm missing something. Regards, Michal
Hi all, Here's an "indicator" I put together the I call Linear Price Bar (LPB). It's just another way of looking at price. It plots price on a line and makes it easy to see volitility. It also makes it easy to see the bulls/bears "battle" for each bar. I'm working on another volitility breakout...
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Here's a video from Raghee website. Enjoy!
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Hi again I would like to add few ideas which seems reasonable for me and would appreciate seeing them on MT. 1. StopLoss/TakeProffit lines to be movable by mouse drag. 2. Option to customize keybord shortcuts and to like desired shortcuts to a choosen menu item 3. StopLoss limit to be redueced...
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Hi, are there any plans to include an interface to version control software from within MetaEditor?
Where can I find a list of brokers that use MT4 ?
Hello I think it will be usefull if there is a StringSplit function as an oposite to Concatenate... Thank you Ivo
After running the strategy tester, when I choose Open Chart, the chart is opened with all the indicators that I 've used in my EA. Is it somehow possible to disable this behaviour completely or selectively (i.e. to make only some of the indicators show up in the chart)? Thanks
I Wrote earlier that i could not live update i still have same prob as last time when i push update and restart button the live update simply freezes and donnot answer i am current on 186 version so from here problem started. Jannik
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Does anyone know of a MT4 indicator for a MACD Oscillator? I'm new to this stuff and could use some help.
but...... does anyone have a news plug in for M4? I looked in Dloads section but couldnt find anything. I really just want the Forex calander scheduled press releases. Just thought it would be cool not to have to keep doing it manually.
Hi there! This strategy came into my mind after reading Dirk du Toit's "Bird watching in lion country" about discretionary trading. However, I am quite a beginner and this strategy needs huge amounts of historical intraday data. I would you to test it and tell me if it's reliable. THE PRINCIPLES 1...
i'm looking for someone to design a very simple program. i've tried to reverse engineer the RD Pivots since it has a line showing time of day. what i'm looking for is have a user be prompted when starting the indicator to ask what time of day (say 15;30 hours) and then the output is to color that...
I would like to set an indicator line as a constant number, such as 10. But code below doesn't work. What is wrong with that code? Thanks a lot #property indicator_separate_window#property indicator_buffers 1#property indicator_color1 Red//---- buffersdouble ExtMapBuffer1[];int init() {//----...
Hi, is there an equivalent of MT4 Sleep() function in MT3? If not, then how one can wait inside of a MT3 expert? Thanks, Michal
Having trouble applying Fibonacci levels to MetaTrader 4 chart. Would someone advise me how to do this? What little i have been able to apply has been unreadable. Thanks for ny help given.
does anyone know of an meta indicator that plots finbonacci clusters?
Hi, I am new to Metatrader/MQL4 and am trying to get a handle on MQL4 programming language. Could you please advice me as to how to do the following:- 1. Fix the number of candle bars/screen - I need to have different number of bars on different timeframe charts, say 128 bars on a 15 min chart,...
I want to run a multiple monitor setup for my trading, but MT4 seems always to constrain chart windows within the main window. Is there a way that a chart window can be detached from the main window so that it can be freely positioned on the desktop?
I found in the sample code, it uses if(Volume[0]>1) return; as the criterion to check if the tick is the first tick of the new bar. I just worry if it will miss some conditions. What's the best way to check the condition? Thanks a lot.
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I'm pretty new here and I don't really know the rules on moving threads so I was wondering where did the "STI" thread move , I was following it with great attention ?
Been trading Futures markert for 5 years. Been paper trading Forex for about a month now. I am so glad I found you guys!!!! Anyway, I have been papering with VTTrader platform. Its better than most I tested thus far. However...... I see everyone on Metatrader4? How much is this platform that...
I'm new to MT4 and I've been trying to install and use the custom indicators for Vegas Wealth Builder. I copied the files into the Experts>Indicators folder and compiled them with no errors. However, as soon as I try to add them to a chart, absolutely nothing happens. I'm told that if they aren't...
Hi group I am trying to learn how to code an expert, and are looking for a snippet of code that look for the price to cross a camarilla/pivot line, and when that happens it shall activate a flag. I have a snippet that look like this: In the variable section I have already defined the...
Hello, Just wanted to ask if the Volume values on a forex chart really work? For example, if I see a volume of 949 for a given hour candlestick , does this mean that 949 Lots have been executed at the broker during that hour? Are you sure this value really works? I would have thought that the...
Hi folks, To all whom are concerned about my lessons, to my dear friends: You can find more of my lessons at Please don't deprive me from your inspiring comments!
We have moved Sti expert advisor thread to Elite section, because of request of thread creator (Manager previously called tomsd). Best regards.
Does any one know of an indicator that charts the range of the price ie draws a bar for say 20 pips (adjustable) then moves onto the next bar ranging between the high and low until there is a differrence of 20 pips and then moves onto the next bar and carries on. Cheers Bagsy