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Is it possible to get a 10 min time frame for Meta Trader
If you know how to do that, please help me. Thanks so much.
FROM Peter Goodier 9th Mar 2007 I need a simple indicator that places the results of an algorithm calculated one bar at a time, 5 bars ahead. Consequently the current bars will place its results 5 bars into the future. Example bar Algorithm (HIGH[0] - LOW[15] + OPEN[3]) result placed 5 bars...
  StepMA - my version (38   1 2 3 4)
This is StepMA indicator. P.S. For using "#MTF_StepMA_sashken" you must have "StepMA_sashken_v2" too. New version: 22/2/2007 Add MTF version: 24/2/2007 Add new MTF version: 27/2/2007 New version: 09/3/2007
Hi, does anyone have an indicator which highlights a hammer and a shooting star from the candlestick-patterns? If yes, I would be happy if you could put it in here. Thanks, Marbo
I'm looking for an EA that will calculate yesterdays high & low and the buy or sell that today with a preset take-profit. I'm presuming something so simple must already have been coded - can someone point me in the right direction ?
I am not that good at programming, so i am asking for your guys' help. This little ea takes net profit on all of your open positions. Once the profit lever is reached, it closes all open positions. I was wondering if any one could add a function so it could close PENDING orders with the rest of...
In the course of my trying to develop the Holy Grail of trading, I have written and tested literally hundreds of systems. As you can see, most of them have been failures. However, a handful seem to be profitable, some more some less. Here are some observations that I made during this course. Please...
i'm after an indicator that someone on this forum made, it was a seperate indicator window which showed the candles high/low above/below a fixed line, i can't remember what it even might be called. thanks.
Hello, Fist of all sorry for my English .. ex. Just January 2007 until February 2007 Daily What I’ve been doing is like this : F2 > GBPUSD > Daily > Download And I wait until the message in journal : 2007.03.06 18:40:10 HistoryCenter: GBPUSD_2007_01 loaded …… then I pressed stop. And the...
I have installed Metatrader in my new 2 computers. However I have differents symbols in each computer. How it can be? I need the following symbols: Forex-Metals-CFD-Indexes. How I can setup this symbols in both computers? Regards hc
I have MT4 installed on my PC and laptop. For some reason the indices (eg DOW) does not appear in the laptop list of fx etc when I choose 'show all' while they do appear on my PC. I am only connected with Metatrader direct, not through any broker. Is there an add-on I am missing on my laptop?
if a cross up open position long and close the short position and if a cross down open potition short and close the long position ?
Can any one out there programme a metatrader4 fractal with an audio and or pop up alert? Email notification would be out of this world. I trade the fractal on one hour time frame but is very boring watching screen for new fractal to appear, need this very badly. Would be willing to give first...
  Expert macd histo (11   1 2)
I seek an expert avisors who uses histograme macd. the histograme going to the line 0 it going to buy and sell in the opposite direction
Anyone have code that displays "stacked" indicator symbols/wingdings. Looking for the indicator to read a variable number and display 1 or more up or down arrows that stack from the same starting point over the candle. Anyone?
Does anyone have a JPercentile indicator for MT4 or know where I can find the formula behind the indicator. I'm currently searching and nothing of use is coming up. Thanks, Mookfx
  EA settings (2)
Has anybody had a problem when EA doesn't remember the settings and reverts to the ones in the code? I am using FXDD broker. I changed the setting from '1' to '0' but for some reason my EA doesnt remember it, as the next time i opened the settings, it was still showing '1'. And I haven't even...
i am not that good at programming, so i am asking for your guys help. This little ea below takes net profit on all of your open positions. Once the profit lever is reached, it closes all open positions. I was wondering if any one could add a function to this code below so it could close PENDING...
  RSI in Histogram (75   1 2 3 4 5 ... 7 8)
Is there such a thing as a RSI Histogram?? Something like the XO indicator so if RSI is below 14 its red and above 50 its green?? Mike
Hi friend, I need your help. I need to find Parabolic Sar Signal/Indicator, could you please share with me. Thank you.
I'm getting this message in my strategy tester journal after optimizing for a while: "optimizer cacher: not enough memory for adding cache". What does this mean and what do I need to fix it? I have a gig of memory so I don't think it means physical memory.
I can't understand what is going on. Cable usually sleeps this time of the night... (10pm NY time). However, for the last few hours it has been thrashing round like Nessie caught in a shrimper's net. Usually this is because some kind of fundie event. Any one has any explanations?
Hi, I realised that the time of metatrader in my PC is 2 hours ahead. For instance, it indicate 1600 h but the london time is 1400 h. Can anyone teach me how to adjustment the time of metatrader? Many thanks. yyc
hello I have a new problem and its driving me crazy. I've developed some EA's on the interbank version of metatrader, and they work fine on that platform, but when I try to run them on the metaquotes metatrader, nothing happens. No trades are opened at all, no matter which expert I run. I've gotten...
Is it possible to plot the price of the MA on the chart in real time? Please review chart for example. Fibonacci Trader has the ability to plot the price of the MA in real time. Thanks for any info
I have two questions. First of all, is it possible to run parameters on different periods in the same EA? And if it is, can you do this in the strategy tester also? Also is it possible to change an order's magic number? thanks
I need a script or EA that will read the account history, and draw arrows on the chart. Each arrow can be "up" or "down", showing the starting time and place of each and every trade that was done with the account. Does anybody know of the existence of such thing? Thanks!