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I bought an EA at MQL. Attached it to MQL VPS and tested it last week on demo. All went well. Today I attached the EA to my live account and it stopped working, it didn’t send any orders, it should have sent orders. I am able to manually send orders to the terminal. Do any of the messages in the
is there such a thing eg Use broker A and broker B using EA robot to trade. Broker A wins whereas Broker B loses. Anybody experience such scenario
I've written an indicator that Auto Draw the LRC (Liner Regression Channel)! http://www.mqldev.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=28 The start time of the channel can be one of: 1- Date. (StartTimeFrom) 2- Bar. (StartBarsFrom) 3- ZigZag Auto detect. (AutoStarter=true). The ZigZag Auto Strater is the way to...
Hello everyone, I am fairly new to copying signal. I have checked "real time signal subscription" and "copy tp and sl" and "synchronize positions" on MT4 for this signals. Do I still need to have my laptop on or use VPS
If I change my broker, how I can move my already reserved VPS and Signal Provider to my new broker MT5 platfrom
Hello Does anyone having issue when they try to withdraw funds to a card like this one ? I am planning to create ticket by monday but curious if someone have faced similar issue and if its fixed
Dear Sir/Mdm, Above mentioned subject is referred. I am able to see the news caption but when I double click on it in the news caption in Laptop, there are no contents. However, I can read them in my smartphone. Please help. THank you
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Hi guys, some indicator open an Alert box with some messages. If I wanna reopen the alert box after closing it, what should I do? Thanks
Dear all I hope some one can help me. I signed up for signal service but signals are not coming through. I can see in journal Symbol is not recognized and signal prohibited. Anyone had this problem and can give me advise how to fix. Signal provider looked and told me its not from their side and
hi Where is the storage location for the file created with the OpenّFile and the WriteFile in Metatrader 5 for use in strategy tester? thanks
Hello If we have two pairs as : A/B and C/D , is there a way to draw chart of (A/B)/(C/D) ? To be more precise I have two pairs of A/B and C/B , I need the chart of A/C. I appreciate any feedback on this. Best regards
Hi Folks, I'm a newbie so I request your patience. I have a demo account from ATC brokers that I haven't used for a while and when I use what I thought was my login credentials, its how's in the lower left corner my account in invalid. is there any way to reset my password (assuming that is the
Hi All, First time poster here. When I try to specify dates for backtesting I get an error message: "test generator; no history data GBPUSD-560" specifying the last 3 months data. But when I uncheck the "use Dates" box, then the strategy tester runs. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here? FYI, I'm
The following was posted on an open forum to calculate the implied volatility for a given time period (i.e. week, day, hour, 15 minutes, etc.) and then project standard deviation levels for the next time period. This was the formula: (MathLog(Close / Close[1]) * Sqrt(Time) )*ZScore Can someone
Hi All, newbie problems I suspect. I have been reading every thread and article I can on how to use cloud network but I still can not get it to process tasks. After I start it disconnects Then says failed. Or USA doesn't do anything I disabled my local agents. I have funds in the account. What am I
Hi all, I'm new here. Can anyone tell me - MT5 is much faster for optimizations, so can I run optimizations using every tick on MT5 DEMO EA then apply the best parameters to the same in MT4 if I already own this? I mean, of course I can do it, but will the results be the same
Hi all I have implemented reading .CSV file code in OnInit() function ....every thing is OK ...BUT every time that i chang chart's TimeFrame , the OnInit() runs again ...!!!! How can i Read my .CSV file just Once ??? is it possible at all ? Thanks in advanced. Kind Regards
Since last update, one day ago, there is a message few minutes after Strategy tester Begin a portfolio backtest: " 2019.02.24 15:04:45.610 Core 01 not enough available memory, 7168 Mb used, 49095 Mb available, maximal available block is 49095 Mb" 7168 Mb used and it still has 49095Mb available and...
Hi there, I need some help to code a price alert on CLOSE PRICE of candlestick on the TIMEFRAME I am currently on if the close price is > or < than my specific price level I set up to alert on. The alarm would go off only once and or send only one push notification as soon the candle is closed given
Hello, I am already registered as a seller but have been thinking about registering as a company. However I am not sure why I should do it. I have seen a lot of the sellers here represents their company. Can someone please explain me what are the differences registering as an individual seller and
Hello! I have an old phone HTC Desire 6 or something. The only app installed on it is MT5. Two months ago there was 2.8Gb free on it. Now the only 1Mb left. I checked all the folders on the phone (USB connect to laptop -> Explorer Internal memory) but found no folders with size greater than 10Mb. I
I have an indicator that picks up data starting from the M5 time frame and works all the way to monthly. I am able to max out chart data, but My indicator only goes so far. I need to get this fixed bc the data the indicator provides relys on previous candle data Is there a code that I need to
Hi,  Can anyone point me in the write direction? I've been using this script for mt4 (as below). I want to start using mt5 but haven't been able to find an equivalent script in mql5. Tried contact the previous author but no reply.  I wanted to try code it myself (newbie) but to no avail. Was unsure...
I can only get the last profit and the last magic number or comment of the last order, but I cannot identify the last profit of a series of orders distinguished by magic number or comment. I see that in the history orders the deal has no comment in order to be able to identify it to which starting
Dear all, I found out that the calculated moving average (mode SMMA) is different vom the same moving average in the normal chart window. The consequence is a wrong behavour of the EA. Let's take this small "EA" to show the problem: void OnTick() { // Create an array double
since Spread removed from MQL5 and helpfile mentioned this method double Spread=Ask-Bid; but when i try to trim it from something like this 2020.02.07 22:05:02.297 Calling_Functions (EURUSD,M1) 2.999999999997449e-10 with NormalizeDouble it only return 2020.02.07 22:05:06.829 Calling_Functions
I am trying to migrate to VPS, and I chose "ALL", and it returns "MIgration Faild Please check the journal of the platform" This is journal output: 2020.02.07 00:00:21.949 Virtual Hosting 6104579: prepare to transfer experts, indicators and signal 2020.02.07 00:00:21.953 Virtual Hosting 6104579
Hello everyone i wanted to know that if a signal provider we are subscribed to takes a trade on his mobile app mt4 does it get copied to our trading  accounts or has to be from pc?
After today's update, windows 10, all EA that I bought in the market are not active. I need to remove them from MT4 and install again, but then activation is lost. Is there any way to fix this? without loss of activation, given that some EA is no longer for sale in market, I do not want to lose
How can I deposit and collect the MQL5 Pro account asking for a number. Confirmation but never arrives to me am I telephone