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Yesterday our demo-server (P4 3Ghz HT, RAM 1Gb) in peak has been providing real-time data and demo-trading for simultaneously connected 3090 (this is the quantity of online-users, and this is not summary quantity of open accounts) users. Please look at following picture containing the standard...
Okay MQ, here is a thought that would really help me if they were implemented. MT4 does not allow arrays to be declared globally. Have you considered placing all variables attached to all charts in a shared memory file? Yes I know the managed code people out there are having a fit right now, but MQ4...
For more details about MetaTrader 4 Web Services: quotes, charts, WAP, account information, traders contests please read "Web Services" Now you can watch your account statement using web-browser. To get your account statement and account history on our demo server please use following link...
Hello, Is it possible to run expert advisors on more than one account? (i'm looking for sth simpler than running many meta-traders on different windows accounts).
  4 spreed pips (1)
I open metatrader4 demo and in market watch I noticed that eur/usd has spreed 4 pips??? Isnt it 3 pips?
  ZeroCode Beta 2 Status (91   1 2 3 4 5 ... 9 10)
Hello! First off, ZeroCode Beta 2 is still in development; however, you can expect some of below requested features listing from the most important to lease important: Supports custom indicators.Additionally outputs MetaTrader 4 expert (MQ4 file).Save ZeroCode logics to file and able...
  Custom Indicators (11   1 2)
Great work with ZeroCode But is it possible to integrate CustomIndicators ? Regards Chievo
Can yo guys tell me what should be difference( in results) between back-testing and live trading demo? thanks.
if(iStochastic(NULL,0,0,5,3,3,MODE_SMA,MODE_MAIN,0)>iStochastic(NULL,0,0,5,3,3,MODE_SMA,MODE_SIGNAL,0)) return(0); According with the documentation should be: if(iStochastic(NULL,0,5,3,3,MODE_SMA,0,MODE_MAIN,0)>iStochastic(NULL,0,5,3,3,MODE_SMA,0,MODE_SIGNAL,0)) return(0);
  Undo Function (4)
It would be really cool if we can get an Undo function in Mt4 for drawing objects. Too many times I have inadvertently deleted trendlines and there is no way to get them back. Cheers!
Hello I'd appreciate to see in the next versions a vertical zoom just as a horizontal one is available. Thank you Ivo
Dear all ZeroCoders, Please DO NOT remove the ZeroCode header as shown below from compiled MQL. You MUST leave the header intact in all MQLs produced by ZeroCode, otherwise, if I see many ZeroCode MQLs are distributed without the header, I would discontinue developing ZeroCode and remove it from...
Hello, I am aware of the fact, that question "when Strategy Tester will be available?" was wriiten here a few times, but anyway is there any more precise anwser than "soon"? -- Maciej Borecki
Is it possible to have tick charts on MT? I see there is a tick chart when u want to enter a position but tick charts with all the usual indicators are really super trading tools. Thanks,
  profit (1)
Hello, when I start strategy tester for eur/usd with spreed 4 I got 15.2% and if I run it whit spreed 3 points I got 27.2%( 5min chart). Also report of trades is different (4 points 15 traders, 3 points 17 trades????)???? Can somebody tells me what that means? thanks.
Hello IMHO a background color property for OBJ_LABEL & OBJ_TEXT objects will help for better readability of the charts Is it possibleto be added Regards Ivo
  Breakout (2)
Hello, I am programing expert advisor for 5 min chart. I would like to determine breakout. Does anybody know, which is the best way to catch breakout. Thanks, Tomaž
  Log files (1)
Hi I'm a new user of Metatrader 4 and trying the suggested Print finction I noted that the log file currently used by MT is locked and cannot be inspected at all until the terminal is open and active. When close it the log is available. Any idea how to browse the log file without closing terminal...
Hello, Metaquotes! Is it possible to add Volume charting (the chart is plotted not on a standard time-base, but on a basis of volume - number of standard contracts (in case of e-minis) traded). As an example, there is such function in the Ensign ( and in TradeStation, I...
  Comment (3)
Is there any way to put the Comment's text on the current bar on the chart, instead of the default value where is the upper left corner of the chart?
  ADX (5)
Something wrong with adx in meta4. its very strange that never goes below both DMIS. Does anyone hv the same problem and any ideas how we can fix it??
When u select 'custom period' i account history, it will select based on time as well.. actually the current time. So if u select with the default dates, u get nothing. If u change the date to yesterday, u will get trades that closed in the last 24 hours - not yesterday and today. This is annoying...
Hello, What is the difference between MT3 and MT4? Should I use MT4? Regards.
Thanks to all who are helping me, how can I test my trading program( developed in metatrader3) that I will know if it works ok?
Has anyone else experienced a problem getting DDE on 171 to work properly? I loaded the DDE-Sample.xls spreadsheet and it retrieves the USDJPY fine, but the other three cross currencies are not updating.
hello, where can I find good ( payable or not) historical data to test my meta trader program.I would like to test it for 5 and 15 min chart for at least 1-2 years. Is metatrader strategy tester 100%( could be trusted) or when I start live demo trading the results are diferent??! Thanks.
This code has not compilation errors but I have a vogue idea that it's not correct. It's a simple EA based on Momentum crossing zero level. The problem is how to define this zero level in trading logic? Thanks...
MetaTrader 4. Build 173 1. Updated objects drawing by timeframes changing; 2. Updated DDE data export.
Scorpion, Another addition would be the ability to close pending orders. I have a number of small strategies I'd like to test out that hinge on a daily chart, set orders and need to cancel these at a particular time in readiness for the next day's orders. Cheers Martin P.S Having the ability to save...
I tried to make a simple EA to learn how this new software works. what I was trying to do was to set 3 EMA's on the chart - 34 H/L/C. Buy when the prices closes above the High 34 EMA and sells when price closes below Low 34 EMA (I would be adding some other perimeters at a later date). It won't...