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Hi All I need e-bullion and I will pay via paypal, can anyone supply me? PLease PM
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This is an EA I've been working on and I'm askin' advise how to decipher the report. I had a great drawdown -$1000+ using another strategy, but my EA saved the day... so far there are no losing trades using this EA I expect to hopefully see a few this week with the markets goin wild and such. After...
Buy at market GBP/USD @2.0116, Target 1 @2.0232, Target 2 @ 2.0325
Has anybody already programming the Automate Trading EA yet? if you do, would you please give me the basic scripts or files had been already written. So that I can modify and add more functions of my own. very much appreciated
help me pliss how to make the daily open high low close from 1 minutes chart ?? pliss with Mq4
Good morning,I have a simple question...there is the possibility with metatrader mobile to save more charts with indicators for more type of change,as happen with metatrader 4? Thanks
Hi, I am in New Zealand. Vodafone run our GPRS/WAP enabled mobile phone system. How much data will I have to pay for if I run MT4 mobile? Are there some figures on how many MB/hour I am likely to run up. Thanks in advance.
How many users may i create with multi terminal? And can each account run a different EA independently? Thanks
Where can I find the list of the meaning of the strategy tester journal errors? For example number 1 or number 130.
  Chf/jpy (2)
Does any one here trade this pair, what is the main chractericistic of this pair?
Hello, I need some programmers to write the MQL4 code for news trading. I have got the very simple idea which I believe will 100% payoff huge amounts of money if programmed well. Any body willing to write the code can email me at
I haven't used TakeProfit much in my EA's, but now I'm considering it. What I want to know is whether, once the Take Profit level is set, whether anything BEYOND that level will be triggered. For example: If I open a BUY trade with Take Profit set to 0 (no setting) and then modify the order so that...
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I downloaded this EA from here in the hopes of developing the AIMM™ complete Artificial Intelligence trading system with Money Managment.: I am using this one hourTF EA in an unconventional way and loaded it and viewing it on 1...
Im writing an EA here that takes values from compiled indicators that i do not have the source for. So i attempt to use iCustom and WindowPriceMax and WindowPriceMin to "scrape" values from these indicators. Now i cant actually test my EA live today as the markets are closed so im using the strategy...
Im writing an EA here that takes values from compiled indicators that i do not have the source for. So i attempt to use iCustom and WindowPriceMax and WindowPriceMin to "scrape" values from these indicators. Now i cant actually test my EA live today as the markets are closed so im using the strategy...
Is it possible to plot the MACD line on the price chart, and not as an indvidual window? Or is there an equivalent indicator which does the same thing?
Hi everyone, At 10PM GMT check for the high and low prices for this hour for GBP/USD for example The high was 1.9884 and the low was 1.9865 All you have to do is to choose the 1.9865 which was the low of the hour and add 10 pips to it, so it will be 1.9875 This is your buy entry order, so you place...
My question is can some one program me a 1hr alert? That can tell me 1. the range of the last 1 hr candel with blue arrow if up and red arrow if down. 2. make a sound alert if the range is more than 20 pips. I think it must be possible for the one who help me .
I need to write a file from my EA to say c:\myout.tx (!!! not under\file) Read Mt4 help file, says No I am not allowed. Ok...a workaround maybe... write the output file to expert\file\my.out (i know how to do this) then... run an operating system command "move" to move the file to the...
I've been having some problems calling some functions I've written and put in a dll file (written in vs2005c++). My .cpp file definition looks like this: __declspec(dllexport) void recordTrade(int a, int b, char* c, double d, double e); mq4 file looks like this: #import "myfile.dll" void...
Hello i Have an Indicator called ((Filter overRSI)) i wonder if any one have the same Indicator for CCI & %R I made some trials to modify ((Filter overRSI)) to work for CCI & %R and i failed i wish any one can help ~Walid
I have had the hardest time connecting to MT4 from work. I have heard that some users remote in to there home computer using I tried many remote connection providers but non worked except There is a free trial to test. The monthly cost is $12 but its worth it.
Hello, I'm new to Metatrader and trading in general; I'm sure this will be the first of many questions. I've looked through the rest of the forums here and on other sites but I can't get a sense of how much I need to make with each trade to be profitable in the real world. I have been using a demo...
Hi guys and gals, when i test my ea on a ceratin time (strategytester) it works perfect. But if i increase the timezone to be tested (e.g. instead of 2004-2005 to 2004-2006) it somehow doesn't work anymore and i get this error ("TestGenerator: Write file error") (btw: i did all backtests on the...
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Colud you please advice me, I look code or help- I need exit from trade on opposite movement RSI against entry- example: entry on cross two ema and RSI up 75 and exit on RSI down 60 or 50??? look picture- entry red lines exit if recross RSI down on 50 or 60? depends on currrencies Thx bj
I just got told by my broker that i am not allowed to use "fork hedging". I have no idea what that is and they would not tell me. They would just say that i am not allowed, it is illegal and it is a big deal. Can someone please enlighten me on what "fork hedging" is?
Hello, . I downloaded the MT4 for PDA (mobile) and when i tried to open it, screen was asking for server information. Would anyone help me with server information. . thanks